Malta – seamy underside to a sunny paradise


Malta is in turmoil with the future of the prime minister, Joseph Muscat, hanging in the balance after his chief of staff and two ministers stepped down following a series of arrests connected to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, a renowned investigative reporter, killed by a car bomb in October 2017. She had been pursuing Maltese connections in the Panama Papers financial expose. Her revelations triggered a snap general election in 2017 and five months later she died.

The European council’s special rapporteur on Malta, Pieter Omtzigt, published a letter in which he urged Muscat to distance himself from proceedings. “The suspicions of Mr Muscat having a personal and political interest in the investigation are too strong for him to be involved with it,” A coalition of press freedom organisations, including Reporters Without Borders and Transparency International, issued a joint statement, saying ““We are concerned that the prime minister, by placing himself at the centre of the investigation, raises the spectre of undue executive interference in the investigation.”

Needless to say everyone denies everything.

The Malta chart, 21 September 1964 12am Valletta, had just started a debilitating five year run of heavy Neptune transits when the Panama Papers came out in 2016 and Galizia was killed a year later. Tr Neptune was opposing first the Malta Mercury, then Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and in 2020 is conjunct the Malta Moon until January 2021 – for a long run of undermining events. At the moment as well tr Uranus is exactly square the Malta Mars in Leo for a shocking surprise and high insecurity – and that repeats in February 2020.

Muscat’s 2nd Term chart – after he was re-elected despite corruption allegations (which he denied) – has a slippery Gemini Sun in an exact square to Neptune; and a confidently pushy (over-confident) Jupiter square Pluto. The Term Pluto is about to catch the tr Saturn conjunction for a road block in early December. And the Uranus has moved by Solar Arc to exactly oppose the Moon in a few weeks time for an emotional upheaval and public disquiet.

His own chart, 22 January 1974, makes him a Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius; with his Sun Venus Mercury square an ultra-determined and acquisitive Mars in Taurus and in a super-ambitious and controlling trine to Pluto, sextile Neptune. He also has a Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune onto Mars which will give him issues around controlling an impulsive streak. Tr Uranus is on a roller coaster ride as it squares his Sun over this New Year and then squares Venus and Mercury through 2020; plus tr Neptune will conjunct his Solar Arc Neptune for a slip-and-slide year in 2020. Worse in late 2020/early 2021 he has the ‘car-crash’ Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Saturn for a setback of considerable proportions.

Daphne Caruana Galizia was born, aptly enough, a mere month before Malta became independent on 26 August 1964. She had a Virgo Sun opposition Saturn square a confident Jupiter in late Taurus; with her Sun conjunct Uranus which was in turn conjunct Pluto Mercury all in Virgo – communicative, keen to upset the status quo; she also had a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in cancer trine an idealistic Neptune in Scorpio.

At the time she was killed her Solar Arc Mars Venus was exactly conjunct her Uranus; with tr Pluto moving to oppose her Mars within days, with tr Neptune opposition her rebellious Uranus/Pluto midpoint – so a high-risk, insecure and explosive time for her.

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  1. Some good news, some times! I have been following Daphne’s son on Twitter, and this will bring at least some closure to poor family.

    Political turmoil may have something to do with Malta freely handing over EU Citizenships for money. This has made it a convenient stop for various criminals and Russian oligarchs in need of a “port of call” inside The Union. I don’t think it’s entirely coincidental Cyprus announced they’ve recalled Oleg Deripaska’s citizenship.

    I would not want to sound conspiracy theoristsy here, but there are several investigations I’ve followed for a Mars cycle or so that seem to have moved since Mars went to Scorpio and Mercury turned direct last week.

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