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  1. Thank you, Jennifer. I appreciate your comments. Just read Marjorie’s response to the subject, and it’s a lot to think about. Oddly, it’s quite cheering, in a strange way!

  2. Thank you again, dear Marjorie for putting it all so beautifully and lucidly. The Hindus have a god they call the String Puller and according to the Vedas we are food for the gods….in other words anger ‘feeds’ Mars, destruction etc ‘feeds’ Pluto, acts of love Venus and so on. But when we become conscious of these shenanigans and energies ….and we can often ‘feel’ certain planetary transits without looking them up….we do have some sort of choice. Acceptance seems to be the main one …as your quote from Jung expresses. Then, so it is said, the Gods become our friends and are more helpful.
    Strangely,acceptance of what one is and experiences in this life does seem to give peace of mind.
    Have you also noticed that in some cases, other people act out one’s dfficult transits? As if leaving one free to help them if possible?

  3. Hello Marjorie

    I hope you are keeping safe in France.

    I would love to know what is going to happen to Philip Green now that he has been thoroughly and deservedly thrashed by Parliament for his part in the destruction of BHS.

    All the best,


  4. Marjorie. After reading some of your recent posts, especially the one regarding Germany, it does make me wonder if the planetary influences are more manipulative than they seem. I don’t suppose I will be the first one to suggest that the planets appear to be pulling the strings of humans in a puppet-like way, without us being able to resist the trends they dictate. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, and that we have to be intelligent enough to use the forces – no matter how bleak they seem – in a positive way. Not easy.

    • Hi Chris,

      It almost seems that way but I feel/think it is more that the planets present themselves to pre-empt a response from us humans, as if to check/test how evolved we are. If on the right road to enlightenment we use them in a positive way, if not, our response seems to be more knee-jerk to their default setting (i.e. whatever the planet is famous for). Hope that makes sense and no it is not an easy road to enlightenment either by species or individually. Just a thought!! Marjorie over to you.

      Much blessings

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