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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    There is a short serie on NetFlix about Eli Cohen, Israeli spy.
    It would be interesting to analyse his chart.
    If you are interest, he was born in Alexandria Egypt, Dec 16 1924 – Noon “by memory”
    Executed in Dasmacus Syria, May 18 1965

    Great day!

  2. Marjorie: Can you take a look at Elizabeth Warren’s mood over the election and inauguration? Will she be upbeat or downcast? She keeps rising in the polls, threatening to overtake Biden, who–as you’ve mentioned–doesn’t stand much of a chance given too many neptune aspects. I like Biden, but I think Warren will likely be the nominee. If you’ve already made a prediction re Warren, can you give the date of that post? Would like to read it again. Many thanks.

    • I have a bad feeling that Biden may get the nomination by calling in decades of favors. One more confused Grandpa performance in the debates may nullify that, though. If he brings up 10 mile walks to school in the snow, he’s toast.

    • Elizabeth Warren – December 30 2018 – not looking overly hopeful. There’s a veeeery long time between now and then. I do wish the USA would join the rest of the world in having three/four week election campaigns. It’s ludicrously expensive and no sooner has one finished before it lurches onto the next.

  3. Xavier Bettel, the Luxembourg PM just held an extraordinary press conference after his meeting with Boris Johnson today,
    which BJ rang away from because of nearby protestors. The Luxembourg Govt said it had no other space but to hold
    the Press Conference outside Government buildings.
    The Press Conference commenced at 16.05p.m., in Luxembourg.
    Any thoughts re XB born 3 March 1973 in Luxembourg?
    And thank you if you do.

  4. I hate to bring up the B word again but one media astrologer is predicting a super duper deal for the UK at the end of September. I can’t see it myself so I’m putting it out there for second opinions. Thank you.

    • Just watched Xavier Bettel’s press conference speech as he stood next to an empty podium. He was not happy with Boris to put it mildly.

  5. Ric Ocasek? For obvious reasons. Born 23 March 1944 (although there are rumours he could have been born in 1949)
    in Baltimore, Maryland.
    The Cars only released 6 albums.

  6. Marjorie,

    There’s more and more talk about Stacey Abrams possibly getting the VP position if Joe Biden (whom I support) gets the Democratic nomination. I’m actually excited about this possibility because Stacey is very popular in her state of Georgia and she’s also very popular here in Florida.

    Joe Biden continues to rack up endorsements in the Southern states. For example, Biden was just endorsed by 13 state Democrats in Mississippi the other day, he’s been endorsed by our former Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, our former Democratic Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham, former gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham and current state house rep. Janet Cruz here in Florida, many state Dems in Maryland, Georgia, etc. And yesterday (Sunday, 9/15/19), Texas State Rep. Vicente Gonzalez just switched his endorsement from Julian Castro over to Joe Biden. Plus, Biden continues to poll strongly in the Southern states and he has strong support with African-American voters in this region.

    In other words, I’m feeling more confident about Joe Biden doing very well in the primaries next year and I think he may just get the nomination.

    However, I’m still very curious to know if Stacey Abrams has a good shot at being Biden’s VP. I was wondering, astrologically speaking, how does Stacey Abrams’ chart look around the time of the Democratic Convention next year? Are there any signs of possible career advancements for Stacey Abrams in the near future?

    Any astrological thoughts or insights you could share regarding Stacey Abrams would be greatly appreciated. And as always, thank you for your daily posts and responses. I always enjoy reading them.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  7. Indeed it’s always Iffy when trying to get exact birth dates. In regards to Justin Trudeau the 12:31pm birth time comes from Anne Massey who indicated Lynn Maddox got the time directly/verbally from Margaret Trudeau. Chris McRae informed Rose Marcus that the birth time of 9:27 pm was published by the newspaper. Rose Marcus has worked with both and feels that Aries rising is appropriate just by looking at him. He looks like a roman of yore to her. The 2015 election transit of Moon/Pluto falling in his 10th house was appropriate for winning the election for the stewardship of the country in Rose Marcus opinion.
    I also think that with all Justin’s travel as young person, career as a teacher and international presence now that a ninth house sun is appropriate. I do agree there is something very Leo about him and that speaks to the South Node of the Moon in Leo showing life times of being in the limelight and therefore knowing how to take the stage with charisma. Either way it’s fascinating to play with both charts.

  8. Yes indeed you covered them so well on 24 July 2016 up to 2020, from what you have been saying recently re Saturn/Uranus/Neptune/Pluto moving into different signs over next Decade they may have further influences on
    these Banks Charts and indeed Lloyds of London which I note you also covered.
    Thank you if you update and have a pleasant Sunday!

    • Marjorie,
      In Catherine the Great’s chart, there’s one more thing which you haven’t said anything about and that’s Neptune in Gemini which is Trine the focal point Pluto, Square the Saturn and Semi Sextile the Sun Mars.

  9. In light of Anne’s comments above, what is the present/future state of UK Banks like Bank of Scotland/Lloyds Bank/RBS?
    Saw dates somewhere will post when I find, from memory think you covered these at least 4/5 years ago up to 2018.
    Thank you if you look into Marjorie.

  10. Yesterday was the 11th Anniversary of the run on Northern Rock and today is the 11th Anniversary of Lehman Brothers
    filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, this was announced and commenced at 1.00a.m., on September 15 2008 in New York, NY.
    On September 17 the U.S. Economy almost collapsed with dire implications for everywhere else. $144 Billion was withdrawn
    that day, in a typical week $7 Billion was withdrawn.
    Do we have to wait until the next Saturn/Uranus opposition for another upheaval like this or will Saturn squaring Uranus
    next year and especially from late 2020 onwards kickstart another crisis?
    And thank you if you have any comments Marjorie, know this is a general question/commentary from me!

  11. An article by Rose Marcus astrologer indicated that Justin Trudeau’s birth time was 12:31pm. This time was verbally supplied by Margaret Trudeau.

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