Canada elections – same dilemmas as elsewhere

The starting pistol has been fired for Canada’s election on 21st October with all the indications that the country is mired in the same swamp as others – with lacklustre enthusiasm for the candidates on offer and a polarized electorate divided on climate change, immigration, attitudes towards public institutions, worries about trade wars as well as concerns about public health with a raging opioid epidemic.

Justin Trudeau is asking for another four year term and is opposed by conservative Andrew Scheer.

Trudeau, 25 December 1971 9.27pm Ottawa, has an outrageously emphasised Capricorn Sun on the cusp of his attention-grabbing 5th which squares onto an do-or-die-determined Pluto opposition Mars. His butter-wouldn’t-melt good looks belie a backbone of pure titanium. He does have a talented chart with an Air Grand Trine of Pluto trine Saturn trine Venus, formed into two Kites with Pluto leading on one edge and Neptune on the other.

He is exactly on his Jupiter Return on election day which is positive though that can be a mild influence; with an emotional tr Uranus square his Venus from mid November. And (birth time being absolutely accurate) a worrisome tr Neptune square his Mars/Ascendant which is usually not good news for elections till mid November

Andrew Scheer, 20 May 1979 8.25 am Ottawa is a late Sun Taurus, with a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars conjunct as well as Mercury all in Taurus. If his birth time is accurate to the minute then he has tr Neptune conjunct his MC over the election which is not supportive of career ambitions; and tr Saturn will be in a stuck square to his Pluto from early November. Tr Uranus will conjunct his Mars and square his Jupiter from mid November which looks like an upset and a lucky break all at once.

Canada, 1 July 1867, like the USA and UK, Germany and the EU is being pummelled by this year’s Eclipses, especially the July Cancer Solar one, bringing crises and a sense that changes must be pushed through.

The Bank of Canada chart, 11 March 1935, does indicate heavy pressures through this year and next with tr Pluto square the Mars and opposition the Pluto and tugging on the Uranus; with an especially stressed phase in 2021/22/23 as the Solar Arc Uranus will conjunct the Pluto and square the Mars, with tr Pluto aiming for a disruptive square to the Uranus by 2023/24.

That will coincide with the time period of two or three years when tr Uranus will conjunct the Canada Pluto and then oppose the Saturn for a significant upheaval.


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  1. Thanks Marjorie,

    Leader of the Green party, Elizabeth May (b. Jun 9, 1954, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.) might have a signifigant role to play. Polls indicate a close third place with the NDP. Despite the first past the post system, she may have a chance of gaining more seats in parliament. Perhaps enough to play a role in supporting a minority government.

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