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  1. Good afternoon Marjorie!
    Enda Kenny was just re-elected as Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister for the 2nd time) just now-6 May 2016 at 14.22p.m.
    What kind of new Government will Ireland have? With considerable Independent Members of Parliament support I might add.
    Thank you if you study this.

  2. Do Astrologers know when their time on Earth is to end? With so many Celebrities passing away this year, perhaps Jonathan’s legacy was to remind us all that no-one escapes death, so that while we are here we can all seek a more enlightened future.

    Daily Sagittarius prediction for Friday 6th May, (New Moon in Taurus) reads as follows:

    ‘We’ve been talking this week, about how brief and beautiful our existence, here on this planet, truly is. For a while, I tried quoting song lyrics that made this point, then I realised, there aren’t many. Life may well be frail, fleeting and temporary yet to discuss this, in song, story or even zodiac forecast, is taboo. We don’t want to go upsetting ourselves with such thoughts now, do we? Yet without that perspective, we can make dreadful decisions. Be high, be clear and be conscious’

  3. Hi Marjorie,

    With the upcoming BBC Charter review, there has been speculation that the BBC’s enemies are trying to undermine it. Could you look at the BBC’s chart for the next few years to show any signs of stress and pitfalls? Also a look at some of the politicians involved.


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