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  1. Due to the astounding scandal involving the Catholic Hierarchy, I would like to hear your comments
    on this issue astrologicaly.

  2. Marjorie,

    Here in Jacksonville, Florida, there was a mass shooting yesterday (Sunday, August 26, 2018) at the Landing – very close to where I live! Three people (including the perpetrator [David Katz]) were killed and 11 people were injured. This makes the third mass shooting here in Florida in just two years.

    There was some kind of video game tournament that was being held at the Jacksonville Landing and the perpetrator was apparently angry that he lost the game…so he pulled out a caliber handgun and started shooting random people.

    This shooting has now made headlines all over the country. CNN has been covering it most of the day, so has MSNBC. This made top story at The Huffington Post as well.

    I’m still shocked that something like that could occur right here in Jacksonville, Florida and only a few blocks from where I live. My friends, parents, and I go to the Landing all the time and his part of the city has relatively low crime.

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights regarding the Jacksonville, Florida Landing Mass Shooting…and / or any astrological thoughts regarding the perpetrator David Katz.

    First it was Orlando, then it was Parkland, and now it’s Jacksonville…..it’s like our state has become the epicenter of mass shootings now.

    Anyway, any thoughts or insights you choose to share regarding this incident would be greatly appreciated. As always, I really appreciate all that you do.


    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida.

    • Still no birth date for David Katz though he appears to have had serious mental problems. Why are people allowed to carry guns into crowded places? It’s lunacy.

  3. I have half Iranian daughters and spent time in an Iranian prison for dress code violations 1981. I feel for nazanin zakari ratcliffe and want to see her released. Anything in her chart relating to this cruel incarceration? Thank you.

  4. Good morning Marjorie, hope you’re well!
    I note that Pope Francis just arrived in Dublin, Ireland at 10.43a.m., for a 2 day visit.
    This is an Ireland that is rapidly, very quickly changing.
    Would you have any thoughts on how the visit will go?

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