Allen Weisselberg – Trump’s money man cuts a deal



Allen Weisselberg, deeply involved in Trump’s business and personal finances for decades since his father’s time, is the latest ally to cooperate with investigators in exchange for leniency for himself in the Michael Cohen probe. He will know where all the skeletons are buried though it’s not clear how much he knew of the detail of the two payoffs which are the focus of the Cohen case. The fact there was reason to subpoena him and make him cut an immunity deal means he personally had potential criminal liability, and he had to give something of real value to get out of that.

Born 15 August 1947 in New York, he is a Sun, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Moon and Mercury in Leo with Jupiter in Scorpio square the first four of those planets –  money is what floats his boat, very enduring and stubborn. The Eclipses this year have been rattling his Leo planets with more to come next year. He looks aggravated and under attack at the moment with tr Pluto opposition his Mercury/Mars and his Saturn/Uranus; panicked through the fall and if anything more stressed in 2019/2020.

His Leo planets all fall in Trump’s 12th house though its not that easy a mix with Weisselberg’s Sun conjunct Trump’s Mars and his Uranus conjunct Trump’s Sun opposition Moon.

Their relationship chart is argumentative with a composite Sun, Mercury, Mars and fairly up-and-down with a Jupiter square Saturn. It’s under disappointing and very edgy influences, especially through this fall and early in 2019, and those influences run till late 2019. With major tensions building from next February as tr Pluto starts to oppose the composite Sun and then Mercury. It will be exceptionally fraught, stretched to the limit and beyond, and running into a minefield from April onwards.

2 thoughts on “Allen Weisselberg – Trump’s money man cuts a deal

  1. Gotta wonder if Mueller’s gotten his hands on Dirty Don’s tax returns. I don’t care how strong Trump’s Jupiter is, the end is near.

  2. I understand the fact he was given “immunity” means he has no criminal liability in one, particular case. It would almost certainly be the one that “delivered” Cohen. So, even if he knows where the bodies are, there might not be anything else coming from him. Cohen, most definitely yes! While he may not have as extensive relationship with Trump, one must remember he was the fixer. The truly bad stuff would go through him. And he must have brought investigators something substancial NOT in his indictments to get a deal. I think Cohen is still the key here, although what he says may incriminate Weisselberg again. Astrology definitely points there!

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