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  1. Guns, guns, guns. America is insane with guns. Breaking news: Gunman kills 20 in Las Vegas massacre. Yawn. So what else is new? Guns should only be in the hands of the military and police. This kind of carnage will continue as long as guns are legally accessed by civilians. The 2nd amendment is obsolete. Marjorie: Any chance of the NRA losing its powerful foothold, or will the U.S. obsession with guns escalate?

  2. Hi Marjorie

    You mentioned that Roy Moore has a heavy air chart and that Aquarius is a sign that can lend itself to fascist tendencies. So when astrologers speak of the great 2020 Jup-Sat conjunction in Aquarius – does it mean that things are going to start marching the 1939 way? (I am sorry if this comes across foolish)

    Secondly, I am (happily) impressed by how you predicted both Bannon’s and Milo’s ouster. However, it seems that since Bannon has been out he’s gone back to double timing his evil plans in conjunction with Mercer and Thiel, not just in the US but in Europe as well. This triumverate of perverseness scares me. It is the true “axis of evil”. They have too much money, too much time and not one moral to split between them.

    • Jan, Not necessarily. Difficult to tell from past experiences since the previous Jup Sat in Aquarius was in 1405. Certainly the Air sign Jup Sat in Libra in 1922 oversaw the rise of Hitler/fascism in Germany. But that may have been coincidental. The next Jup Sat in Air Libra in 1981 didn’t have the same effect. Mind you Maggie Thatcher was at full throttle then with Reagan just into the White House for his first term.

      Bannon and Mercer will fall out – Bannon falls out with everyone eventually. Tho’ he does look suspiciously cheerful this December over Moore’s election fight.

      • In 1405, MT. Baekdu (Changbaishan) volcano had a plinian eruption. The amoint of ash emitted probably led to the 1407-8 severe winter in England of 25 weeks. No other volcano eruption was noted during the years previous but Baekdu, although there could have been one not recorded that was closer to 1407. Baekdu is between China and North Korea. The cauldera holds a huge amount of water.

        1405 saw flooding in Denmark and Germany that drowned 36,000 people.

        Also, China launched expeditions by sea to other countries, to expand trade and tribute.

        Lots of “water bearer” activity in 1405.

  3. Tom Price – the HHS secretary – resigned due to unhappy visibility from using private jets to travel for business. Guess the price was wrong…How did he fit into Trump’s administration…will we see more such self-expunging?

    He is still promising to write a check for over $51,000…after spending over a million bucks.

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