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  1. Marjorie, could you please comment on Mark Carney? He seems to be in the same evasive, Neptunian fog as Theresa May. Apparently, the markets no longer believe him when he says interest rates will rise and now he is issuing warnings about consumer credit debt of £200bn. You give 2018 as a possible time for financial problems in the UK but I am interested in the fact that Carney seems to echo May’s indecision and frequently changes his mind. He is a Pisces so I guess the Neptune possibilities are there.

  2. For the past eight years, Jared Kushner has been registered as a woman to vote in New York. Before 2009, he was registered as gender unknown to vote in New Jersey. It’s odd that he has never registered as a man!

  3. Hello Marjorie, I notice that you often use the word ‘adventurous’ in relationship readings, e.g. Jon Snow and Rose Leslie have ‘an adventurous Jupiter square Uranus’. What do you mean by this?
    Many thanks for all your work. Your output is phenomenal!

    • I do sometimes use ‘adventurous’ ironically and am never that happy to see it in a relationship chart unless there are other stabilising aspects. It tends to mean that it feels exciting for the moment, or the circumstances of coming together give it a sparkle of the unknown and thrilling. But once life settles into humdrum reality then both will fight for freedom. It demands real respect for the other’s space and individuality. Perhaps a continuing helter-skelter showbizzy lifestyle will soak up some of the negative side; but relationships dominated by Jupiter Uranus do often come apart at the seams down the road – if as I say there aren’t more compelling composite or synastry aspects. But there will always be a need for constant stimulation and thrills.

  4. Lady Lucan, the widow of Lord Lucan, who murdered the nanny in the 1970s before attempting to kill his wife, has passed away in her mews flat in Belgravia. I searched your site but nothing returned, not sure if this is right. It would be good if you could look at her and his charts. I personally believe her story, and feel she finally found in death the peace she sought in life. I feel a little bit (only a very little!) sympathy for the Lord, John, as I wonder what he suffered as a child to have sparked his gambling obsession. His actions resembled that of a narcissist/sociopath, quite frankly, or perhaps he too was massively unhappy. Maybe you can suss it out from the stars? Thank you.

  5. Marjorie: Is there any chance whatsoever of an internal uprising in North Korea? Many NK experts say that Kim Jong Un has such absolute control over his people that anything approaching a palace coup is extremely unlikely. On the other hand, a former high-profile diplomat in Kim’s regime named Thae Yong-Ho, who defected to South Korea a couple of years ago, has been outspoken about NK’s ballooning black market. He says movies from the “outside world” are infiltrating the country at a high rate, feeding a growing hunger for information not generated by the NK propaganda machine. He also says not all regime VIPs are happy with Kim. I’m thinking that internal unrest leading to an overthrow is the only solution to the North Korea mess. According to the planets, is that at all possible? And if so, when?

  6. Marjorie
    Do think that the Korean leader will declare war on the donald, because their ” feud? ”
    I know you are sick of D.T. questions! I am just very nervous over this situation. Thanks!

  7. Good day Marjorie!
    I see that Daniel Craig and Barbara Broccoli interviewing Denis Villeneuve for the next Bond film.
    Know/see you’ve written about next Bond film already,
    just wondering re Villeneuve, born 3 October 1967 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec?
    Best regards and have a good week!!

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