Angela Merkel – outstaying her time



A chastened Angela Merkel is facing months of tough negotiations to form a ruling coalition as her open-door immigrant policy dented her popularity and created a backlash that voted the far-right into government for the first time in decades.

The key factor in her chart is tr Saturn moving below her Ascendant into her 1st quadrant since January 2016, just after she welcomed 800,000 migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. This is usually when politicians start making misjudgements, slipping on banana skins and facing setbacks. She’s not yet at her lowest ebb, which is 2018 and more so 2019. Lower energy levels and even health problems can crop up though there’s nothing much on the latter showing up. Tr Pluto is also square her midheaven this year and (birth time being spot on) returning in late October into November for a few weeks, which tends to bring career crisis. November looks doubly fraught with tr Saturn conjunct her Mars; though she’ll also have a stroke of luck. Through December she should be moving ahead more confidently. In December/January 2018 tr Uranus returns to square her 8th house Cancer Sun for the final time with another jolt. With Feb 2018  involving a catastrophe of sorts.

The Germany 1871 chart is moving into sobering and discouraging times with tr Saturn heading into the irritable/accident-prone conjunction to Mars late this December, then proceeding on to a Saturn Return over Christmas and square Ascendant, opposition MC and conjunct Sun late in 2018. Plus financial pressures from tr Pluto trine the 8th house Pluto in 2017/2018 with the German economy only buoyed up by the imbalance in the EU. Behind the façade of success is crumbling infrastructure, problems in the car industry, a backward technology sector and an ageing population. By 2019 tr Neptune will square Jupiter which is usually a financial bubble bursting or at least dashed hopes.

The Bundesbank (central bank) chart, 26 July 1957, looks disappointed at the moment with Solar Arc Neptune square Jupiter; significantly jolted in late 2018 by Solar Arc Saturn opposition Uranus; and in a devastating meltdown by 2019/2020 with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune.

Merkel has undoubtedly been good for Germany with her Jupiter, Sun, Uranus falling in the Germany 10th, but the love affair is heading into its stormiest few years with the composite Sun opposition Mercury square Neptune opposition Uranus on the relationship being tossed from confusion into rebellion between now and 2020/21.

In many ways Germany looks more out of sorts with the EU than even the UK does, with late 2018 and 2019 putting severe stress on relations.

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