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  1. Marjorie,

    Do you believe the recent Solar Eclipse (I HATE Solar and Lunar Eclipses) has something to do with the pure HELL we’ve been experiencing here in the Americas?

    I’m horrified by the unprecedented number of extremely powerful category 4 and category 5 hurricanes that have been forming in the Atlantic Basin this year. I feel so terrible for the people of the Caribbean Islands / West Indies – they’ve been hit by Hurricane Irma and now Hurricane Maria within just a few weeks. I live in Jacksonville, Florida – I’ve been living here for almost 30 years now and my part of the state has only been threatened by a few massive hurricanes in the past. However, ever since last year, it seems like Northeast Florida has become an increasingly “high risk zone” for hurricanes. We didn’t take a direct hit from Hurricane Irma, but after it hit the Keys as category 4, it moved through the state (and became a category 1 and later a tropical storm) and we received the nasty eastern winds (which are more powerful) here in Northeast Florida – they caused A LOT of damage in this area. We didn’t evacuate because we thought we could handle a category 1 or tropical storm. However, it turned out WORSE than we expected. I live in Jacksonville’s Historic District – near the St. John’s River. When Hurricane Irma arrived, it knocked over huge pine and old oak trees, it caused extensive flooding in my neighborhood and the St. John’s River flooded many of our historic parks, etc. We (as well as many people in this city) were without electricity for 3-4 days. Some are STILL without electricity. We were more fortunate; we only had some minor roof damage…and our yard was flooded but the water didn’t come into our home. Some of the rural surrounding counties (like Clay, Nassau, Columbia, etc.) were not so fortunate – they received the worst flooding in years.

    Aside from the hurricanes, Mexico just received 2 extremely powerful earthquakes within weeks. The later happening on the anniversary of the September 19, 1985 Mexico City earthquake.

    Last but not least, Donald Trump and the Republican Party are up to their dirty tricks again. Trump is flying off the rails (that’s nothing new of course, Trump is such an IDIOT and he ALWAYS flies off the rails) and instigating confrontations with Iran and North Korea – he’s even threatened to end the Iran Deal – which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (who I greatly admire and SHOULD be our president right now) and President Barack Obama (I miss him) worked so hard to establish.

    Meanwhile, the Republican Party is capitalizing on all the “distractions” by trying to push for ANOTHER AWFUL bill that would dismantle Obamacare, allow insurance companies to charge higher premiums for people with pre-existing conditions and allow states to decide to decide for they want to implement healthcare policies, provisions, etc. I’m hoping Republican Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, John McCain and Shelley Moore Capito vote “NO” on this thing – if it does make it to the Senate floor. I know all Democrats will vote against it.

    My question is, if the Solar Eclipse is partially responsible for what is causing all of these “unprecedented” disasters (I know Global Warming and stupid Republican voters are responsible too) for this region of the World, does it appear things will get any better any time soon? In other words, how long can we expect to feel the affects of the recent Solar Eclipse?

    • Chris, Like you I’m sick of typing Eclipse – and it can’t be all down to that, since eclipses come round twice a year, admittedly some more malefic than others. The effects tend to linger, on one theory, for six months until the next one. But they can have a knock-on effect even later than that.
      But there has to be more. Puerto Rico’s had the worst storm in a century.
      One thought may be sunspot activity which is heading into a minimum over the next two or three years, which evidently does cause/accompany more volcanic activity and erratic weather patterns on earth. https://nextgrandminimum.wordpress.com/
      There’s no clear correlation between astrology and sunspot activity, that I know of anyway. Though interesting if you read the above URL, it talks of the 5th century, ie 400s AD when the Roman Empire collapsed. During that century there were two separate triple conjunctions of outer planets, which was a real rolling whammy of the sort you don’t want. But there’s nothing like that just now, barring the almost triple conjunction in 2020 – almost in the sense that Jupiter is thought of as less strong than the other four outer planets.
      At a more minutiae level Mars in Virgo is now heading for a heavy trine to Pluto on Oct 1 and then a square to Saturn on Oct 11 – so I’m afraid there will be more collisions/violence/aggravation. Next February’s Eclipses are along the same lines with the Solar at 27 Aquarius and the Lunar at 12 Leo. Though it’s in a more cheerful series.
      The USA has an Aquarius Moon and the UK has a wide Fixed Grand Cross with Saturn in Leo opposition Venus in Aquarius square Neptune – so both countries will be especially affected by this run of Leo/Aquarius eclipses. Then the Eclipses reverse into Cancer/Capricorn from July 2018, through 2019 – so I’m afraid again for both USA and UK it’s challenging.

  2. Thanks Marjorie

    These people seem to not care that they are playing with people’s lives. If they were gonna blow only each other up that would be fine.

  3. The August Eclipse did have the New Moon conjunct Mars and the tr Node is edging its back backwards towards the Eclipse Mars, getting there early November. And there was a Fire (too much hot air) Grand Trine of New Moon Mars trine Saturn (accident prone) and trine Uranus (explosive, disruptive) – all focused onto disaster-expanding and over-the-top confident, self-righteous Jupiter. And the neurotic, paranoid Saturn square Neptune was just in orb as well. But this eclipse series does hint at false information, not believing everything you hear. Obviously the floods, hurricanes and quakes are what they are, tragic disasters. But much of the political noise may just be that.
    This month is a Neptunian mush with a Sun opposition early on and then a Mars opposition later – which tends to make everyone feel overly sensitive and worrying endlessly; the first half of October is not a dream with Mars Pluto Saturn and Sun Pluto, but then it calms down with Jupiter moving into Scorpio. Disasters do tend to come in runs unfortunately and the Great American continent Eclipse is certainly living up to its name.

  4. Marjorie

    OK … hurricanes, earthquakes and nuclear weapons posturing and threats? Is this it? If the elements don’t get us, Kim or Trump will?

    Has the astrological wind changed? Because I wasn’t feeling like WHAT??!!! And now I am.

    Is there an update on the astrology of the moment please?

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