John Kelly – going through hell, will he keep going? *update



John Kelly looked pained and despondent during Trump’s ‘I may start World War 111’ UN speech, even more dejected than he had at the Charlottesville ‘both sides are to blame’ speech. One reporter said he looked as if he were living through ‘an existential crisis.’

He’s certainly at an all-time low exactly now with a confusingly uncertain and debilitating tr Neptune opposition his Saturn now until early October, and returning in January 2018. Plus tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Saturn midpoint this month till late October, which is a discouraging slog and can feel like imprisonment. From September 28th tr Saturn will square his Mars for two weeks which is highly irritable, prone to setbacks and missteps. That last one coincides with tr Saturn opposition Trump’s Gemini Sun so there may be more downers. Indeed that also coincides with tr Saturn square the USA Neptune, so it will be a time of high anxiety.

Kelly, 11 May 1950, is a stalwart Sun Taurus square Pluto and trine Saturn Mars in Virgo, but even his legendary endurance and phlegm may have its sticking point. Evidently he doesn’t care whether he stays or not which gives him a degree of leverage in his role as Trump’s Chief of Staff.

Kelly’s Mars does square Trump’s Sun and Moon so it was always going to be a tetchy partnership. But Kelly’s Sun is conjunct Trump’s MC, so he does have a contribution to make – if Trump will listen.

Their relationship chart does have a friendly composite Sun Venus though that is in a can-be-disappointing trine to Neptune; with an argumentative composite Mercury square Mars. But what cements it together is a composite Saturn Pluto – chained-together and resenting it and that is usually difficult to split away from. Though there’ll be a decided dip in their interaction in the second week of November with tr Saturn conjunct the composite Jupiter and opposition Uranus.

Poor man, out of the apolitical military where he shone, into the least enviable job in the US, where no doubt duty will anchor him until it all gets too much.

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  1. Marjorie, this man is practical and grounded, Taurus Sun, with high intuition having a Pisces Moon. What is worrying is his Mercury at 25 Taurus, Algol. Transit Uranus is retrograding in warring Aries to make an exact 30 degree aspect from around the 6th to 14 November. Like many generals and committed peace-keepers, he has Venus conjunct the Node, so will subdue his personal instincts to try to preserve the status quo. Those dates are critical and my guess is that he is not a “personal” sort of man, but one with responsibility, experience and above all, acute instincts. He may strive to stay, but during those days the unthinkable may happen – that he is replaced by Trump. Mercury in the degree of Algol may signify he has to pass news he does not agree with – this could be a showdown. Dear America, let common sense and those who have it, rule.

  2. Kelly and others seem to be preserving the U.S. at great cost to themselves. Trump bellowed that he would put North Korea “in its place right away, unlike Obama,” and hasn’t done a thing besides twit. He’d love to fire Sessions and Mueller, and hasn’t. Can’t imagine what it is costing Kelly and the rest of the generals to restrain him, but Americans are grateful. It’s a nightmare, like giving a 3-year-old our nuclear codes. His disregard for the planet and the Paris Accord and the multi-lateral Iran agreement…all terribly worrying. He became bellicose about Iran after meeting with Netanyahu, who seems to be his Pied Piper, also worrying. Just hoping that our dear country survives this madman. Thanks again for your posts on the U.S. We’re avidly reading them over here.

  3. While everyone was in shock, Ivanka was smiling and nodding her head during Daddy’s speech. Melania was absolutely stone-faced. I’m embarassed and humiliated to be an American. Trump just doesn’t get it.

    How can Kelly back out of this with grace?

    • While Trump was playing Emperor in The UN, his Appointee as The US Ambassador to Russia was having his confirmation hearing in Washington, saying Russian Government (mentioning Government specifically being a point here) definitely meddled with The Presidential Election. One day later, New York Times carries a story on Mueller Investigation looking at Trump’s meeting with Lavrov in May, and Washington Post has a story about his then campaign manager Paul Manafort offering insight on campaign goings to a controversial Ukrainian billionaire in 2016. I think the astrological consensus was, months ago, that Manafort is going to have a very bad year in 2018.

      No wonder Kelly looked is stressed out yesterday! I think he knew this was coming, at least with Huntsman and The Senate standing united – this was one of the least controversial nomination hearings – behind him.

    • So, my point in few words: Kelly can back out by simply not having forgotten his Military Training during The Cold War. If he hasn’t, he has known better than meddle with an ex-KGB Agent. This will be a saving grace and retirement plan to many Trump Administration members. There will be other people looking immensely much worse. I think some of this people will come out as ultimate winners. Everybody remembers George H.W. Bush as Reagan’s VP, but before that, he was The RNC Leader during Watergate. This is why and when he became so relevant within the party that he could push one halfhearted son (I truly think George W. only wanted to please his parents by doing politics… he never truly was into it) to presidency and another to candidacy.

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