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  1. I can’t find the question about orbs for midpoints. Ebertin used 1 degree for planets in aspect to a midpoint, some use 1.5. My software is set for two degrees and given that birth times sometimes aren’t available it gives a degree of latitude. Transits to midpoints I’d only use on the degree itself with no orb.

    • Thanks Marjorie
      I asked the question in my comment re your post about Usain where you mentioned some of his midpoints suspecting his personal planets.
      All the best j

    • I wondered because I have midpoint Jupiter/Uranus 1 degree from my Sun and Jupiter/Pluto 3 degrees away. Not sure what both of those near my Sun means or whether J/P being strong planets would bounce J/U at 2 degs away to impact my Sun still ? Confused? Absolutely …

      Hope that makes sense j

  2. Hi Marjorie,
    What is your take on Ohio Governor John Kasich, born May 13, 1952, Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania, who seems to be positioning himself as a potential primary election challenger to Trump in 2020? Is he simply a long-shot vanity POTUS candidate? Or something more legitimate in the making?
    Best wishes,

  3. Dear Marjorie,
    Good morning and hope you’re well! I was reading about the upcoming Great Conjunction in Aquarius on 21 December 2020
    and was wondering will this affect people like me born between 2nd and 3rd Great Conjunctions in Libra in 1981? I was born 12 April but do note there seem to be a plethora of Great Conjunctions in Air Signs from now on, hence question!
    Thank you if you look into.

  4. Hi Marjorie,
    Any thoughts on Jacinda Ardern the new NZ Labor Leader?
    Born 26 July 1970 in Hamilton, New Zealand, been in the headlines the last 48 hours.
    Best wishes,

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