Benjamin Netanyahu – another Mars in Leo in the firing line



An explosively argumentative and bombastic leader, with a family whose sense of arrogant entitlement has risen to imperial levels, fending off a truckload of legal problems. Sound familiar? Another Mars in Leo is living out a similar narrative to Trump. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has been skirting the edges of a corruption investigation, and word now is that a former top aide will turn state’s evidence against him. The probe is into allegations Mr Netanyahu accepted lavish gifts and made an illegal deal with a newspaper publisher. Then just to pile on his woes, his son Yair, having been ticked off for not picking up dog poop went off on a facebook rant attacking his critics and hurling slanders in all directions, including against former Israeli political leaders.

Netanyahu senior has Mars in Leo conjunct Pluto with the Solar Eclipse rattling up his Mars over coming months. He looks exceptionally stuck and panicked in 2018 with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Libra Sun; tr Pluto square his Sun/Neptune midpoint and tr Neptune opposition Saturn; with 2019 continuing the bad news with jolts and undermining jangles.

His son Yair, 26 July 1991, is a Sun Leo, with Jupiter and Mercury also in Leo – Mercury being triggered also by the Eclipse as well as an opposition in 2018 by Solar Arc Saturn in opposition to his Mercury. So a crisis of communication followed by a depression. He’s also got Mars Venus in Virgo in a volatile, highly-strung trine to Uranus Neptune in Capricorn, which has evidently in the past led to outbursts of rage. And he’s got a pushily-confident, ignores-social-niceties Jupiter square Pluto. So not given to humility or sensitivity. He’s got a confused, uncertain and fairly devastated set of midpoint transits over the next three to four years.

His mother Sara, no stranger to controversy either, 5 Nov 1958, is a super-determined and impulsive Sun Jupiter Venus in Scorpio square Uranus; with Mars in heavyweight Taurus opposition Mercury, so not backwards about expressing herself. She’s also running into a period of devastation next year.

They should try reading some Roman history or even the I Ching – “what goes up must come down.”

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  1. What is it with all these Mars in Leo idiots in positions of corrupted power at present and right now in history during this August Leo eclipse as it’s all bubbling to the surface? It’s as if the chess pieces have been put in place for something noteworthy to unfold. I wouldn’t put this down to ‘just coincidence.’

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