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  1. Marjorie: I second Jennifer’s query re John Kelly, time of his swearing-in, etc. What’s in store for him in the near future? He seems a very rational, earnest person. Does he know he’s walking into a loony asylum? Ivanka has tweeted that she’s looking forward to working “alongside” General Kelly. As if she’s his equal. The audacity!!!!!!! She needs to understand that he’s her boss. The princess is going to be one major pain in the butt for him. Neither she nor her husband have any right serving in the White House. I feel nothing but sympathy for Kelly.

  2. Hi Marjorie

    Your site is always interesting. Thanks With ECLIPSES in August how is going economies UK, USA, Russia and China


    • The Mooch will be remembered as the man to left his pregnant wife for Donald Trump…. lol.

      Marjorie you nailed the energies ….. but I don’t think even you thought it would happen this quick?

      Lunar/Solar eclipses bringing it on…..? I read you can feel them even one month before the event if they are touching your chart?

      • To be honest Scaramoochi’s chart looked pretty blocked even apart from the ’emotional shock’ of the Lunar Eclipse hitting his Venus and squaring his Neptune. Those Solar Arcs of Sun Saturn etc – not good for career progress.
        You can feel eclipses beforehand and for a few months after – though these August ones do seem to be causing more of a stir than usual.

        • Thanks Marjorie
          It was clear he wasn’t going to last but 10 days … wow. I think this was Kelly’s decision. He got sworn. Would be interesting to understand what the chart for the swearing in shows? Much love

  3. Thanks, Marjorie. Definitely looking forward to jolly Jupiter traversing my 10th. Twelve years ago it provided a nice career boost. Hoping the ol’ boy will come through for me again.

  4. Marjorie: I’m developing several projects….was planning to launch them in Sept., but after reading your helpful post I’m going to wait until late Oct. Based on experience, I would never launch anything during Merc retro, and the eclipses, to my mind, just make matters worse in that regard. Question: In October Jupiter will roll into Scorpio in my 10th house–where it was at birth. How beneficial is a Jupiter return? Is it as significant as a Saturn return?

    • Jupiter in the 10th definitely good and it stays there for a year, even better. Jupiter Returns come round every 12 years so if you check back to see what happened on those occasions it’ll be a guide. Some individuals respond more markedly to some planets than others. But it won’t be as strong r difficult as a Saturn return.

  5. We’ve got some interesting astrological weather coming up august 4th\5th with the Uranus station to go retro and the Pluto Jupiter square. A couple of astrologers say it’s going to be wild! Any thoughts?

  6. The August 7 lunar eclipse falls on the same degree as the Neptune-
    Pluto midpoint.What do
    you think the effect will

  7. Dear Marjorie,

    Coming October, we have an important election in Austria. Foreign minister Sebastian Kurz seems to be the most likely winner, next to right wing populist HC Strache. The future of Socialist Christian Kern and former Green member Peter Pilz is uncertain. There is no exact birthtime for any of them.

    Can you take a closer look at some of the candidates please?


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