Brexit – ‘criminally irresponsible’ government


Launching a government on an exact Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini squaring onto Neptune in Pisces, as Theresa May’s did, was never going to lead to constructive progress. The list of attributes to such a focal point Neptune is not heartening – disorganised, credulous, gullible, chameleon-like, misleading (intentionally and otherwise), lacking willpower, disliking meeting obstacles head-on, poor observational qualities, a tendency to escape away from reality into an imaginative world which feels more comforting.

Just as Chancellor Philip Hammond, capitalising on Theresa May’s vacation absence, brought some sane business plans to the table about a transitional exit period, saying there was a broad consensus in the Cabinet, he was promptly slapped down by the ever-excitable Liam Fox and Boris Johnson. The Full Moon, of course, is also split and Neptune is not the planet to tie the opposing extremes together into a coherent direction.

Matthew Parris, Times columnist and former Tory MP, has described the Conservative Party as ‘criminally irresponsible’ for turning Brexit into ‘a humiliating shambles.’ ‘Thirteen months since the referendum and the Conservatives still can’t decide even the broadest outline of the terms on which we hope to leave.’ ‘It now appears they and their leader started the countdown to Britain’s expulsion without even the vaguest plan for what we’d be aiming to achieve, let alone realistically likely to achieve.’

Tr Neptune has now reversed to exactly square the Government MC and hovers thereabouts into 2018 by which time it picks up the Sun/MC midpoint and then squares Sun and Moon in 2019 – if it lasts that long, and there’s nothing too obvious pointing to a total collapse, the shambles will continue.

Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd have the most help from lucky Jupiter willing them on through 2017/18. Though Hammond has a downer from early this October to early January 2018 as tr Neptune squares his Sagittarius Sun Mercury. Amber Rudd looks completely undercut during that Oct to Jan period as well, though it may be different problems since as Home Secretary she has ongoing responsibility for law and order amongst a broad portfolio. Hammond will bounce again in 2018, though with some significant upheavals as well; and looks completely crushed by 2019. Gove is limping along, trapped in 2018/19 and in danger of career losses. Fox also looks enraged, frustrated and cornered in 2019. Davis is back against the wall in 2018/19 as well. And Theresa May is on the longest downhill slide of her career from now till 2020.

None of them look remotely happy or successful. The only cut off point I can see on the UK/EU relationship chart is late 2018 when tr Saturn is conjunct the composite Sun, but that’s a mild enough influence and comes round in hard aspect every 7 years and to the conjunction every 29 years. I have truly no idea how this is all going to end.

8 thoughts on “Brexit – ‘criminally irresponsible’ government

  1. I don’t see that happening. Simply because the majority, rightly or wrongly, said we’re leaving.

    But it’s an almighty mess all round.

  2. Dare I say it I think that both Brexiters and Remainers both show plenty of evidence of Neptunian ‘wish fulfilment’. The former want to interpret the Referendum as an indication their parochial view of the world is right and the latter take the equally blinkered view that everything will be fine if we just ignore the sentiments expressed in the Referendum then the world can revert to the ‘status quo ante’. I see very similar sentiments about the Trump Presidency. The fact is that the UK referendum result was significant and pretending the issues will go away if ignored is just as dumb as Brexiters assuming the clock can be rolled back to the 1960s or earlier. No one wants to face up to the reality that things are not going back to what they were before .

    • Hugh, Like you I doubt a total reversal. The more that is seen of Barnier/Juncker the more even staunch Remainers think we really don’t want that. It’s not even a choice between the lesser of two evils; it’s disgust at the lot of them. I loved Alan Sugar’s suggestion that lying in a manifesto should be made a criminal offence. Promises should have consequences.

  3. Maybe it won’t finish. Maybe Brexit will be kicked into the long grass along with all the other intractable EU problems. If the Ireland soft/hard border problem is an example of issues raised by Brexit, then perhaps the only logical ending is stalemate, because the intractables on all sides will not compromise. An interesting reflection of the current US government, not that much governing seems to be going on. Also a reflection of WW1, when the Generals kept on doing the same thing, with the same result, until everyone was exhausted or dead. Madness.
    Thanks Marjorie for all your hard work.

  4. Reversal? I do hope so. When the majority of the British public suddenly realise that we were told a pack of lies by the Brexiteers… how wonderful it was all going to be….

  5. Might it come down to Brexit being reversed? “Gee, we changed our minds. Will the EU please let us back in?” Just some thoughts for chewing over…

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