Princess Diana – seeking the elusive soulmate



Princess Diana’s lover, Islamic art expert Oliver Hoare has died. He was the most passionate of her string of liaisons as her marriage cracked and she dreamed of running away to Italy with him. He was married with three children, luckily for him to a French wife more laid back about extra-marital flings than most, and he wouldn’t leave them. He was a friend of Prince Charles before and after the affair in that odd laissez-faire aristo way. It came to public notice after she and Hoare broke up when he reported obsessive numbers of nuisance silent phone calls which were traced back to Princess Diana.

Born 18 July 1945 (Times obit) he was a Sun, Saturn in Cancer with a Scorpio Moon. His Mars in Taurus was conjunct her 5th house Venus in Taurus so there would be a powerful attraction; and his Moon was conjunct her Neptune, trine her Sun Mercury and square her Jupiter so he would stir up her dreams and fantasies.

Their relationship chart had a frivolous, indulgent composite Jupiter opposition Venus with Jupiter square Pluto, so for a while it would feel empowering. But there was an insurmountable composite Neptune opposition Saturn square Sun Mars Uranus conjunction. Neptune Saturn can give rise to paranoia and Uranus Neptune can be fanatical. The tr Uranus Neptune in Capricorn was stirring up that T Square when they split in 1994 and she clearly went into meltdown. Tr Pluto would also be opposing her Venus which would stoke up the intensity of her feelings.

Prince Charles’ Scorpio Sun opposed her Venus which would give a frisson of attraction, but his Uranus fell in her 7th house of one-to-one relationships, so it was never going to work. Plus a dose of competitiveness from his Mars on her Ascendant; and the relationship chart had an exact composite Mars Neptune which leads to only-one-can-win-games. One succeeds, the other feels diminished, so the opposite of mutually supportive.

Will Carling, the rugby player – a lively Sun Sagittarius opposition Jupiter square Uranus Pluto –  and Hasnat Khan, the heart surgeon – a Sun Venus in Aquarius with a Cancer/Leo Moon – who were also her lovers, both had Venus in Aquarius conjunct her Jupiter which would  boost her confidence. Dodi Fayed would have offered her a home with his Aries Sun on her IC, but that wouldn’t have worked either.

She seemed destined not to find a committed partner who would suit her Gemini Descendant.   Searching but never finding.


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  1. Who was Diana’s best prospect. For this we look to Diana’s 7th House Persona Chart….June 9, 1962, 6:49 pm, Sandringham….this chart if produced by forwarding her natal Sun until it conjuncts her 7th House cusp.
    In Diana’s 7th House Persona chart or we could call it her partner’s characteristics we have Taurus on the cups of this chart’s 7th House,
    ruled by Venus in Cancer on the cusp of her 9th House…..a foreigner who has Cancer prominent. Further this Venus trines Diana’s Ascendant and sextiles her Persona Mars in Taurus.
    Oliver Hoare satisfied her 7th House Persona chart perfectly……in Hoare’s natal he had Sun and Saturn in Cancer and Mars in Taurus….a match made in heaven.
    You can read more on how to produce and interpret Persona Charts here……

    • Morris – Thanks! Never heard of Persona charts before. It makes sense of one of my past relationships. Enjoy your posts as well as the lovely Marjorie’s! Cara

  2. what about her synastry with james hewitt? diana and oliver hoare had a composite Venus in the eighth house… i wonder if their synastry had a venus square or conjunct pluto????????? and/or moon trine/square/conjunct pluto?

  3. interesting his wife is a aquarius sun and diana was a aquarius moon. and his former girlfriend sandy marsh (New York socialite) was a cancer sun. i think he was much more attracted to the cancer energy. and his wife has NO cancer placement…

  4. hi Marjorie, are you saying hasnat khan was a aquarius? where you got his birth date? i read a book named diana her last love (that his family collaborated) and there it says he was born in August… at times press reports he was born in late 1950s or in 1960.

    Diana and Hoare, in fact, made gorgeous looking couple!

    As for Oliver Hoare is makes sense he was a Cancer sun Scorpio moon. I think his rising must have been libra or saggy!

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