Daniel Kaiser-Küblböck – a bright and wayward entertainer



Daniel Kaiser-Küblböck, a former German Pop Idol phenomenon, known as Wacky Daniel for his androgynous appearance and Rosa Luxembourg alter-ego has disappeared overboard off a cruise ship in Newfoundland waters. His family says he was likely larking about on the rail and fell though other passengers say he was acting oddly beforehand, seemed lonely and had an ‘incident’ with a bartender. He took the cruise to recover from what he claimed was bullying at an theatre acting school he was attending.

Born 27 August 1985 2.47 am Hutthurm, Passau, Germany, he had a Virgo Sun trine Neptune and sextile a 4th house Pluto in Scorpio; with a 4th house Saturn in Scorpio square Mars – so a stressful, cold and scary childhood. One brother, a neo-Nazi, died from a heroin overdose.  He had maverick Uranus in his performing 5th in a high-wire and overly excitable trine to Mars Mercury in flamboyant Leo. His Capricorn Moon opposed Venus in Cancer on his Ascendant, perhaps inclining him to his female alter-ego as an escape from the overly-tough masculine energies in his chart, stemming from his father.

His Sun was square his Neptune/Pluto midpoint which can be fairly off-the-wall and prone to delusions. He also had an expansive Pluto opposition Taurus Node square Jupiter in Aquarius in his 7th so he did have confidence and the ability to please. But it wasn’t strong enough to balance out his stressed emotional life.

It’s been a tricky year for him: Tr Uranus had been opposition his Pluto for several weeks running into last weekend, which would make him feel he was sitting on an earthquake, not so much of anger, but a seismic shift, which would make him feel out of control. Tr Uranus was also opposition his Sun/Neptune midpoint which wouldn’t help him think clearly. Tr Saturn was in a heavy sextile to his Pluto; having been in a blocked square to Sun/Pluto and Mercury/Saturn in the weeks before which would be discouraging.

Relocating his chart to Newfoundland put his Moon on his midheaven and Saturn in his 7th, with Uranus and Neptune in his 8th, so not a great region for him.

His creative though can-be-unstable 7th Harmonic was strong; as was his ‘victim’ 12H. A troubled soul who had his five minutes of fame but couldn’t sustain his success.


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  1. His recent solar return chart is quite dramatic: a full moon (signaling a culmination) in ninth with Neptune — classic indication of a sea voyage. SR ascendant nearly identical to natal, with SR Pluto exactly on SR descendant — make that a voyage to the underworld.
    Other recent “interesting” transit hits: Mars stationary retrograde in late June on natal Jupiter in eighth (house of death), Mars stationary direct at time of solar return in exact opposition to natal Venus. The latter could certainly represent a challenge to his androgynous persona.

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