Princess Diana – an awkward remembrance



Princess Diana is being thrust back into the spotlight in a documentary featuring Prince William and Harry baring their grief at her loss to mark the 20th anniversary of her death. While it is understandable they should want to remember her in the best possible light, doing so in such a public way does seem a tad insensitive given the damage she wreaked on Prince Charles and the monarchy. And their father doesn’t get a mention.

Her Cancer Sun fell in each of their respective 7th houses, so she would feel like a partner – and especially for William with his New Moon in Cancer conjunct her Sun; Cancerian men always being mother-oriented. He also shares her Venus in Taurus; and with Jupiter on his midheaven he would see his mother with a positive glow.

His father on the other hand has his Uranus on William’s descendant and his Pluto falls in William’s 8th – so an erratic presence in his life and controlling at an underlying level (perhaps because of the weight of monarchical duty).

Harry’s 4th house Taurus Moon was conjunct Diana’s Venus, so there would be a deep bond of affection and also from her Sun in his 7th. But she was also a disturbing element in his life with her Uranus and Mars Pluto conjunction falling in his 8th. Harry shares a Venus in Libra with Charles; their Jupiter’s are almost conjunct; and Charles’ Sun falls in Harry’s 10th, so good for career motivation. But again a slightly defensive relationship with Charles’ Pluto and Saturn in Harry’s 8th.

On the relationship charts, Harry looks fond of both parents with a composite Sun Venus respectively. With his father there’s also a tumultuous composite Uranus Pluto square Mars, so a tendency to rub each other up the wrong way. With Diana, there’s fondness, possessiveness and a sense of fun and adventure.

For William, his father was always going to be a difficult relationship with a composite Sun Uranus Pluto and Pluto conjunct Saturn – so anchored together while wanting to be free; and a composite Mars Neptune, which provides a tricky ego-balance, one wins and the other feels they are losing.

Will’s relationship with Diana is certainly possessive and controlling with a composite Sun square Pluto, but there’s also a wish for space with Sun square Uranus; good communication.

HM Queen must be shuddering at all this public display of emotion, never mind her ambivalence about Diana’s actions. Her relationship with Will looks highly jangled this year and disappointed in 2018; and she seems even more aggravated by Harry. With much the same going for Charles and his sons – so the gear-crunching between the generations will continue.

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  1. As teenagers we camped out on the streets for the wedding and her eyes met ours as she went past in her carriage and I at any rate loved her from that moment. (My Mother was the same – funny adorable smart musical and with ‘bite’, tho a gemini sun with a cancer moon and venus and pluto, mars in aq, jup in sag, merc in taurus, saturn in Libra and uranus in pisces, and neptune in leo so the balance was different – but the lilt was very familiar. Everybody loved her and her smile/laughter, too). The same with Princess Di – the day was just more illuminated with such people around – who could help but love her…

    • NN leo, chiron in aries, juno in libra… i found a piano teacher who is ‘the same’ too. She is a pisces with cancer moon and either libra or gemini ascendant i forget – just know that that lilt and laughter and ‘grace’ is manifest again!

  2. Diana was the mother of his children and he is selfish. He wants it all his own way. I would dearly love it if Prince William would just take that throne when the Queen passes away.

  3. I think the royals will just have to suck it up. It wasn’t exactly fair for the princes to have to publicly walk behind their mother’s coffin, they are now taking back control of that and doing their own public memorial in their own way as adults. I totally get that. Whatever Diana did or didn’t do, she is still their mother, I’m sure the royals must appreciate that.

    Open marriages, with or without some money and status as the trade off, are fine if all parties agree. If it’s not what you signed up to and you’ve given birth to two children (a whole other level of commitment), it certainly isn’t on. Diana’s Cancer Sun and Aquarian Moon – can’t help feeling that some decent friends and family would’ve made all the difference to her. That’s the saddest thing. Not just as a teenager, but leading up to the divorce. A lot of us have had a friend in that situation, wanting to exact all sorts of revenge, either from the hurt of betrayal or years of bottled up resentment. And you talk them out of it because it’s better for them to stay dignified in the long term. That’s what a good friend does. Where were they when she agreed to that Bashir interview?

  4. Let us not forget the damage that Charles wreaked on Diana. He married someone that he did not love. He was a man in his 30s and she was an adolescent. In last night’s programme there was a shot of him at the altar where he looked absolutely miserable. And he forced his misery on a vulnerable young girl. He undermined her sense of self, and as a woman by reigniting his affair with Camilla, no doubt all the time telling Diana, at least in the early stages of the affair, that she was imagining things.
    Charles was, and is, a self-pitying, self indulgent individual. One can’t describe him as a man. He is so self absorbed that he couldn’t bear it when the spotlight fell on Diana, and can’t bear it now when it falls on his sons. He is going to be in for a surprise when he tries to make Camilla queen. Good grief, any man who declares even as a joke that he wants to be his mistress’s tampon does not deserve to be king.

    • scs, Charles’ upbringing formed him, as it does all of us, and he had absolutely no choice in it. If he had been raised as an ordinary boy, he would have a different personality.

      From the time they sat on the hay bale together, Diana invited his misery, and promised support and sympathy. When she saw the warning signs (some public, like when Charles said “Whatever love is” during their joint interview), she should have done as her sister did and dumped him. scs, there were benefits to this coupling that Diana had to have no matter what the cost.

      Him wanting to be a tampon–I laughed at Charles’ comment just like everyone else, but it wouldn’t bother me one bit if Charles became the King, and Camilla his Queen.

      And it’s recently come to light that Diana told Camilla she was going to have her killed. There are no saints in this story.

      • She was an 18/19 year old girl, straight out of boarding school! Have you any idea what kind of sheltered life she led? He was so much older than her. He used her for the heir and the spare, and went back to his manky old mistress.

        • One of the problems with split marriages is that kids tend to idealise one parent and demonise the other. The country appears to have done the same with Charles and Diana. Diana was young but maybe not so naïve. She had a troubled background with a mother who bolted and a father whose temper was by all accounts volatile. She was brought up aristo, knew the Royal Family, and it is by no means out of the ordinary for that set to marry for status and title rather than love; and indeed for husbands to have mistresses and wives to have lovers, after producing the heir and spare. Or in the case of wives, before, if hubbie is unequal to the task. So judging it all by bourgeois standards, rather misses the point of what she might have expected.
          She certainly doesn’t seem to have been given much help in coping with the goldfish bowl, but I wonder what her two older sisters were doing, since they knew the ropes.
          You can argue round it forever but by the end of it, there certainly were no saints. Diana’s hysterical temperament was badly suited to the stuffy, stiff-upper-lip, duty-bound Royal Family and she clearly couldn’t contain her vengeful streak. Her list of love affairs was quite well filled by the time she left. As to Charles’ sex tape – that should never have been released. How many of us would survive the embarrassment of having intimate idiocies broadcast to the globe?
          I never understand the condemnation heaped on him and Camilla for adultery. For heaven’s sake, look at a goodly chunk of the population. It was hardly the sin to end all sins. For all the money and privilege the Royals have impossible lives and if Camilla keeps him smiling, good on her. Had his marriage to Diana happened in other circumstances, which it wouldn’t, since the whole nonsensical virginity thing wouldn’t have been an issue, they’d have been divorced way before they were.

          • I agree that Diana was no angel or as clean as people like to envision her, but for me, generally, the ire towards Charles and Camilla is justified.

          • It is not just that Charles had an affair. It is the way that he and Camilla set about their affair. After all these years it is easy to forget quite how underhand and lacking in respect that Charles was towards Diana. He encouraged her to be friends with his mistress, spent hours speaking to Camilla on the phone. Blamed Diana for not accepting his mistress.
            Yes, Diana had her demons but she was 19 years old, an adolescent from a broken home who was not fully formed emotionally or physically – it is easy to forget how wet behind the ears one is at that age – with her head filled with romantic notions of her prince who would come and sweep her off her feet and with whom she would live happily ever after. She certainly didn’t bargain for a prince who wore cufflinks given to him by his mistress during the honeymoon, and who would insinuate his mistress into the marriage. Being at boarding school is like living in a closed world and, with respect, it is not possible to emerge as anything other than naive when a child spends the formative years of their lives locked up for 8/9 months of the year until the age of 16/18!
            I have lived a pretty wild life but never have I engaged in intimate murmurings that included my lover expressing a desire to be a tampon in my body! Frankly, there is something not quite right in the head about Charles. He was a damaged person who inflicted more damage on someone who was more vulnerable and less able to defend themselves.
            The country will not forget the psychological pain that he and Camilla perpetrated on Diana.

  5. There have been several articles recently in the style of ‘Camilla for Queen’, ‘Camilla saved the monarchy’ etc, one to coincide with Diana’s birthday (so that was insensitive)

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