Jacob Rees Mogg – a leader for a previous century


MP Jacob Rees Mogg’s name is being bandied about as a possible rival to David Davis for Theresa May’s job should he step down. It seems to be a surprise to him that he might be a consideration and indeed to the wider public who see him as a fuddy-duddy living in a time warp. Born 24 May 1969, he was Eton-educated, became a financier, is a practising Roman Catholic who voted against same-sex marriage, is for zero hours contracts, a Euro-sceptic who campaigned for Leave; and last but not least he extols the virtue of his nanny whom he took out canvassing with him and she looks after his six children as she did him as a child.

He is a Sun Mercury in Gemini with his Sun opposition Neptune and a sharp-tongued Mercury opposition Mars in Sagittarius. He does have a powerhouse Pluto Jupiter Uranus in Virgo which will have fuelled his ambitions and brought him luck.

2017 isn’t his year with tr Neptune square his Mars and Mercury/Mars midpoint until February 2018; with tr Saturn dampening his Pluto Jupiter Uranus by square till this December.

2018/19 have a couple of high points but many more serious setbacks and problems. So looks unlikely. He’d never win a general election in a million years.

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  1. Let’s pray not! Right wing parties seem to be having their Waldo moment, both in UK and USA. Boris Johnson 20 years ago would be the “wacky”, TV Tory like Widdecombe, Brandreth and that Hamilton couple, before him. Now he’s Foreign Secretary. Are we now into the rise of the Gemini leaders, who are quite good at turning themselves into a brand?

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