Princes Will and Harry – sibling rivalry in a goldfish bowl


All families have tensions running below the surface which it often takes a shift in the dynamics, like a new marriage partner, to open up fissures that were always there but not challenged by circumstances before.

Most notably Harry’s Pluto in Scorpio is conjunct William’s Midheaven and Jupiter and trine William’s New Moon in Cancer. Used well, it can lead to fruitful co-operation over educational or charitable activities. But the tendency will be for the Pluto individual to struggle against the other for power and position. Evidently Diana brought the boys up as equals which, while laudatory in one way, was always going to cause problems with one heading for the throne and the other down the pecking order. In addition to standard sibling rivalry, there’s the whole ‘Succession’/Murdoch family who gets to be head of the firm rivalry – and oddly it’s less William being a bully and more Harry who resents not having his power.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus but that squares onto a competitive and argumentative Mars which is being set alight by tr Uranus in hard aspect from 2019 for three years ahead. Plus they have a composite Mercury square Saturn Pluto which suggests inherent communication problems – and those are being exacerbated at the moment by tr Pluto opposition the Mercury and moving to square Pluto Saturn in 2022/23/24.

Kate has a milder version of slightly similar crossovers with Harry and an oddly defensive synastry with his Venus in Libra conjunct her Saturn and his Saturn in Scorpio square her Venus.

Meghan steps into the picture already loaded with emotional baggage from her own family. Her Pluto in the 4th, relic of a controlling father and a scary childhood will have left her super-sensitive to any sense of being crowded or not being in control of her domestic set up. Marrying into the Royals in those circumstances was a definite no no. She also has her Libra Moon conjunct Saturn Jupiter and square Mars in Cancer – so she’ll be emotionally volatile and on a short-fuse when it comes to familial relations. She also has a 1st house Leo Sun which gives her a bouncy, outgoing and attention-seeking personality – with Leo being unduly sensitive not just to criticism but also to any perceived lack of applause and adoration. She will be high-maintenance emotionally and again the stiff-upper-lipped Royals are not an ideal environment for her kind of temperament.

She isn’t a good fit with William since her Mars in Cancer is conjunct his 7th house North Node and square his Mars Saturn which is a gritty interface. Her wayward 5th house Uranus opposes his steady Venus in Taurus so he will find her disruptive. Her Sun Mercury fall in his 8th so she will penetrate deeply under his skin and while that can lead to a strong connection, could also make him highly uncomfortable. And vice versa since his New Moon falls in her 12th so they will press each other’s buttons at an unconscious level. His Saturn Pluto falls in her 4th – so he won’t be felt as domestically supportive or offering a warm family welcome.

Their relationship chart does have an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction squaring Pluto Jupiter, which gave me pause for thought, when I first saw it. In different circumstances there could have been a good deal of attraction between them. And at an underlying level that could well be an issue. But the relationship chart also has a highly flammable composite Moon Mars square Uranus, so it’s not remotely a stable connection. Mars Uranus suggests two individuals who are uncompromising in their insistence of doing their thing, not in co-operating.

Again there’s that very strong Jupiter Pluto theme, which is found in power-couple charts, and gives a strong drive to succeed. It can work well as long as both are focused on a common goal. It’s a compulsive energy in a relationship and when/if it turns sour as one or other feel they are not getting what they want, they start a ruthless blame game. Plutonic relationships usually come together for a purpose – of changing both sides – and when that is accomplished the splitting up is usually long drawn out, messy and acrimonious.

Kate’s chart is surprisingly similar to William’s so her crossovers with Meghan are almost the same. In the relationship chart the composite argumentative Moon Mars is sextile the power-struggling Jupiter Pluto and square a needs-space Venus Uranus. Kate’s Cancer Moon falls in Meghan’s 12th widely conjunct her Mars – and Kate’s Full Moon squares onto Saturn Pluto which again, like William, falls in Meghan’s 4th hitting on her Pluto – so Meghan’s acute sensitivity about being controlled or crowded would be triggered.

The wedding chart with its Mars square Uranus Mercury always did hint at explosions and disruptions along the way. Plus a Water Grand Trine of Neptune Moon Jupiter which hints at the risk of unrealistic illusions.

A diluted version of this brouhaha must have played out in a good many families with as much angst for the members but less exposure. For all their emphasis on doing good works for mental health they are probably not good at conducting their own internal therapy to iron out wrinkles and triggers.

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  1. Solaia and Joan. And then they have a child and wonder how he’ll be treated? Spending all of his formative years being compared constantly to George and Louis? A step too far for any loving parent.

    In saying that I reckon that they should break free altogether. Give up the titles and money. Better still it’s high time to say tata to the whole kit and caboodle.

  2. A century or so from now Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Sandringham, etc., will have been transformed into museums, mega tourist attractions or 5-star hotels. The British monarchy is going, going, gone.

    • Shirley, imagine being called “vulgar” for wearing actual coloured nailpolish, too. That “only neutral nailpolish” must be my favourite random royal rule, especially since argument for it is that chipping will show more easily on darker colour. True, but then again, royal ladies are also required wearing stockings or pantyhose everywhere, and you know how easily those break (even or especially those 30 pounds luxury brand ones)…

      And oh, Princess Victoria of Sweden, an actual Heir to Throne, is rocking blue nailpolish and has been seen with nude legs. This isn’t what’s seen in Sweden as diminuishing monarchy, because she is extremely hardworking and engaged. What is seen as diminuishing monarchy is his spoiled brat father (only son born after four adorable daughters, who couldn’t however inherit The Throne) partying with gangster casino owners.

    • Thanks for the article Shirley. Wow!
      I apologize unreservedly for my negative comments yesterday re Meghan.
      She did not have an iota of a chance from the get-go. The British Press have succeeded in driving H & M out of the land and who can blame them for leaving?

      • ?Until Meghan arrived on the scene the press didn’t have a good work to say about Kate. It is the same with Taylor Swift and was the same for Vanessa Paradis until the press decided she is now ‘Marianne’ (establishment). Much more interesting (lucrative) to compare unfavourably – click bait articles, the same with whipping up huge disagreement between Harry and William. Part of the press takes the slightest thing and runs with it and apologises later if it has to – look at the Meghan didn’t phone in because the Sussexes didn’t feel it was necessary – either fabricated, or the PR teams of each putting their side into view. How do we know what is true and what is spin or clickbait

    • I’m with you on this, especially when it comes to Windsors (I still have a couple of people from other Houses I like to follow, because they are genuinly interesting people). However, most of the people I’ve given astrological advice to are born between mid-1970’s and mid-1980’s, and in these cases, certain Royal charts are great reference material.

  3. Poor Harry…..becoming more and more like Fergie every day…selling himself and his wife to the highest bidder. Very. Poor. Taste

  4. Stepping back from the individuals involved in today’s events I notice that the House of Windsor was created by a Royal Proclamation on 17 July 1917. I don’t know the exact time of the announcement but the decision to create a new dynasty was in part to distance the British Royal Family from its German cousins who the U.K. was fighting in the First World War and to a lesser extent the Russian Royals who had just been overthrown in February 1917 by the Russian Revolution. The foundation chart for the new dynasty has its Sun at 24 Cancer which interestingly is going to be opposed on two occasions this year by a Pluto Jupiter Conjunction at 24 Capricorn on 5 April 2020 and 30 June 2020. The chart also had Pluto and possibly its Moon at 4 Cancer a degree which was opposite the Solar Eclipse on 26 December 2019. The chart makes lots of connections to Meghan Markles natal horoscope. Although Harry and Meghan are on the face of it incidental to the future of the dynasty my gut feeling is that the House of Windsor is at a crossroads. As I understand it Pluto Jupiter energy has two paths one of which leads to renewal and growth while the other leads to downfall. Which is to be for the Windsor’s ?

    • Oh, good catch! I remember looking at House of Windsor Chart some time around William’s wedding, and then again when Prince George was born, and apparently, I still have this in my files. I think William’s Pluto square House of Windsor Sun and his Sun/Moon being conjunct that chart’s Moon likely very tightly. There are many Synastry hits from this Royal generation’s charts to that chart, in general, when the one significant aspect Charles has to the chart is his Venus square Windsor Chart . My take was that Charles will either not sit on the Throne or will do so for a very limited period, and it’s up to William to deal with the inevitable change Queen not being there anymore either due to passing away or stepping down.

      Also, I think we still haven’t seen or heard everything on Prince Andrew and Epstein, and this will more important to the future of The House than Harry’s rebellion. You just know that what ever Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell had on Prince Andrew must have been singularly horrifying given even Donald Trump had “good sense” of dropping him when he was first convicted, but he still got invited to Andrew’s family gatherings. Maxwell is still alive, and her story will ultimately be so outragious it will risk to taint Queen’s reputation in history books as well.

    • Thanks Hugh, that is interesting the House of Windsor 1917 works better than the Hanoverian Monarchy chart of 1 August 1714. Drat it just looked I forgot to make that latter one JC. With amendment becomes quite similar. At the risk of extreme tedium setting in on subject of Royals will look later in the day at the two charts. What gives at the moment? Brexit and Trump induced brain-deadening ennui – and now this.

    • Hi Hugh,

      Would the accession of Edward VII (and therefore of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, later renamed Windsor) on 22 January 1901 be more apt, as that is the start of the dynasty?

      The 1917 Proclamation only renamed the existing dynasty of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

  5. Yes, I think most pairs of brothers are rivals in some way. And it must be strange to listen to the whole heir and a spare thing when you know you’re supposed to be the “spare”. Andrew and Charles would also qualify for this kind of tension. Andrew being the favourite growing up, and Charles waiting (forever) to be king.

    I also noticed that William’s chart is just triggered endlessly by eclipses, starting with the Boxing Day one opposite his family orientated Cancer Moon. Then there’s the one on the Sun on his birthday in June, July Capricorn lunar eclipse on the South Node, November Gemini eclipse on his Mercury, and December Sagittarian eclipse on Neptune. Quite a year ahead.

  6. Migraine rides Harry coat tails to get voice over job. How low can they get?
    Those two clowns cheapen the sucsex title
    Please make them go away

  7. I found this interesting – for the ideas of a decade of development, the Queen’s experience advocating just do the work put the time and effort in, her focus on mentoring William (apt given his cards and his progression to maturity and kingship). Harry’s feeling diminished and dead in the water, the light, renewal, becoming himself. The return to brotherhood perhaps when William is King (or Charles? actually given the King and the 2 brothers at the bottom of the card). Meghan falling on her feet always, the monarchy linked to the tree of life (pruning and stimulation), the ‘risk’ in setting out on a transformational journey – nothing promised or given but the experience is real and intensely valuable.

  8. “In addition to standard sibling rivalry, there’s the whole ‘Succession’/Murdoch family who gets to be head of the firm rivalry – and oddly it’s less William being a bully and more Harry who resents not having his power.”

    Hmmm, I always felt Wills was jelousy of Harry because he was their grandparents’ favorite (and, after seeing a photos of toddler Harry recently, it’s no surprise, he was the most adorable Royal toddler ever). I think Wills genuinly is his father’s, but since Charles came into his own after the disaster that late-90’s were to the family, Harry being “the sentimental favourite” must have hurt. And that’s actually very well represented in synastry by Wills’ Saturn conjunct Harry’s Venus. Synastry is crude, but can, in many cases, show the root cause of the issue with absolute clarity. In my experience, when they are conjunct (or opposed, but it’s not as evident) Saturn person always feels the lack of what the other person’s qualities presented by that planet.

    Also, since we are talking about “feelings” here, there’s an observation of these twos Moons: Both are in “Feminine” signs and “relationship” houses. But I’m going to go against everything the press wants us to believe here and say that when seeking emotional gratification, Wills is much more “couple” orientated, while Harry will get the deepest emotional gratification from “courting” type romance AND children (incidently, my Moon is in the 5th and my husband’s in the 7th, and the year and a half between us getting married and managing to start family were difficult for me, because I somehow felt “stalled” emotionally).

  9. Thanks Marjorie. You’re so right about what happens in family (or even friendship) groups when something changes through marriage, relationships, or bereavement. And this family is easier to study than most, thanks to more accurate data.

    I noticed that Princes Wm and Harry have Neptune in Sagittarius, conjunct the Uranus at 28 Sagittarius in the 1066 chart. Harry’s Sun is conjunct the NN in Virgo. There are also quite a few interesting links between 1066 and the Wedding day chart. The W chart’s Neptune opposes 1066 Saturn, which sounds like dreams and glamour vs structure, history and duty. The Wedding Venus opposes 1066 Uranus and squares the Pisces Moon in that chart. More glamour, and need for freedom or space? And the Moon’s South Node on the day is conjunct Mars in Aquarius in 1066, with a square onto the Wedding’s Mercury in Taurus. Bumpy and fateful! There are other aspects too. Perhaps this is a tipping point, and the slimming down of the RF will now gain momentum.

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