John Malkovitch – stepping into the red slippers


The iconic John Malkovitch steps up as the Vatican replacement for Jude Law in Paolo Sorrentino’s The New Pope now about to launch onto tv screens. His brooding intensity, inscrutable face and gravelly voice make a sharp contrast to Jude Law’s maverick Young Pope, who remains in season two and slowly emerges from a coma.

Malkovitch, 9 December 1953 11.39pm Christopher, Illinois, has had a long and illustrious career, though he gives the impression of not caring about success or failure. He has a fourth house Sagittarius Sun opposition a lucky, talented 10th house Jupiter which forms into an even more talented Half Grand Sextile to Pluto in the 12th and Mars Neptune in his 2nd house. He lived in France for many years until tax problems drove him back to the USA. There’s a good deal ahead for him with tr Saturn only in his Second Quadrant with another nearly twenty years to go of hard work and increasing respectability. Tr Jupiter through his 5th this year will make him more visible though there’s a fair amount of turmoil in his chart from tr Pluto opposition his Uranus and tr Saturn square his 2nd house Mars Neptune and tr Uranus opposition his 2nd house Saturn this year; plus a droopy tr Neptune square his Sun – maybe a financial hiccup or two.

Malkovitch’s Jupiter in Gemini, Pluto and Mars Neptune in Libra connect well with Sorrentino’s Jupiter in Libra; with M’s Mercury in penetrating Scorpio conjunct S’s Neptune for a telepathic connection. See previous post below for Sorrentino and Law.

December 17 2016 post:

Jude Law who was the unexpected lead for Paolo Sorrentino’s sumptuous 10-part television drama The Young Pope rose to the challenge and inhabited the part to the manner born. He played a young American laid-back, smoking, cherry-coke drinking primate who turned out to have hard-line views on key issues for the Vatican. As to be expected from Sorrentino who directed Oscar-winning The Great Beauty, it was gloriously shot, awash with red and gold, sliding in and out of dream sequences, with a wittily quirky plot as well as some telling jabs at the Vatican.

Law, 29 Dec 1972 6am Lewisham, England, made his name with The Talented Mr Ripley and more recently The Grand Budapest Hotel and Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. But he’s been in need of a splash and this will certainly be in line for awards, with a second series planned. He’s had a complicated love life, which at times overshadowed his acting career, with five children by three different relationships.

He’s a Sun Capricorn square Pluto on his Libra MC with Jupiter also in Capricorn in his 2nd. He has a handsome and charming Neptune, Venus, Mercury and Ascendant in Sagittarius opposition a 7th house Saturn; and a restless Moon Uranus in Libra. Not an easy chart for emotional relationships, with Moon Uranus, Venus Saturn; and such a strong Pluto.

His creative 5th and 7th Harmonics are strong, as is his actor’s 15H.

In 2016/17 he’s got tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter which usually accompanies a great success and confidence and financial boost.

Paolo Sorrentino, 31 May 1970 11.50pm Naples, Italy, has filmic Neptune in his 10th house of career on the focal point of a Yod to Mars in Gemini sextile Moon in Taurus. A Yod focal point Neptune yearns for calm and beauty and times of seclusion – Leonardo Da Vinci had one such as did Marlon Brando. His Gemini Sun is trine an 8th house Uranus, with Pluto also in the 8th; and Mars in Gemini in the entertainment 5th is square both Pluto and Uranus – so driven, risk-taking and volatile. It’s an Air Earth chart with no Fire, so he’d be drawn to a subject like The Young Pope which focussed on the struggles around faith – his missing element.

He also has strong creative harmonics – 5th and 7th – and leaving-a-legacy 17H.

Sorrentino’s Sun falls in Jude Law’s 7th so a good partnership; with PS’s Uranus conjunct JL’s Pluto MC – a catalytic relationship that moved him in a new direction.

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