Prince Harry – out of step as usual

 The sorry saga of Prince Harry’s family troubles continues to hog the headlines as his whistlestop London visit did not coincide with a meeting with his father but did manage to push the King’s return to duties off top spot.

  Despite my reluctance to dip a toe in the star-crossed seas of the Royals’ fortunes at present, there are signs of ructions between Harry and Camilla in particular but also his father this month and on.

  Harry’s relationship chart with Camilla has a hostile composite Mars opposition Uranus Pluto square Jupiter, so tussles for the upper hand will be in evidence – it is catching tr Saturn hard aspects this year, from March, worsening in April and high tension at the moment, repeating through till spring 2025. There is a jolting/separating tr Uranus square the composite Sun from 12th of this month for two weeks and again late December to mid March 2025 – which could lead to more eruptions.

 His relationship chart with his father which in essence is not much better than with Camilla with a no-compromise, resentful composite Mars square Uranus Pluto may erupt into ill-thought out comments from the 19th of this month right through till mid August and repeating in early 2025. That is when tr Saturn squares the composite Mars and opposes the composite Uranus. The composite Sun, Venus and Saturn, Mercury are all catching this year’s eclipses.

 Harry’s own chart has a litany of tricky influences which could jolt him into awareness – or not. Tr Saturn is square his Mars in Sagittarius and opposition the Virgo Sun this year and next for a hopefully come-down-to-reality crunch. With a complete-change-of outlook/future plans from his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Uranus, exact in three months. Solar Arc Saturn square his Sun for another sobering drench of reality mid 2024 and a directionless SA Midheaven conjunct his Neptune in 2026/27.

 Tr Saturn will continue to drag its way through the nadir of his low profile first quadrant until late 2025 – which is a time unresolved psychological issues surface to be sorted and financial woes may become evident.

  On midpoint transits he looks thoroughly rattled by a disaster/calamity 12th of this month for two weeks and again late December to mid March 2025 as tr Uranus opposes his Mars/Pluto midpoint; with tensions in July and on into 2025; plus plus and more catastrophes in 2025 with tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint. This decade draws to a close with a dead halt SA Mars square his Pluto – he’ll be remarkably pleased to see the back of it. And may emerge hopefully wiser.

  Why couldn’t he come across without a fanfare of publicity to see his father at a convenient time out of sight of the cameras?  He’s not exactly tied by an arduous work schedule.

  I can’t work out what it is about his chart/psychology that gives him the propensity/knack of dominating the headlines in a way that throws shade on other family members.  It isn’t quite ego/narcissism but something else at work. Spooky – so much anger plus 8th house.

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  1. The only way to disengage from the H&M shenanigans is to take Invictus away from him. He didn’t invent it, the Americans did. Clearly the palace organised everything and shunted him out as front man, which he did very well. It appears that Netflix are behind the Nigerian visit and heaven knows what the Californian Governor is up to. The Nigerians? Political games of leading Africa, Commonwealth, whatever. How can Invictus have a big do in the UK in 2027 with H&M prancing about like alternative royals? It’s not even as if the organisation is well run now. It means of course that we’ll get Meghan’s retaliatory book. So what.

  2. An article from the Australian ABC:

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Nigerian visit is a reminder of how much the House of Windsor could have used them

    By Lucia Stein
    ABC Online | Tuesday May 14, 2024

    Prince Harry and Meghan’s 72-hour visit to Nigeria has attracted a level of publicity Buckingham Palace has been sorely lacking of late.

    The article includes a quote from Tina Brown:

    According to author and former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown, the visit has drawn recollections of the position the duke and duchess once occupied.

    “After all the trashing of Harry … actually when I saw him and Meghan in Nigeria, I had a nostalgia,” she told the BBC.

    “I felt this is what could have been, these two — who are enormously appealing to the public, and who are very good at it — were out there in Nigeria looking very attractive and being appealing people. And what a pity it is they’ve gone”

    In her view, the couple’s sleek visit was a reminder of the grim realities looming over the slimmed-down royal family and the “Harry-shaped hole in the monarchy”.

  3. just read Neptune through the houses. Great article Marjorie as usual. Harry has his Neptune in the 12th ..another part of astrology of his life. Love the Royals… as their charts are always the correct time of birth.

  4. I totally agree, that is the position my late mother took, having been a fan of the young Prince Harry who many in the UK appreciated for his friendliness, combined with a clear vulnerability. His perpetual anger and rather spiteful behaviour, in addition to lack of discretion about military and other matters has lost him many supporters in the UK.

  5. I find it remarkable that Harry and Meghan have to live within a narrative constructed primarily by people who don’t know them and who engage in a business of promoting hatred of them to make a living. Apparently, the BRF also uses them to deflect attention to their own shortcomings.

    Just look at the pictures of the two in Nigeria—despite all the ugliness thrown at them, they look happy and authentic. They seem kind and to genuinely care about people. Compare and contrast them to Kate and William during their trip to Jamaica, where they looked like they were in the wrong century.

    None of us know these people. I don’t know if astrology can help us know them better. I usually visit this site for reassurances that Trump won’t be elected a second time – I wish we could get a definitive answer on that. I think 2025 is going to be a scary year in the US

    • If you want to engage in this kind of cheerleading for the Sussexes or rabid anti-Trump sentiment then there are plenty of other sites to visit. This is one of the few sites where we don’t want to hear all that polarising noise.

      • Lots of comments below cheerleading or trashing the Sussexes and the royal family without astrological references! Nor is wishing Trump not be elected hardly rabid.

        I don’t care one way or another about Harry and Meghan or other royals, but I do find it interesting how strong the sentiment for and against them from either side of the pond. I come for the astrology here despite my disinterest in them and celebrities in general because the astrological analyses are insightful and it’s useful to apply astrology to people in the public eye to see how transits and progressions play out against people’s charts, and also think about how the natal charts may explain at least what we observe about the person.

    • Bethany, If astrology can’t help then I am not sure what the purpose of this website is – or of astrology itself for that matter.
      Further, astrology is not a reassuring comfort blanket – very often it tells you want you don’t want to know if you are capable of listening.

    • All the great Roman Emperor’s had astrologers. Astrology was known in the 12th Century BC. That is some longevity. Perhaps it does work? Prince Harry, Meghan Markle or any of us may not be entirely ruled. by our charts; yet we are challenged. Many times when I have been presented with a problem, a planet in my chart is being tried by a transiting aspect or planet. Prince Harry has a lesson to learn, in my view. You may not like it, however, neither can you stop it . We all have lessons to learn. Royal or not he will be tested and maybe found wanting? Both King Charles and the Princess of Wales are undergoing treatment for Cancer. Perhaps some compassion, would be in order?

  6. Wondering if this could be an interesting chart to look at for Draconic clues? I’m still learning about this technique. Harry’s Draconic Sun is in Cancer, trine Draconic Moon in Pisces – much sensitivity, nurturing impulses, and the presence of Mother (human and universal?) there? Draconic Sun in Harry’s natal 7th emphasises relationships, but also I think his alliances and partnerships being important. And, perhaps, those traditional ‘open enemies’ of the 7th house too!

    His draconic Saturn is in Virgo, with the MC, falling in his natal 8th, opposing the draconic Moon in his natal 2nd. So there’s his mother and father, and there’s some of what he has to learn – the themes of the Second and Eighth houses? Partly, this highlights what he truly values, as well as the ‘other people’s money’ of the 8th house. His family’s wealth carries all the weight of centuries of history.

    Perhaps worth noting, too, that his draconic Uranus is 10 Libra. The October Solar eclipse could be significant.

    • Thanks. Hmm, wry chuckle. Just had a look and his draconic Sun is exactly conjunct Camilla’s Cancer Sun – not remotely sure what that means but sort of suggests his spiritual journey would include coming to terms with her.

      • Yes, I agree. And that spiritual journey links with the whole notion of ‘Mother’ in general? I wondered whether the Draconic might illuminate a few things about his inner self. Meghan’s ascendant (on astrodienst) is 24 Cancer, MC 11 Aries – opposing his draconic Uranus.

        Also, I was thinking about how many of us have to come to terms with a step-parent, or a sibling’s choice of partner. This can be a real challenge sometimes, but partly solved by making an effort to get to know the person someone we love has chosen. We both love that individual, so there is some common ground somewhere. It does require effort, and moving towards maturity.

        Finally, amused to see that Meghan’s tv job, ‘Suits’, part 1 of 12, is being shown on BBC1 tonight. BBC 1 will be showing all nine seasons apparently. Can’t help feeling this isn’t quite a ‘coincidence’ this week. Meghan has tr Jupiter opposite her natal Uranus, 26 Scorpio. Algol is lurking in the wings, ready to step out on stage – perhaps in July?

        • Small ps – Harry’s son Archie has Nodes 20 Cancer, Pluto 23 Capricorn, Saturn 20 Capricorn. His daughter Lilibet has Mars 25 Cancer opposing Pluto 26 Capricorn. BML 25 Taurus, MC 26 Taurus. So the draconic Sun seems to be cropping up one way or another, with Meghan’s ascendant and Camilla’s Sun in Cancer. No wonder that heraldic lion in the illustration looks quite so unhinged!

          • Thanks for the Draconic info, particularly Camilla, Jane. I notice that Prince Archie has Uranus in early Taurus at 3 degees, which he shares with his Great Grandmother, Frances Shand Kydd and which therefore conjuncts King Charles’s Moon and Queen Elizabeth II’s NN. It’s quite uncanny how these degrees crop up in every generation.

          • It turns out Prince Archie’s Ceres is at 1 degree Taurus. Also that Queen Camilla’s BML is at 22 Capricorn conjunct Archie’s SaturnPluto conjunction. Moreover, Archie’s Mars in Gemini at 23 degrees is exactly conjunct QC’s Uranus. Spooky again.

          • Sorry, it’s QC who has Ceres in early Taurus, not Archie. QC’s Ceres conjuncts Archie’s Uranus

            There’s yet another connection with Archie’s Moon closely conjunct QC’s NN in Gemini.

          • It is spooky VF! Have you looked at your own ancestor’s charts at all? Obviously, it is harder with them because we don’t usually have a time. Mine have been quite thought provoking, both aspect patterns and signs.

            Regarding Harry, Camilla, and the Cancer 23 degree Sun – Catherine has Moon’s Nodes at 22 Cancer, square Pluto 26 Libra. Her Mars at 10 Libra joins Harry’s draconic Uranus – and that October eclipse degree again. Uranus was 24 Cancer the day Anne Boleyn was executed.

            April’s Solar eclipse at 19 Aries also crops up with a little shiver – tr Saturn was 19 Aries for the death of Princess Diana.

      • Why didn’t you post this at the top or even in Comments and Questions section where it would stand in its glory and everyone could see it @Demtra. All hidden away here like the scared child who knocks on the door and runs away. You don’t want anyone to know you knocked? Cmon bang that door hard and stand firmly in your belief. Be brave. Post it where everyone can see it.

  7. Potentially another factor reflecting their ‘out of step’ relationship: Both Charles and Harry have a natal Venus in Libra that is undergoing a quincunx from Saturn transiting in Pisces. To me, this timing suggests a ‘mutual’ unease, strain, or challenging circumstances in their relationship; perhaps accented with feelings of being separated, isolated, unappreciated/unloved by each other.

    A Saturn retrograde will extend this influence with the second retrograde hit in August and a third one with Saturn direct in January 2025.

    I imagine this quincunx (adjustment) is hard on their relationship. Yet they’ve navigated this cautious, guarded territory before, in 1995 (in between the 1992 separation and the 1996 divorce).

  8. Martin Schulman says of 4th house North Node: Needs to come off his skyscraper and make sure of the foundations underneath. Believe they are destined to to achieve a position of sitting on top of the world. Permanently discontented. Nearly a cripple when comes to solving own emotional problems. Needs to put his own life in order. Feels unappreciated. Needs to overcome past life need for display. Needs new birth of emotional attitudes.

  9. I loathe any form of republicanism. I am a staunch monarchist. I support my Royal Family 100%. However in Harry’s case, he is jusy being unnecessarily, deliberately spiteful and he never would have turned into that had he not met ‘her’. His wife is the menace behind their non-existent throne. Camilla is a massive boon to the Royal Family. Stepping in when His Majesty became so ill and she has never put a foot wrong since she was openly welcomed by our late Majesty.

    • I have to look at it again, does MM trigger his South Node? As an American I have come to appreciate the Monarchy and the stability it has provided.

  10. I’m an Aussie and not particularly interested in the goings-on of the royal family, but it’s hard to escape what’s happening in that family when stories in social media and the press constantly feature endless details from the supporters of Harry & Meghan vs Charles, Camilla, William and Kate.

    Yesterday’s stories, so many, were about Harry and his visit to England to celebrate his involvement of 10 years with the Invictus Games. According to the stories I read his father and brother were absent because of other commitments, but it was heartening to see his mother’s family supporting him and I wondered if this support from the Spencer clan was a reflection of his 4th house Taurus Moon conjunct his IC?

    • The synastry is quite striking in the case of the Spencer/Harry connection. Earl Spencer’s Sun is conjunct Harry’s North Node at 29 Taurus. Harry’s Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct Earl Spencer’s South Node in the sign and opposes ES’s Venus in Cancer. ES’s Noon chart has his Virgo Moon conjunct Harry’s Sun and trine Harry’s Moon in Taurus. Spencer’s Pluto conjuncts Harry’s Pars Fortuna, also in Virgo and his Uranus conjuncts Harry’s Mercury, his Saturn opposes that Mercury too. ES’s Neptune is on Harry’s MC and his Mercury forms a grand trine with Harry’s Jupiter and Mercury. Interesting they have stuck together as the synastry all looks very solid.

      • Of course one would expect to find Earl Spencer’s Uranus/Pluto/Moon in Harry’s ancestral 8th house and there it is. Perhaps worth looking into the Spencer family further back in time.

        • Thank you for that level detail Virgoflake. Harry’s Taurus Moon is exalted, too, further enhancing its relevance. I do remember Earl Spencer’s speech at Diana’s funeral and his vow to protect her boys. I confess when I wrote I was thinking of my daughter with her Cancer Moon conjunct her IC and what a close relationship we share. I have a number of charts in my collection where this aspect appears and there is a close relationship with the home/mother. Of course there will be exceptions and the charts will indicate why.

        • Yes, VF, good point re the Spencer family. One thing I’ve wondered about is Princess Diana’s direct descent from Mary Boleyn, Anne Boleyn’s sister. Mary was also a mistress of Henry VIII. Mary Boleyn was Princess Diana’s 13X great-grandmother. The late Queen Elizabeth, her mother, and so therefore also Charles III are also descended from Mary Boleyn.

          There aren’t any dates of birth for the Boleyn sisters. But when Anne Boleyn was executed, on 19th May 1536 JC, the Moon was in later Taurus, with Mercury and Venus also in Taurus. There was a rather descriptive conjunction of Mars 17 Leo with Saturn, 17 Leo – cruel royalty? BML was 29 Cancer, Nodes 0 Cancer. That was a Pluto in Aquarius, Neptune in Aries time too.

          Thinking about how family patterns and family astrology resonates through the generations, the Boleyn story is one potential echo of rage and distress from the Tudor period. It may seem fanciful or unlikely, yet we know how certain abilities or propensities seem to be carried along down the generations. With royalty, we do at least have the opportunity to look at more data than is available for most ‘ordinary’ families. And so many families hold secrets, massive upheavals and dramas – we can all relate to much of this – minus the money and social position of course!

          Annoying and incredibly privileged though he is, I do feel sorry for Harry in a way. Many families have someone who’s lost their way in life, or whose choices seem puzzling. He has ‘escaped’, perhaps, but has yet to find his path I feel.

          • Thanks, Cher and Jane. And Helen – funnily enough, I also see a little of Henry in the Duke of Sussex and a little of Anne Boleyn in Meghan! In fact I think they were married on the same date in May that Anne Boleyn was executed.

            A cursory look at the Spencer line shows a pattern of Virgo-Sagittarius tension which Harry also has in his natal astrology. The Spencer line I would say has an excess of Mutable energy. It’s interesting that John, Earl Spencer – Diana’s father – has his Virgo Moon conjunct NN on his Virgo ascendant for intance and that he shares a Sagittarius Mars both with Harry as well as King Charles. John, ES also has Moon opposition Venus/Uranus in Virgo/Pisces whereas his son has Uranus/Pluto in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces. Diana had Mars/Pluto in Virgo as well as a Sagittarius Ascendant.

            The likeness of Charles, Earl Spencer to his father, John is striking and I think probably the reddish hair in the Spencer line which gave Harry his red hair.

            Meanwhile Frances Shand Kidd, Diana and ES’s mother has Moon/Jupiter/Venus in Sagittarius with her Jupiter at the focal point of a mutable T Square, while her Neptune in Virgo opposes Mars/Saturn in Pisces. FSK left the family home when Diana was just 6 and her brother, 3. I think it’s quite intriguing that Diana’s mother has Uranus at 1 degree of Taurus, which is a crucial degree in the charts of the Windsors as a whole. It was when Uranus was in the early degrees of Taurus that we had Megxit as well as in 1936, the abdication. It’s also the degree of King Charles’s Moon.

          • The Boleyn family were famously known for being ambitious, narcissistic and difficult at the same time which is why they were generally unpopular with Tudor public opinion. This was why Henry VIII found it so easy to have Ann tried, condemned and executed on what were almost certainly fabricated charges. Sadly Harry has also picked up the family knack of alienating popular opinion which was originally so sympathetic to him.

      • Re your comment VF below about mutable energy. H also has Chiron in Gem opp his Sag Mars – both square his Virgo Merc. Bit of a shape shifter. Chiron Rx Gemini 5th house says to me gossipy and dual-faced; not able to keep his mouth shut or keep a confidence; he’s enjoying the attention.
        He is in a 4th house year of profection in Mars so his Mars is especially activated and heightened and the impulse to talk too much when he should keep schtum is irresistible (Spare!)

        • Yes, good point about Harry’s Chiron – and thanks for the info on his Mars. He shares his Chiron in Gemini with his Grandmother, Frances Shand Kydd who had is as part of her Mutable Grand Cross.

          My father used to say to me, ‘engage brain before opening mouth’ because I have a tendency to blurt stuff out (Mars/Mercury in the 3rd), advice which could equally apply to the Duke of Sussex.

  11. Hi Marjorie,
    I always enjoy your posts, including this one. But, as someone with an 8th House Sun (Gemini in my case) I am sometimes surprised by the way you use “8th House” as a coded term for untoward emotional afflictions. We can’t all be born with suns and other planets all in Houses 1 – 11! Many of us are doing our best to lead contributory lives!
    Best, Leslie

    • Leslie, I know a great many productive 8th housers. But the 8th house is unfathomably deep. For those not self-aware it can be a source of compulsive unconscious behaviour.

  12. I’m an American, and I think a lot of Americans are more sympathetic to Harry than the British, probably because a) we don’t really understand the dynamics of the royal family, and b) we can’t imagine why Brits are so protective of a bunch of inbred billionaires carrying out solely ceremonial functions. (In fairness, that may somewhat be because many of us descend from people who left Europe specifically to escape monarchies.) I know some Americans are genuine fans of the royal family, but they’re in the minority; most of our royal-watching seems to be of the “gawking at a trainwreck” variety.

    So, anyway, it’s easier for us to see the British royals through the lens of simple psychology; and from that standpoint, Harry seems to have plenty of justification for a grudge.

    For one thing, he’s a genuine soldier–as opposed to Charles, his spoiled septuagenarian manchild of a father, who possesses numerous “military” medals and honors but who has never risked his life for his country, and whose main “sacrifice,” if it can be called that, seems to have been tricking a sweet, moony and none-too-bright 19-year-old to the altar to ensure the “purity” of the royal bloodlines. The fact that Charles’ horse-faced paramour, Camilla, was allowed to lurk in the church at the wedding, watching the proceedings, and was picked right up again after the heir and the spare were produced, is just plain disgusting, frankly.

    And it was Harry’s own *mother*–whom he loved dearly, and who was evidently miserable, with some of the blame rightly laid at Charles’ door–who had been the romantic teen bride, and who died young while pursuing some fleeting emotional respite from the burden of being married to Charles and hemmed in by the royal family.

    It was a horrible tragedy, and one Harry had to endure when he was only 12. Anyone who knows anything about childhood trauma would understand that it’s really not possible for a normal person to just “move on” from such an indelibly horrible experience. Why should he? And given Charles’ culpability in the Diana mess, it’s really unreasonable to expect Harry to just let bygones be bygones. I would imagine it would take divine intervention for that anger at his father to ever go away completely.

    Then, after the tragedy of losing his mother as a child and having to parade his private grief before an avid British public, Harry was forced to endure an adolescence while watching from the sidelines as dear old dad carried on with Camilla, and to pretend to like it, or at least accept it, apparently. (William, although no doubt no fan of Camilla in his youth, was a little older and thus probably better able to cope–but he’s reported to have a temper as well, so who knows?)

    One’s family name doesn’t have to be “Windsor” to find that level of family dysfunction and betrayal outrageous. Also, puberty and adolescence are hard enough for ordinary people–imagine throwing global fame, and world-famous parental infidelity, into the mix. Moreover, Harry had to spend all those difficult years being harried by the pack of jackals known as the British press, who seemed to especially target him, all while no doubt learning more than he wanted or needed to know about the intimate details of his parents’ lives.

    He was finally able to find some respite in soldiering, which seems to suit his personality, but that is long gone. No wonder he’s been angry all these years.

    No doubt Meghan is an opportunist with eyes in the back of her head; but she must nevertheless have been a refreshing change of pace from the aristocratic girls–simpering in public, various shades of vicious or vacuous in private–to whom Harry was accustomed. Has it ever occurred to anyone in the British press that maybe, in some weird way, Meghan is good for him?

    And yet, despite all this, Harry still has some feeling, albeit mixed with rage, for his family of origin. Charles, on the other hand, seems to have all the genuine family feeling of a mackerel that’s sat out too long in the market, and all the parenting skills of a tomcat.

    None of this has anything to do with astrology–just with observations of human nature. And it may all be wrong. But for pity’s sake, Charles can’t possibly be guiltless in creating this rat’s nest of a feuding family, and it’s galling to see Harry getting all the blame.

      • The Sussexes have employed a new PR man in the UK. I had the feeling this visit was planned meticulously to go well. The fans, the family and Harry wearing his medals. I will stick my neck out and state there is another website being used somewhere. Watch out for more of the above. I will also stick my neck out again and say they want more business in the UK. Things are not going well in America. The Met Ball was this week, no sign of Meghan. – again. Netflix cookery/sport is not what they expected. They have missed their big chance to break into America’s A list. Home/Sport is not what they really planned. They need the glamour of the Royal family.

    • Another American here, though I went to school and university in England.

      I do have some sympathy for Harry who clearly has suffered a lot from the loss of his mother and seems to have poor coping skills. However I have more sympathy for Charles, who was forced to attend an austere school, Gordonstoun, which was wildly unsuited to a sensitive kid like him who never seems to have received much or any parental love.

      Later of course he was also forced into a wildly unsuitable marriage with a naive, uneducated near teenager with whom he had nothing in common and then took all the blame for both of their poor behaviors when the marriage failed so spectacularly. There’s enough blame to go around in that highly dysfunctional family and Charles doesn’t deserve all the blame by a long shot. Somehow Diana escapes blame for her own multiple affairs while Charles is excoriated for his single long-term affair with his first love, Camilla, who appears to make him happy. And Harry seems to embody the essence of Diana’s rage.

      • I should add I do feel sorry that Harry hasn’t been able to find his way through his pain, but also have little interest or concern about what he and Meghan do or don’t do with their lives. Just leave them in peace or ignore them.

    • I’m a Brit and could not agree more – a seriously dysfunctional family, it’s no wonder Harry is angry. I like him – yes, he’s a mass of contradictions but there something genuine there.

    • Thank you A122! Such a fab post. Such passion and verve. It illustrates exactly why this rather banal story of a generationally dysfunctional family has grabbed imaginations, which resonates with elements in most of our lives. We can take sides, interpret it however we like. All the archetypes are there. The wicked stepmother, wayward prince, put upon princess …. It takes us out of ourselves. Your post read like a pitch to Hollywood. Marvellous! How does the story end? Will the wayward prince live happily ever after? Will he follow tradition to return to the fold or stride forward into his brave new world with or without his good or bad wife? Is she the agent of charge to a better world? We’ll only find out when it’s all over. Pilgrim’s Progress, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty. It has it all. Well done. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. A really good post. Very illuminating. Thank you.

      • He is demanding Police Protection for when he visits Britain. It had gone to court and was turned down. So Harry has asked again. This isn’t moving on from being a Royal, it is demanding that he is treated as a Royal – even in a America. He did at one time want protection in America. He wanted the British Tax Payers to pay for him. This is not a brave new world. For me this is someone who wishes to be a Royal, live like a Royal and visit like a Royal, without any of the hard work others do. Perhaps Harry really wanted to be King and all this is kicking back at not being No.1? He hasn’t exactly been very loving or caring about his family, more like throwing them under a bus. My gut reaction, which has served me well in life, tells me they is new PR at work. They are looking to become world stars again.

    • Many of us lost our Mothers when we were teenagers. It is a terrible blow for anyone. I watch my mother have a stroke in front of me when I 12 years 6 months old. It was the 1960’s no quick treatments in those days. The shock always stays with you, yet you move on. You grow up with the loss. Yet at some point in your life, you let go. Start to live your life and stop blaming people for what is – life. Children can live through divorce. Harry has a brother. who also had a tragic blow. Your post reads from Harry’s side. He had a nanny, family, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. He also had police protection all is life, until he left for America, many do not have that luxury. Through the work he does, he should know that families have tragedies. Young children, younger than him, have lost their parents, or see their parents like I did, infirm, not able to do the things they could. Acceptance and also forgiveness is the only way forward. As we are the ones who are left living. I doubt that any loving mother would wish their child to spend their life grieving for them. It is not healthy. We are born to live our lives. For me who is some who lost her my at 18, yet was not really the same person since I was 12, Harry is not accepting it. There is a part of him who appears to not want to let go of his mother. He doesn’t have to let go of her love, yet he does have to let go of what happen to take her away from him. This is where he is emotionally stuck in my view. The transits in his chart above, are transits that he can work through in a negative way or a positive way. It will be his choice and only his choice. None of us can live our lives through others.

    • AI22 Not sure why you left this diatribe on an astrology website that seeks to explore the complex and sometimes difficult to understand mysteries of life. But your self-confessed American take on something you say you don’t really understand is quite something. I’m guessing you really don’t understand that the heir or heir apparent are expected to serve as professional military service personel but are not permitted to undertake active service, or that there are many still living members of the royal family who have seen active service, served in the military for longer and earned a higher rank than Harry did. I’m guessing you also don’t really understand the military in general either, if you think only those people who go into actual combat are worth respect. Please don’t tell Invictus who include all those injured while serving in peacetime as well as in war. Apologies to all on this site for a non-astro answer.

  13. Harry’s Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius trine mercury in Virgo would cause some difficulty with dreamy wish thinking allied to Jovian expansion.
    It is a tricky chart with a lot of Virgo square Sagittarius inconjunct Taurus. He does have sun trine moon though.

  14. “On midpoint transits he looks thoroughly rattled by a disaster/calamity 12th of this month for two weeks”

    Sounds like his trip on 10th-13th to Nigeria wont go well then.

    I think the interest in Harry is like watching a car-crash in slow motion, we are all rubbernecking.
    There have been other times/people its happened – remember Katie Price on the front pages everyday a few years ago, and also Britney Spears. Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian. People do seem to get obsessed, but it does eventually fade after a few years. Soon we will all be obsessed with handsome 20-somethings Prince George & Princess Charlotte, and Harry will be forgotton.

    Is there anything in the astrology that indicates obsessional interest?

  15. I have some thoughts. I know you may not believe in past lives. I do. Harry actually has a signature in his chart that my mother had. He has Scorpio South Node in the 10th house, Taurus North Node in the fourth house. When working the nodes, it is sometimes very hard to get off the South Node. He has Saturn in Scorpio on the MidHeaven as well as Pluto. He has Moon in Taurus.

    Hi Focus this lifetime is supposed to be on home and family, being generative, and out of the lime light – Taurus/Cancer. However, he is used to being the Center of attention and it hard for him to give up the glories of a public life in charge – Scorpio /10th house. These are tough nodes to deal with, with a tremendous flare for the dramatic and drama. Mom was like this, it was hard for her. She sang opera when young, but ended up with a home, a garden and four children. In her later years she calmed down and started to enjoy herself. That Taurus/Scorpio Node system is very dramatic, ruthless, at least Scorpio is. Taurus just wants serenity and enough, enough money, beauty. I put some of it down to his nodes – his life lessons. I am a Taurus btw, but my South Node is in the 8th house. I had to really learn about his as a form of survival. It is all good and it all turned out for me. It remains to be seen for Harry.

      • I have those, with Capricorn Mars/Moon conjunct. With SN in Cancer/8th house holding Jupiter conjunct Uranus (but not SN), I’ve struggled with knowing what was important to me, depending on what my family wanted for me.

        I still have trouble letting go of a lot of things, from old documents to grudges, but always rise to the “challenge” of ridding the hoard.

        I have not accrued vast wealth, but am very careful with what I have, after years of splurging on others, disappointed when they did not share in return.

        For me, it’s been a lifetime of my values vs others.

      • For me, it has been moving away from being bonded and dependent on others, moving toward being able to stand on my own, having my own resources and money and being ok with that. I have a packed 11th house, so I do have friends. The voice of the ancestors always played in, and I have heard the 8th house being described as being “Digested”. I don’t know about that, but ancestors have played into this, and understanding their story has helped me heal and move forward in this life. I know we don’t work with Asteroids here on Marjories site so much, but they have helped me a lot. I have Juno and Pallas in the 8th house, as well as Chiron and South Node. Is it my past life? Is it my ancestors? There have been powerless and fierce women in the family line, educated, there was some royalty, some indentured servants, second sons from England who got out to the Americas. I have Pluto on my North Node in Virgo in the second house, conjunct my path of fortune, with a Dad who had five planets in Virgo, and it was very hard at first to get on that North Node, but it has been a tremendous blessing. Marjorie sited Schulmans book, and that has been a blessing, and he pulls no punches about the nodes, but it has helped me tremendously. I have not passed one of the final tests yet, which is owning my own property, but I am working on it. The blessings of Taurus are Venus, Gardens and loving the natural world, and that has come into my life. I am not perfect, but understanding my nodes has helped me tremendously, and when I turn into a weepy sensitive glump over there on my South Node (Pisces), I am like “Oh yeah! get over there in the North Node!”
        Sailing when I was young helped – skillful means moving over water. So, when I get like that – I have to remind myself to go hang out with the pragmatic Virgos and do some problem solving. I cannot solve the whole world’s problems, I can clean up my corner. Caroline Casey always would say – “Your Ancestors did not put all that effort into you for you to turn into a glump”. She is right. She is an interesting one. A little far out but studied under James Hillman who I am just now starting to dig into. It is a journey.

        I feel for Harry – but I think if he can get over there onto his North Node, he will start to do better. He has a helpful uncle. I had problems with my immediate family, but always had helpers in the extended family, and I was more like them that the immediate family. Sorry for the late response.

    • Great post. I was just looking at the South Node in the 10th and thinking; does this give a person with this placement an innate sense of entitlement? They believe they were born to rule? Better than others. Especially with Saturn who rules the 10th house of authority. With a north node in the fourth, perhaps in a man’s chart , it could manifest through a mother/women., as they need that connection to fulfill their dream. It would make sense.

  16. Re the upstaging, it is almost as if Diana lives on through him – Diana’s natal Venus in Taurus conjunct Harry’s Moon – as you say Marjorie, so much anger and spooky indeed, not doing anybody any good.

    • He is very much her child – not Charles’ – in emotional terms. William was more an expression of both parents. Harry was born (and probably conceived) when the marriage was already cracking up and so she sort of “owned” Harry if you know what I mean.

      • I read the housekeeper diary recently…what struck me was that when Diana was upset and crying she apparently got into the car and then cuddled Harry on the return journey to London….that can’t have been healthy for a small child to deal with a distraught parent without understanding why she was so upset ..reminiscent of Gabor Mate thoughts on childhood trauma.

  17. I agree with GD in that his belligerence, when not channelled into martial activities or enterprises tends to become scattered, chaotic and self destructive and that his aggression always feels like it’s bubbling under the surface, about to boil over. That energy can be hard to handle with a Libran Venus and a Venus-ruled Moon which loves to please and charm.

    I’m going to look at his Chiron because he has a tendency for self sabotage, which perhaps stems from childhood wounding and trauma. It’s at 8 Gemini in the 5th and actually forms part of a T-Square focussing onto his Virgo Mercury in the 8th, opposing Uranus in Sagittarius in the 11th. All that nervous, frustrated energy is what I pick up on, and Chiron in the 5th implies wounds relating to childhood, plus creativity and romance and other 5th house activities including risk-taking.

    It will be interesting see what happend when transit Uranus crosses his Chiron in the next few years and since Uranus rules his 2nd house, his finaces and security. Also next year, the March total lunar eclipse with be at 23 Pisces with Moon at 23 Virgo, conjunct his Sun as the South Node also approaches a conjunction to his Sun.

  18. All that coming and going between Virgo and Sagittarius must keep his head in a spin I imagine and his fury permanently spinning with it. And all in public with only the moon to anchor him.
    Must check that relocation chart you did Marjorie.

  19. I reckon he’s probably passive aggressive with 5 planets in mutables, Taurus moon, Libra Venus which might be why he ‘upstages’ situations.

    It’s clear he’s got a well of anger stored up. He only seems to be able to get that out when there are accepted targets e.g. going to Afghanistan, taking on the media in court.

    The Saturn Scorpio oppo Taurus moon is keeping him from expressing and asserting it in more undefined or personal situations. Probably he is scared that if he lets his true feelings be known, he will be abandoned. It’s not uncommon.

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