Prince Charles – having to slow his work rate

Prince Charles has mid symptoms of coronavirus and is in good spirits, it has been announced.

He does look on edge at the moment with his Progressed Moon exactly conjunct his energetic 5th house Mars, so as a workaholic he may not be taking to his enforced isolation and idleness with any enthusiasm. The triple conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn has been moving through his 6th house of health and work; and with tr Saturn now in Aquarius, still in his 6th till early next year, squaring his Moon until April 6th and again mid June to early July, he will be running into blocks to his career perhaps because of low energy. He was already keeping out of sight up in Balmoral and will presumably stay there for the foreseeable future.

He should bounce back with more exuberance come early July when tr Pluto squares his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. Though worryingly he has his Progressed Mars opposing his 1st house Pluto in effect all this year, which will be frustrating and trapped; and his Solar Arc Pluto will oppose his 10th house Moon, exact in the autumn of 2021, which will put considerable pressure on him.

Given his temperament, he may not be overly pleased at Prince William stepping more into the spotlight. Their relationship which has improved in recent times may be sagging touch from late April as tr Neptune opposes the composite Pluto.

The July Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will affect Camilla’s chart more obviously with her Moon, Venus, Mercury in Cancer in aspect; and tr Pluto opposing her Sun throughout this year posing her major challenges.

The Queen looks rattled and insecure from this Sunday to mid April with tr Uranus conjunct her Mars/Node midpoint; and more so from 6th April to mid June with tr Saturn square her Mars/Pluto midpoint. The July Lunar Eclipse is in opposition to her Pluto in Cancer in her 6th. Aspects to 6th house planets don’t necessarily mean personal health issues, though it can, but they can also indicate concerns about others – and in her case her subjects.

May they all sail through in good spirits.

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  1. Prince Charles has not had the easier start in life, especially when a teen and the restrictions being Prince of Wales placed on him, but he enjoys good health it seems and seems to get lucky breaks in life…another person his age could have been completely slayed by this virus.

  2. Yes, Tara – thanks for this. I don’t know if you joined in the “applaud the NHS” last night, but it was such a positive expression of the nodes as representing groups of people. Actually really poignant. I had a quick look at Charles’ chart – Chiron 28 Scorpio, with Sun 22 Scorpio. BML 13 Pisces, quincunx Neptune at 14 Libra on the IC. Home sweet home?! Camilla (17 July 1947) has BML at 18 Capricorn, opp Sun 23 Cancer. Her Chiron is 2 Scorpio, making only wide aspects but there are six of them, including a square to Saturn at 9 Leo. I wondered if that might partly suggest her reported resistance to being “Queen”, and dislike of pomp and ceremony.

    • Yes Jane, we applauded the NHS last night and I must say, it moved us. We live along the road that leads to our Hospital, many doctors and health workers live here and seeing the ambulances going by, people cheering and lanterns floating up into the sky. It was an Aquarian, collective moment of cheer and one that I will always remember.

    • Thanks Jane and VF. Yes we did take part, it was quiet here as there are a lot of elderly neighbours, who perhaps didn’t hear of it on social media, but we heard car horns and fireworks in the distance.

      It looks like Boris has it too now. I’ve been baffled by his stationary Chiron in Pisces for ages, now being transited by Neptune of course. Donald Trump also has a stationary Chiron, at 14 Libra like Charles’s Neptune.

      Chiron also has a “rainbow bridge” description, which is apt as many children put drawings of rainbows in their windows to show their support for the NHS and essential workers. Orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron is all about transitions between the old and the new. I think many things will change for good.

      • I agree. And I also think they must change. It has all become too much. Possibly, with a more Aquarian (in a good way) time ahead, this is the wake up call to end all wake up calls. The financial crisis was a herald, of sorts. Few listened at that time, but Pluto had only just got going. However, Pluto does rule buried treasure as well as all the darker stuff.

        I like the rainbow bridge Chiron!

        • Yes, Pluto in Capricorn I suppose will be trying up loose ends now. Because we are still in Pluto in Capricorn, I think we don’t realise how much has changed; there is an article on the BBC at the moment discussing how we would have coped with this crisis in 2005 and the greater challenge isolating would’ve been then. The financial crisis was a big Pluto in Capricorn moment, but so I think was the smartphone. We are taking stock now of lessons we failed to learn, but also perhaps the “buried treasure”, as you say, or the things right under our nose that we haven’t been using to their full potential.

          Barbara Hand Clow writes about the “rainbow bridge” in her book on Chiron, I don’t know if you’ve read that one. I haven’t seen my copy for years, not sure if I still have it.

          • Somebody (forgive me, I can’t find the comment) mentioned Chiron as a bridge between Saturn and Uranus and of course that’s where we are at the moment with Pluto entering its last few degrees of Capricorn just as Saturn has moved into Aquarius soon to be joined by Jupiter and today, Mars. Interesting that the British lockdown was announced on the same day as Saturn was 0 degrees of Aquarius. We’re experiencing a momentous transition between one era and another I think. The old order (Capricorn) giving way to the new (Aquarius). We may by necessity be impelled to operate on a more collective, less self-cantered level. So I shall be following Chiron, Saturn and Uranus with interest because it feels right now that these three are, if you like ‘trending’.

            Boris also has transiting Chiron moving towards his Aries descendant which will be exact in May of 2021. This will be interesting to me personally because I experienced this transit as life-changing; a lifelong friendship which I thought was fire-proof ended in a deeply painful way and in true Chironic style I ended up going to a grief counsellor. This led to a huge ‘growth spurt’. So I think this transit may be significant for Boris just as much as his other outer planet transits.

          • “Orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron is all about transitions between the old and the new. I think many things will change for good.”

            Sorry tara, this was the comment I was referring to.

          • Thanks Tara and VF. I looked online and saw the Barbara Hand Clow book, I had not read it. Makes total sense to me though. I will now do a bit of research on Chiron transiting the angles as well. Will watch Boris’ chart with interest on that one.

            Since Chiron appeared in our collective consciousness at a time when little buds of wider awareness about the environment, gender roles, and so on were coming into bloom, I think perhaps the “lessons” it represents may trace back to that time – in the shorter term at least. Possibly it is acting as a kind of lens for the more classical transits?

            And yes, I do hope and wonder if this global experience will bring treasures from the underworld/unconscious. Possibly even for Prince Charles and his own future role. People have short memories, yet this experience is so raw and painful for many, so testing, and so moving for many more of us. I have noticed the intensity between worrying about various people I love, and then enjoying brief chats at a distance (!) with neighbours who only nodded in greeting before. And how incredibly grateful I am to people working in shops, and how patient and kind they have all been. Pluto does eventually like to “take out the trash”…..our world and our environment may eventually benefit in innumerable ways, albeit at a high personal cost to many of us.

  3. Wow just read the headline and headed to your web site Marjorie.

    My first thought was how must Prince Harry be feeling and what he could be thinking with this news and his distance to them, regardless? They’re all he has ever known and know now.

    Second thought is even if Prince Charles has personal aspirations about his position, I’m sure he must by now be realistic enough to accept where he is now positioned given his age and him in relation to this more dynamic ever moving feast of a world we now experience. Could he really keep up? I think if asked and have a choice he would pass happily to William. Just a thought or two from me .

    • “My first thought was how must Prince Harry be feeling and what he could be thinking with this news and his distance to them, regardless? They’re all he has ever known and know now.”

      I’m always baffled by how people forget Harry was in Military, and enjoyed his time there. He was a grown man when he met Meghan, isn’t a broken little boy you saw beside Diana’s casket.

      His situation really isn’t different from millions of adults in The World now who are separated from their childhood families. My husband and I are about to experience a forced separation (we already were in a voluntary one, since our parents are in risk groups by age) too, since Finnish Government is to isolate the Capital Region, which is the only one with internal, wide spread epidemy. Our folks know how to Skype, Zoom and Whatapp, so I think this is for the best.

      • Thank you, people speak of Harry as if he is twelve. I am thousands of miles away from my mom as are many others . He will deal .

        • I spoke as an adult who has elderly parents who are also miles away from me. While they will get on with it and so will I it doesn’t stop me from worrying about how they are doing while this virus rages on. Some of the comments in response to mine are pretty cold and unfeeling from my perspective. No matter what Prince Charles may be etc etc its still his father and he more than likely loves him dearly. Hey ho it takes all sorts to make this world.

    • I don’t agree Jennifer. On the morning of the funeral of Earl Spencer, he remarked to Diana lucky you. (Or words you that effect). I thought it was a chilling remark. He was jealous that his own wife’s parent had died as her brother ‘was promoted’ to an Earl.

      Simply put, he couldn’t wait for his own mother (the Queen) to die so he could become King.

      He’s ruthless and can’t wait to inherit. He’s not a softie. I think he’s ruthless and will crush anyone who comes between him and The British Throne. Including William.

  4. I’m never quite sure about Chiron transits, because there’s not a huge amount of detailed information out there. (I know that in my own life they have marked significant moments.) But yesterday’s Sun/Moon/Chiron conjunction and New Moon in Aries happened to land on Elizabeth’s Mercury which rules both her 5th (children) and 6th houses. I wish him a full recovery.

    • Yes I think Chiron, and other asteroids or minor planets, deserve wider study. I also think it often acts as a catalyst, rather than simply manifesting the “wounded healer” category. Mythic Chiron was a far more complex character after all. Black Moon Lilith was also around for the New Moon – another indicator of potent shifts and energy issues, and again not just the wild and anarchic feminine figure this point in space has been labelled. It’s a ridiculous hour to be posting, but with so much going on I can’t sleep!

      Prince Charles may well do some thinking during his enforced isolation in the coming days. And possibly figure out a way to hand over to William sooner rather than later, when the time comes. He seems to have the mild version of this mysterious virus, CV19, so hopefully will recover soon.

      • Haven’t astrologers always said that Charles would never be king? I wonder if he may become Regent as his mother becomes more frail and unable to fulfill all her duties, but at some point becomes ill himself and the throne then passes to William?

        Yes, I agree about BMLilith and the somewhat simplistic ‘femme fatale’ interpretations you come across online. I have a feeling it may be connected to trauma, loss and grief. Chiron was discovered in 1977 at a time when the Green movement, alternative therapies and other relatively new ideas came into public consciousness – I remember, being a schoolgirl at the time, my rather alternative parents had embraced Lovelock’s theories and other ecological ideas – this was when my mother began her interest in alternative medicine – she had trained and worked as a physio and has Chiron conjunct her Jupiter and Midheaven, so to an extent I do kind of associate Chiron with healing. But I also feel that there is a darker side to this asteroid – one of both wounding and feelings of painful inadequacy, often unconscious. In the myth, Chiron is rejected by his mother Philyra who was repulsed by her centaur child. For example, I’ve noticed that when stressful aspect with Mars in a man’s chart there is sometimes sexual violence against women and hatred of women. I won’t mention any names, this is simply my own personal investigations. I must reread Melanie Reinhardt at some point, it’s a while since I read her book on Chiron.

        • Very interesting VF, and definitely suggests we need to look at this strange comet asteroid more closely. It’s arrival did coincide with much going on in the alternative world. We also had that as a family, with my grandma and her herbal teas – often involving nettles I recall – and all manner of things including dowsing and ghost hunting! I have seen Chiron in a few male charts emphasised by transit at significant moments for relationships and also career turning points.

          BML is another sensitive point, and I am struggling towards understanding it in its wider manifestations. Curious too about why it is presented to us as a “feminine” energy. There are fantastically potent goddess figures in mythology with a wide range of powers to create and destroy, but our current society has generally demonised this for one reason or another.

          With Chiron and BML aligned with the new Moon, we may be able to observe their potential meaning a bit more closely. They are all in the dynamic sign of Aries, so I suspect much speeding up of things in the coming weeks – and not all in a negative sense either.

          • BML is the lunar apogee, so it was a “micro new moon”. The extra small and hidden new moon – an invisible public, not meeting people “face-to-face”. Chiron also carries the theme of exiles and I suppose we have all had to withdraw quite a bit, unless we are in a Chiron type role. Square the NN/SN axis, although this is possible the strangest collective experience since the Second World War, the soldiers (Aries) are healthcare workers, food delivery and supermarket workers (Cancer NN)

            I hope that makes sense

          • Thank you Tara. It does make more sense now. I forgot about the nodal axis in Cancer/Aries in square to the New Moon/Chiron/BML. Yes, all in the early degrees of Cardinal cross.

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