Nicolas Maduro – a darker shade of political corruption


In a highly unusual move, Venezuela’s Head of State Nicolas Maduro has been indicted in the USA in a decades-long narco-terrorism and international cocaine trafficking conspiracy in which, prosecutors said, he led a violent drug cartel even as he moved up the political ladder. The State Department announced a $15 million reward for information leading to his arrest. He has pushed Venezuela’s economy into meltdown which has forced millions of people to leave.

Maduro, born 23 November 1962 9.03 pm Caracas (birth certificate), has an ego-centric and grandstanding 5th house Sagittarius Sun and Mercury on the point of a scattered T Square to an 8th house Jupiter opposition Uranus (Pluto). He’s a risk-taker, lucky and a narcissist. His Neptune Venus in Scorpio is square a flamboyant Mars in Leo on one side and widely square a paranoid Saturn in Aquarius on the other. His Mars, Uranus and Pluto are all in his 2nd so money will be a driving force.

His most recent term of office (after a heavily disputed election) kicked off on 9 January 2019 at 11.10 am Caracas, which puts Saturn, Sun and Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th with Sun Pluto square Uranus – tough-going and prone to rolling crises. There’s also an ‘unlucky’ Mars in aggressive Aries square Saturn; plus an over hopeful Jupiter square Neptune. This year the Sun has moved by Solar Arc to close the conjunction to Pluto to exact which will create blocks and high tension. Then by 2022/23 tr Pluto squares the Term Uranus for peak instability.

Venezuela, 5 July 1811 3pm Caracas is in a car-crash year with Solar Arc Mars opposition Saturn, exact late 2020; with an undermining and devastating tr Neptune conjunct Pluto and a financial bubble-bursting square to Jupiter also throughout this year into 2021.

Trump’s relationship chart with Maduro is particularly hair-raising with a power-struggling and hostile composite Mars Pluto in a one-upmanship trine to Jupiter. Tr Pluto is in a confusing, calamitous and disruptive square to the composite Neptune now and then square Uranus running on till late 2022.

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