Press TV, Al Jazeera & RT – on a divine mission to spread their word



Press TV was founded by Iranian Broadcasting, whose head is directly appointed by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. It was launched on 8 July 2007 to give a pro-Shia view to western audiences. Criticism of its anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, air-time given to zealots such as KKK David Duke, and to a filmed confession induced under torture, have led to its removal from several western satellites. Part of its remit was to counter Al Jazeera which has a pro-Sunni slant, especially in its Arabic broadcasts.

Press TV kicked off when the Sun was in Cancer trine Uranus, and tied into a wide-ish Yod in sextile to Mars in Taurus inconjunct Jupiter; with Saturn Venus opposition Neptune and trine Pluto. A Yod typically gives an outsider mentality, and with Mars involved an overly aggressive and impulsive slant. Saturn Neptune is paranoid, neurotic and will foster conspiracy theories.

The Press TV afflicted Mars in Taurus is interesting since it falls close to the UK 1801 8th house Mars in Taurus, so there will be a clash of egos and temper. The UK did meddle in Persia’s affairs, militarily and commercially, for several hundred years right through to the Reza Shah’s rule (father and son) in the 20th Century. The Shah of Iran was deposed by Islamists in 1979 in part because he was seen as a western puppet. The relationship chart between the UK and the 1979 Revolutionary Iran 1979 chart points to a deep-rooted, toxic dislike with a composite Mars square Pluto; and uncompromising differences from Sun square Uranus; with two Yods of Uranus sextile Pluto inconjunct Moon, and Moon sextile Mars inconjunct Uranus – so excessively strained.

Because of Persia/Iran’s troubled past vis a vis the colonial British there remains an implacable hatred for the UK, which hardly matches present circumstances as the UK slides down the food chain in terms of global power. The belief that the UK fostered Wahhabism in order to split the Muslim world sits on a par with Holocaust denial.

The Al Jazeera, 1 Nov 1996 chart, is relatively similar astrologically to Press TV. A Scorpio Sun sits sextile Mars inconjunct Saturn; with Neptune Uranus sextile Saturn inconjunct Mars; and an enraged Mars square Pluto.

The other western-propaganda TV channel, funded by the Russian government, RT (Russia Today TV), was launched 15 September 2005. It is seen as a Soviet style disinformation outlet, is anti-US and the West, peddles anti-Semitic conspiracy theories; and skips over Russian atrocities such as in Chechnya, South Ossettia and Syria.

Again it has an afflicted Mars in Taurus on the focal point of an exact Yod to Jupiter sextile Pluto; with a paranoid Saturn opposition Neptune; and a controlling Sun square Pluto, trine Mars – stressed, pushy, aggressive.

Not sure what any of this proves, but all three propaganda TV charts are relatively similar. Yods most often give a strong sense of mission, perhaps with overtones of God-like powers, since it is known as the Finger of God. They tend to be extremely focussed once they click into gear though always remain outside the mainstream.

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