China tramping on India’s borders and toes



China is pushing its luck and territorial outreach to the north east of India on the borders with tiny Bhutan, which has always effectively been under Indian protection. The strategy appears to be to take control of a narrow corridor which would cut India off from part of its northern territories; and assert Chinese domination. China’s presence in the area also gives it possible access to important Indian infrastructure, including a hydro-electric project. China itself has built dams close to the border which establish its rights over the waters of the biggest river in the region, the Brahmaputra. It could turn water into a weapon should conflict arise as it can either turn off the supply or flood the lower States, the first one of which is India.

The Indian view is that China believes it is destined to lead Asia with its economic and political clout and be the only arbiter of peace in the region.

The relationship chart between China and India does look super-tense at the moment with tr Uranus trine the composite Saturn, returning on and off till early 2019; with deteriorating diplomatic relations and much suspicion from tr Neptune opposition the composite Sun now and until late 2018.

Where it looks at its most fraught and dangerous is 2019/2020 when tr Pluto opposes the composite Mars. And that is when India’s chart is on high-alert with tr Pluto opposition its Mars/Saturn midpoint, which could have military implications. Even through 2018 India’s chart looks trapped and uneasy.

China, for all its bluster and cavalier actions in the South Seas and Bhutan with the adventuring Solar Arc Mars square its Jupiter at the moment, is also sagging under Neptunian disappointments this year and until late 2018, perhaps financial ones.  Once clear of those it is certainly gung ho and in a super-confident frame of mind come 2019/2020 with tr Pluto conjunct its Jupiter. The war-like tr Saturn conjunct Pluto is exact in late 2019.

China’s aggressive-towards-neighbours Mars Pluto in the 7th does fall in India’s 4th house conjunct India’s Sun, Venus, Saturn, Pluto – so the chemistry between the two countries will always be toxic.

3 thoughts on “China tramping on India’s borders and toes

    • Loretta, No the whole world won’t be at war. What’s odd about strong influences is that they seem to be picked up by one or two (or more) locations which appear to ‘soak up’ the energy. Although World Wars 1 and 11 were described as world-wide, there were great chunks of the globe which weren’t affected.
      When you get accident/disaster prone influences there will be several incidents globally hitting the headlines. But not everyone will break a leg or be in a train pile-up or in a major natural disaster.
      The general feel of the influences will affect everyone – in different ways. Saturn Pluto is always a tough slog, but it doesn’t mean we’re all going to be trapped in another Stalingrad.

      • Marjorie, I appreciate your insight into the depth of conflict coming up. In my US-UK-centric mind, the major blow-up was going to heavily involve our axis. But in reading your astrological take on the world, I’m beginning to think it may be the Asia that blows up. An all-out India vs. China war would truly be a world-shaking dust up, given the billions of people involved. Keep us updated on the region.

        PS, if China wants to solidify their power over Asia, it is in their interest to make moves now rather than later. India is waking up to their own power as they prosper.

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