Placido Domingo – not such a rousing chorus


Placido Domingo, one of the most celebrated figures in opera, as a singer, conductor and director, still attracts sell-out concerts round the globe at 78 and has sung in than 4,000-plus performances, more than any opera singer in history. Now he’s attracted sexual harassment charges from eight singers and a dancer who said he tried to pressure them into sexual relationships by dangling jobs and sometimes punishing them professionally when they refused his advances. Needless to say he denies all and says anything that happened was consensual. He has been married since 1962 to his second wife.

He was born 21 January 1941 at 10pm in Madrid, Spain (9 days before Dick Cheney so there are certain similarities in their charts). Domingo has a Sun Mercury in Aquarius in the performing and party-loving 5th house in opposition to Pluto square Saturn Jupiter in Taurus in his 8th house. He’s a heavyweight personality and fairly controlling with an earthy streak from the Taurus planets especially falling in his 8th house. He also has a Scorpio Moon opposition Uranus; his Mars in an ultra-determined trine to Pluto; and his Venus in earthy Capricorn is trine Saturn Jupiter.

He certainly wouldn’t like anyone thwarting his wishes with such a strong Pluto; and the Scorpio Moon plus Jupiter Saturn in Taurus in the 8th will give him a sensual streak.

Pic: Klaus Dolle


2 thoughts on “Placido Domingo – not such a rousing chorus

  1. Scorpio moons are always lecherous and after sex. Trump and Boris Johnson have a scorpio moon and one of my family members also has a scorpio moon and he had lots of affairs.

    • And I personally know Scorpio Moon who is asexual. It figures, since that Moon squares Mars in Aquarius. This is never about one single placement. It’s about interaction.

      Also, you are wrong about Trump’s Moon, he notariously has a Sadgittarius Moon, in fact was born under Full Moon since he is a Gemini Sun. It figures, since Scorpio Moons are also capable of incredibly deep emotional devotion (asexual friend is very close to his family and has platonic friendships going on decades), and Trump completely lacks that.

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