Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth – lovingly apart

A gem of showbiz bizarre as Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth separate after a few months of marriage. Their rep said: ‘They still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart.’ And added, “Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals, they have decided this is what’s best while they both focus on themselves and careers.’ Yay.

She’s a stratospherically successful singer/songwriter and actress who first got together with Liam, an Australian actor, in 2009 and they had an on/off and on again liaison over the years while she described herself as pansexual and gender fluid.

She was born 23 November 1992 4.19 pm Nashville, Tennessee, with a singer father -and has a 7th house Sagittarius Sun trine Mars in late Cancer in the outspoken 3rd. She has Jupiter in charming Libra in the performing 5th in a successful trine to her midheaven and well-organised Saturn in Aquarius. Her Venus deeply buried in the 8th is conjunct unpredictable and experimental Uranus and elusive Neptune; and her intense Scorpio Moon is made doubly so with a conjunction to possessive Pluto. Her North Node falls in her 7th so close relationships are not her strength. Definitely a complicated emotional life.

Liam Hemsworth, 13 January 1990, Melbourne, AU, is part of the triple conjunction in Capricorn with Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn and his Sun in a stellium there – very earthy, somewhat chaotic and changeable. His Leo Moon is probably trine his Mars in Sagittarius; his Venus in Aquarius is unaspected.

The mystery is what drew them together in the first place. His Venus does trine her Jupiter and opposes her Mars for a superficial and fairly sparky connection. But his Uranus, Neptune and Saturn conjunct her Venus which isn’t too sympatico. And falling in her 8th it would stir up deep and not altogether comfortable feelings. An odd tie.

His Mars is conjunct her 7th house Sagittarius North Node and her Saturn is conjunct his Aquarius North Node – so a karmic connection with tough lessons to learn.

Their relationship chart does have a morale-boosting composite Sun trine Jupiter and a hint of passion from Venus sextile Pluto; but it also has a volatile, argumentative Mars square Uranus and Mars in an irritable trine to Saturn; plus an ego-clashing and only-one-can-win Mars square Neptune. Not the stuff that dreams are made of.


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  1. Her north node falls in her 7th ‘so close relationships are not her strength.’ Wait, is the house traits weakened where the NN is placed? I always thought it was what you were focused on in this life but could often slip back into habits from where your SN was placed (supposedly from past life experiences?)

    So a NN in 1st is supposed to focus on self and identity but will often slip into a habit of relationships to define their identity? 6th house NN should be focused on work and health but will naturally hide away in a solitary SN of the 12th house because its familiar? My 4th house NN is about family (I think) which I don’t have in a traditional sense but it doesn’t bother me too much (unless pet families count, LOL.) However, I haven’t been that much interested in building a career either. Although, I am often interested in biographies of people in the public eye who have since died and how they built their careers.

    So a NN placement can make it difficult to integrate the traits of the house into the person’s life? Have I understood this correctly? Thanks in advance if you get time to reply.

    • Where the North Node falls is what is unfamiliar and you have to make an effort to reach towards. But the tendency is to slide back along the line of least resistance to the opposite. So a 7th house NN doesn’t find one-to-one relationships instinctively easy, lazily preferring to be independent. Not everyone wants to or does develop their north node energy, for whatever reason. A 7th house NN doesn’t mean no relationships in life – Grace Kelly had one – just they take more effort.

      • Thanks, Marjorie. The way I had previously read a few articles on the NN placement made me think I was ‘failing’ at not creating a traditional 4th house family for myself. The way you explained it makes far more sense now.

          • That would fit actually. I’ve always been interested in finding a place to belong but haven’t found it but okay with it so far. Just chalked it up to having such a dysfunctional family or what most people search for! I do have a 3rd house Neptune conjunct my 4th NN. So there could be some confusing influence there. Im not religious at all but quite deeply spiritual and think that might be from the Neptune conjunction.

          • Oh hang on, I just thought. I know I sound cuckoo here to many, but I believe in the Divine Feminine energy coming back in to balance things. With that Sagittarian 4th NN placement, with spiritual Neptune conjunct, and a 10th house Cancerian moon, wouldn’t that explain that? Peculiar as it might sound, LOL 😀 If so, then I suppose I am living out my NN but in a most untraditional sense.

      • I had to look up the word louche, LOL. It had been so long since I heard it.

        I would hate to have a life that is defined by such a powerful, all encompassing sex drive/sexuality as I think Miley has. My Virgo sensibilities are just rolling its eyes thinking ‘God, what a bloody chore!’ But then if I looked myself up on the modern sexuality spectrum I would probably fall into the demisexual category. Basically zero sexual attraction to anybody unless a powerful emotional connection is there and that is rare. Lord knows what Miss Cyrus and myself would talk about. Its like chalk and cheese!

        Note: when typing in ‘Miss Cyrus’ my auto-correct referred it to ‘Miss Crud’! Oh, what giggles 😀

        • A Scorpio Moon running at double strength with a Pluto conjunction – plus an experimental 8th house Uranus Venus , which has more Scorpio overtones. She will be driven by her hormones, for sure. Know what you mean about Virgo wilt at the intensity of it all.

          • I have a watery cancer moon but I feel it’s much more focused on deep nurturing and feeling safe and creating that feeling for both oneself and others. But that megaton of watery Scorpio energy is just so atomically charged. It exhausts me just reading about it, lol.

            Still, if those energies exist in her chart, I guess they are there for her to learn and integrate them somehow into her life. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a sex scandal or three by the time her life is through.

            Yes, I prefer the calm Hygge lifestyle to the raging Hedonistic one 😀

          • Despite being an outwardly sensible Virgo rising with Venus in Virgo, I have a Scorpio moon and it’s horribly intense and overwhelming and was especially troublesome in my teens and twenties – Miley’s age. I seemed to attract some very dark experiences at that age. It’s taken a lot of psychological work over the years to accommodate and handle it’s somewhat dark energy. Traditionally the Moon is in its detriment in Scorpio. Also, I have seen it crop up in the charts of infamous sex criminals with alarming regularity.

      • LOL! Had an apt building neighbor who reveled in her “pansexuality”. She had a constant stream of men to/from the parking lot, esp during the 2 wks before the rent was due.

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