Paul Ryan struggling against the inevitable with Trump

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Paul Ryan, House Speaker and the Republican party’s highest-ranking elected official, has denied reports from the Trump camp that he is ready to endorse The Donald. He may, force majeure, have no option as the nomination seems all but settled, but they do not make a pair of happy campers.

Ryan, 29 January 1970 2.37am Janesville, WI, has a controlling 10th house Pluto which is squared by Trump’s Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon, so not surprisingly Ryan feels he’s losing his grip on events. Trump’s Saturn in Cancer squares Ryan’s Libra Moon so chilly; Trump’s Pluto is trine Ryan’s Mars which is hostile; Trump’s Mars in Leo is trine Ryan’s Moon – edgy and irritable. Trump’s Neptune falls in Ryan’s 10th conjunct his Uranus which will provoke a highly-strung response from Ryan of suspicion and untrustworthiness.

The relationship chart has an emphasised and very aggravated composite Saturn Mars conjunction on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to Uranus trine composite Sun – outright dislike and not a good working combination. That Mars Saturn is under very afflicted Neptune transits in 2017/18; and indeed by Saturn transits in opposition this year.

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