France – Socialist Government facing angry workers

Manuel VallsFrancois Hollande


The French government, as expected, is beginning to row back on their much-needed labour reforms in the face of the usual, aggressive worker solidarity out on the streets. There is serious disruption with strikes and blockades at oil refineries, nuclear power stations, ports and transport hubs. And only two weeks to the Euro 2016 football championships to be played in venues all over France.  That was already creating security headaches but no petrol or trains? Quelle horreur.

The reformist Prime Minister Manuel Valls, 13 August 1962, 8pm Barcelona, Spain is looking very lack-lustre across the summer with tr Saturn square his Jupiter in Pisces opposition Pluto, so his urge to power is meeting a solid roadblock. Tr Saturn is also conjunct his MC in July with tr Neptune square, on and off till early 2017 – so all bad news on the career ambition front.

His Term in office started on 31 March 2014 with a pro-active Jupiter opposition Pluto square Sun Uranus in Aries – so bullishly confident with a drive to put new measures in place.  The Jupiter has moved by Solar Arc to oppose Pluto exactly now so his optimism was clearly misplaced.

Francois Hollande’s Government chart, 15 May 2012 10.45am Paris always did look to be facing a stressful time throughout with a strained Yod of Pisces Moon sextile Sun Jupiter in Taurus inconjunct Saturn in Libra. The focal point Saturn is being hit amidships come late June by tr Uranus in opposition so yet more tensions will erupt.

Much the same is reflected on his natal chart, 12 Aug 1954 12.10am Rouen, France, with an emotionally intense, and again over-confident, tr Pluto conjunct his 8th house Moon and trine his Solar Arc Jupiter; with high anxiety in the final days of this month and through June; with more upsets late June through July.

He has two major configurations in his chart – one a Cardinal T Square of Moon opposition Jupiter Uranus square Neptune; and a mini-Grand Trine of Mars trine Pluto (Sun) in Leo, sextile Neptune. His Neptune is being hammered around now for the next few weeks, upsetting both configurations; and then tr Uranus squares his Uranus. He was already the most unpopular President ever and this was his last hope Cabinet. It isn’t that the labour reforms are anything but long overdue but he hasn’t the grit to face down a lengthy grid-lock.

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