Patrick Stewart – a safe refuge in Shakespeare & Star Trek

Patrick Stewart, a respected classical thespian and an intergalactic hero has had an extraordinary six decade career on stage and screen from unlikely beginnings. He honed his talents in the Royal Shakespeare Company only coming to an unexpected and reluctant superstar role in his late forties as Captain Luc Picard in Star Trek which has been reprised this year with another scheduled for shooting once the pandemic lifts.

  He’s been filling in his spare time recently recording one of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets every day and posting them on Twitter and Instagram.

  He was born 13 July 1940 in Mirfield, England, no birth time sadly, in a home with no indoor bathroom. He was happily spoiled by his mother for five years until his father, a Regimental Sergeant Major with a sterling record, returned from the war, suffering from combat fatigue — post-traumatic stress disorder. He was violent towards Patrick’s mother and she refused to leave. In recent years Patrick has supported campaigns against domestic abuse and violence against women.

   At school, he joined the drama club which he said was a revelation. “The first moment that I walked onto the school stage I felt safe — it was the safest place I’d ever been. For one thing I wasn’t Patrick Stewart, because I didn’t like Patrick Stewart very much.” He left school at 15 to become a trainee journalist, but an English teacher encouraged him to apply to the Bristol Old Vic theatre school and he was given a full local authority grant to fund him through it.

   He was born at a challenging and dangerous time during World War Two when there was a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus square Mars, Mercury, Pluto in Leo – all of which may well tie into his Scorpio Moon, well some of it will undoubtedly tie in. Incredibly fixed and enduring, determined, adventurous and brave. He’s also got the inspired, creative Uranus in Taurus trine Neptune in Virgo of the time, which in his case, sextiles onto his Cancer Sun, so is an integral part of his personality.

  With Saturn leading his Jupiter conjunction he’ll always experience the setbacks and difficulties first, then the rewards and luck second. He’s got a high coming in three years time when his Solar Arc Jupiter is conjunct his Pluto, but will still have to face the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Pluto which is stuck in about eighteen months time.

  A lovely man and super-talented, though with a distressingly difficult chart. 

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  1. Just watched star trek tng episode ship in a bottle talk about ps having to revive his rsc days playing against a holodeck Dr James Moriarty,I wonder what if sir Arthur Conan Doyle could see Patrick as j on luc picard going against his creation Sherlock holmes nemesis Moriarty,what would he think,and how did Arthur view Shakespeare,imagine if someone creates a holographic stage,and have a actor portray Sherlock,and another portray one of Shakespeare’s thinking humans,would they get along,or just fight who has the real brains of the 2,and who would be the refree human actor between Shakespeare,and Arthur’s character,or maybe make a play here in the US,or the Uk in the next couple years,and see how it relates to us humans,and our future,and try to make it show a more positive future for us humans,wherever we go through are many phases,and spatial points,maybe they could have Patrick rejoin his rsc mate Kenneth Branagh,and really give us hope past trump,and covid19,even though we might have tough phases,and spatial points come up in the next decades,let’s let theater greats like Patrick,Kenneth,and other’s show where we can go if we keep faith in each other,and stuff like indepth astrology to truly guide us foward whatever road we choose,whether by stuff such as free will,and stuff such as fate,since all this stuff like fate/free will be like to 2 human’s creating a 3rd that’s a composite of fate/free will roled into a living being,just a version of midpoints in indepth astrology,or other stuff,hopeful2021 is a more upbeat year for all you guys.

  2. First time commenter, long time (well, perhaps not that long) reader. Thanks for this, Marjorie, and for everyone else’s comments! I really enjoy this site–I learn a lot with every new article.

    I’m a huge fan of the Picard character, of Patrick Stewart, and of Star Trek. Cancer Sun! (That’s where my Moon is.) I keep a picture of him as Picard on my desk. I’m Stateside and I watched Picard through a promotion and then kept the streaming service to finally get around to watching Discovery. Discovery has me hooked and while I appreciate the single episode arcs in previous series (rumor has it a new Spock and Pike series will be bringing that back), I recognize the time we’re in and have really been amazed by some wonderful television that tells a story over the course of a season.

  3. Jean-Luc Picard to the older folks, Professor X to the younger. Brilliant actor.
    His Uber Eats ads opposite his Star Wars counterpart are quite comical. 2 old fogeys going at it like overly competitive brats.

    • Yes, I think you are close to the correct birth time possibly….with 7 fixed planets he has great endurance/stamina, but very nicely balanced elements in the chart. You can see that Neptune in his face sextiling Sun and trining Uranus – you’d have to say space suits him particularly…. The Sun/Pluto has Chiron between so all outer planets are nicely aspected (even though it was war time). I’ve always thought he was superbly classy – I don’t know a thing about his private life but he looks authentically himself I’d say…..I had to laugh at the fact that he was born in a household ‘without an indoor toilet’- we also had to visit the dunny outside in New Zealand in the 1950’s and someone would empty it once a week at night!!!!!

    • @Troy, “Trekkies” never get old! In Finland, they showed original series and “The Next Genertion” at the same time in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, when I was a pre-teen/teen. My area had a lousy antenna reception for the channel showing them, but being already a big sci-fi fan, I never missed an episode. And have watched every single francise ever since, including new “Picard”.

      What I love about the francise is that despite having gotten increasingly dark (I still enjoy the single episode storylines), it never ceases to be progressive and keep fate in progress. I’m not ashamed to admit a recent episode of “Discovery” made me cry. Picard remains my favorite captain, though.

      This message was brought to you by a tight North Node – Venus – Uranus Conjunction in Scorpio.

      • I’m old enough to remember the first Star Trek which was rebroadcast throughout my childhood, but was my favourite tv show when I was 7. Looking back at its historical context, it shone like a beacon of hope for the future in the midst of the gloom of the Cold War.

        Patrick Stewart played the Neo-Nazi leader of a gang of skinheads in the British thriller ‘Green Room’ a few years ago, which I now realise was a beautifully creative was to channel his Mars/Mercury/Pluto in Leo square Saturn in Taurus. I love the way actors live their charts through the roles they play.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. I’ve always admired his courage. I was a fan in his RSC days, before he crossed the pond to become an international star.
    I do wonder why some who come from troubled backgrounds are able to rise above that and transmute their emotional wounds into something positive while others seem unable to escape and simply repeat the abuse or harm that was meted out to them.

  5. I love Patrick Stewart. This generation born with Pluto in Leo would tend to have fathers who went to war and may have returned traumatised. I remember my mother describing how these children suddenly had these strangers at home, they had grown up with lone mothers who had raised them and then had to adapt to accommodate the returning soldier-father. PS’s tough Mars/Pluto in square to Saturn in Taurus reflects this. His Mars in Leo is expressed in its higher level; the bravery and courage to succeed, despite his bleak childhood.

    As an aside, I always think it was most apt that the early Baby Boomers of 1946-48 all had that Pluto in Leo conjunct Saturn. Often born of war-damaged fathers, their generation emerged into the aftermath of war and the rebuilding that followed it. But many of that age group I’ve met will say of their fathers that they were deeply traumatised, but never, never spoke of what happened.

    • It’s ludicrous – tragic – how war trauma surfaces during and after major carnage and then after a year or so disappears into the woodwork, sealed over, not to be acknowledged until the next war. It was researched and worked with during World War 1 with the work of WR Rivers (Pat Barker/Regeneration) and then all that knowledge disappeared into dusty textbooks and lay dormant afterwards. I met a woman once whose father fought in WW1, who never spoke of it afterwards but spent the rest of his life having nervous breakdowns – which had a considerable effect on his family, obviously.
      After the Vietnam War, veterans were clamouring for help for psychological damage and being brushed aside. Professionals had no idea how to cope and it was only through support groups and family activists that their voices were heard which slowly began to motivate new research and care. And Israeli psychiatrists after the Six Day War in the late 1960s picked up the problem and made headway with treatment.
      It’s now more established as a condition but back in ye old days men especially soldiers were supposed to be heroes who would not be affected by what they saw and experienced. And since they rarely spoke of it it bubbled ominously away below the surface and lashed out at times. Children are very susceptible to atmosphere so even if there wasn’t outright violence they would be badly unnerved by the sense of threat hanging unspoken.

  6. What a lovely surprise this morning…. a read on one of my favourite actors, Patrick Stewart!! There are Trekkies and Trekkers… the latter group love the show but are not as immersed as the Trekkies. I am in the latter… especially enjoying the Star Trek, Next Generation series with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He brought such class to that series!!

    So many of our astrological analysis of famous or news worthy people focuses on the darker expression of difficult aspects in a chart. Trying to unpack the Why? and the What? of unsavoury human behaviour! A worthwhile effort for sure!!

    However, I always delight in looking at the chart of a person who has a chart with deep challenges and still finds a way to integrate these into a stellar life. It is good to explore these too!! I confess that this helps me explore my own astrological challenges in the best way possible.

    I am reminded of another of my heroes… Oliver Sacks. His exploration of what was “wrong” with people often led him to realize that the medical challenges they faced were their gift… that they were who they were BECAUSE of the diagnosis and not in spite of!! And he, too, was a Cancer Sun!!

    thanks Marjorie!

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