Paris Hilton – triumph of hope over experience



Paris ‘famous for being famous’ Hilton, American socialite, model, singer, actress, own-brand promoter and media celeb, has ventured for the third time into betrothal. Twice promised before, never married. She’s the great granddaughter of the Hilton Hotels founder and has been a regular tabloid headline since her teens, with a sex-tape scandal, a DUI charge, jail time for driving over the speed limit on a suspended licence, arrested for cannabis possession, and making derogatory comments about gays.

Born 17 February 1981 at 2.30am (rectified) New York, she’s a freewheeling Sun Mercury and Venus in Aquarius with a flamboyant Leo Moon. She has a Yod of Mars in Pisces in the 3rd (drives too fast) inconjunct Moon sextile Saturn Jupiter in Libra in her 10th – which will make her reckless and self-willed as well as self-defeating. Jupiter in her 10th guarantees her luck in her career and social standing; Saturn should make her a good organiser.

Whether this hitching on a pricey $2 million engagement sparkler, will work out any better than her previous attempts is questionable.

Actor Chris Zylka, 9 May 1985, whom she’s been walking out for two years, is a minorly successful actor from a Ukrainian family. He’s a Sun Taurus opposition Saturn in Scorpio, so determined and stubborn; with a hard-working Capricorn Moon and Venus in upfront Aries. His Saturn is conjunct her Uranus so there will be tensions from differing lifestyle choices – she wildly rebellious; he more focussed on practicalities. His Pluto is also square her Moon which will be cosily close initially but could turn possessive. His Jupiter is conjunct her Venus and his Venus is opposition her Jupiter – so great for superficial frivolity and indulgence but less so for the nitty gritty of even a super-wealthy everyday life. She’s an Air Sun, Fire Moon, so flies around in a hot-air balloon; while he’s a more grounded Earth Sun and Moon. Opposites can attract but often don’t stay the course.

Their relationship chart has an adventurous composite Sun trine Uranus Jupiter which will provide excitement and high jinks; though the composite Venus square Uranus Jupiter hints at a switch-on, switch-off emotional attachment. Worse there’s a power-struggling (and could turn bitter) composite Mars opposition Pluto. The composite Moon may be conjunct either Pluto or Saturn, or both, which is a touch bleak. It’ll catch a draught before late 2018 with tr Saturn square the composite Sun; and be seriously aggravated in 2019/2020 with tr Pluto square the composite Mars. Though even before then from April 2018 onwards it looks to be getting progressively rockier. Not even a happy-ever-after fairytale romance to cheer the USA up.

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  1. I see you mention the yod aspect now and again Marjorie with Paris Hilton having her natal Mars (yod) in the 3rd house. Would this apply to MC’s and Nodes?

    Someone close to me has Pluto in the 3rd inconjunct MC (conjunct Ceres) sextile North Node in the 8th with transit Pluto hovering around her IC right now. Maybe triggering that yod, that is if it’s considered to be a yod at all?

    Apologies in advance if you don’t normally respond to personal requests online.

    • I’m shocked, larryc. You were the Launcelot of Love with Harry and Meghan!

      Could make the same comment about the royal couple. The dresses meghan has been wearing are very reckless. Tittilating for Harry, but inappropriate for her new life. The one she covered up with a coat on her walk to the church the other day had a neckline that plunged nearly to her waistline. What the Queen must have thought! Meghan is like a combo of Fergie and Diana plus a hundred.

      But, then again, Harry may have more than a touch of his great-uncle King Edward in him, and be very happy with his American. Vive la love!

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