Ahed Tamimi – Israel running scared of a 16 year old



Ahmed Tamimi is a 16 year old Palestinian girl who was arrested for slapping an Israeli soldier (in full protective battle kit) after he and his colleagues had parked on her family’s land, fired a rubber bullet into her 14 year old cousin’s face and fired tear gas into their house. She is described as ‘a risk’ to Israel, has been held in isolation and denied access to her parents during interrogation.

She comes from a family who have been engaged in active resistance to Israel’s occupation. From 2013 onwards, they have staged regular demonstrations against the military and the nearby settlers who have taken over their lands and water spring. The protests are met with tear gas, rubber bullets, skunk water and live ammunition. In 2012, Ahed’s father was declared a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. In 2013, her uncle was killed by a tear gas canister shot to the head. In 2014, her mother was almost permanently disabled when she was shot in the leg. In 2015, a video of Ahed preventing her younger brother from being arrested went viral. Her cousins and her older brother have spent time in Israeli prisons.

She’s a feisty and charming Sun Venus in Aries sextile Neptune in Aquarius on one side and Jupiter in Gemini on the other – so pro-active and idealistic. She’s also got an angry, frustrated Mars Pluto in Sagittarius; and a fairly autocratic Saturn in stubborn Taurus square Uranus. Not one, even at her young age, to be compliant to the transgressing occupiers.

Her Saturn is conjunct the Israel Taurus Sun and squares the Israel Mars in Leo with her Uranus in opposition to the Israel Mars so it’s an inflammatory and unyielding combination. The relationship chart has a bleak, chained-together Saturn (Moon) square Pluto; and an explosive composite Mars opposition Uranus.

When will the Israelis ever learn that you cannot take people’s land, force them to live without electricity, food, water and medical care at times and then expect them to come up smiling sweetly and saying ‘yes sir.’  They should be hanging their heads in shame, except they won’t.


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  1. Wel said Marjorie, It really is time that Israel took a look at itself and its past to show an example of consideration and cooperation ratther tahnt his ongoing power/revenge type mentality. It could do so much to bring abuot worldpeacejust by example.

  2. Thanks for that, this brave lassie is the face of the future, be careful Isreal as Pluto prepares to cross your IC and oppose and square all your stubbornly fixed planets, you will back yourself into a corner where the only way out to such fanaticism is Armageddon.

  3. Hate to say it, but Israel always plays the victim. This has been going on for decades and what point does Israel become a grown up and sort it out? Even this 16 year old is victimising them. Pretty juvenile country.

  4. Thank you Marjorie. I asked about this one, when it caught my attention.
    It is such a shame a young bright girl who could be coming from volleyball practice or something on the lines of that, is dealing with a lack of freedom another race/religion has imposed on her and her race, in her own land.

    If left in peace (i highly doubt that will happen anytime soon) it looks like she could be a good journalist or a resourceful human rights lawyer, with that Jupiter Neptune sextile. The aspects show a very honest character regardless of consequences.

  5. I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that it is Palestinian Youth like Ahed Tamimi that will free Palestine from Israeli Apartheid.The whole world supports Ahed Tamimi in her fight against Israeli Apartheid and Occupation.That support will continue.There can be no peace with Israeli Apartheid and Occupation.Ahed Tamimi is an Hero throughout the world for her fight against Israeli Apartheid and Occupation.

  6. Experts state that millions of Palestinian children have been psychologically traumatised by the situation in their homeland and yet the Israelis, the perpetrators, want us all to remember what happened to them. Don’t ever forget they say; and learn from it to ensure that it never happens again. They may not utilise gas chambers but there are times when you could say that there is a fate worse than death and I reckon that the Palestinians fall into that category.

    • Shirley, a fate worse than Death would be so extreme it would eclipse psychological trauma by a miles. Please don’t fall into the “worse than the gas chambers” trap. Your compassion surely includes victims of the Holocaust.

  7. Well said Marjorie, Palestinians are untermensch to the israelis. Ethnic cleansing, land theft, apartheid….and the cretinous Trump as their cheerleader must give them supernatural powers at present.

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