Palin & Trump – the potential for fireworks

No one has yet come up with a snappy epithet for the duo of Palin and Trump, as she throws her hat into his ring. He normally dislikes sharing the limelight but for now is happy to give her a platform, while she no doubt relishes the prospect of getting back into the headlines.

The scene is set for some challenging interchanges.  Her ratchety, outspoken Sun Mars Saturn in Aquarius oppose his flamboyant Mars in Leo and Ascendant which is likely to prove argumentative. Her chaotic Uranus Pluto in Virgo falls in his 1st house so she’ll certainly rock his boat where his image is concerned.

Their relationship chart is incredibly intense and controlling with a composite Venus opposition Mars square Pluto – and she’s not a lady who likes being dominated.

There’s also a dynamic composite Cardinal Grand Cross so together they could start up a whirlwind.  Though there’ll be jolts, jangles and some outbursts when tr Uranus is conjunct the composite Sun in May and October. Before then from early March tr Pluto is conjunct the composite Jupiter which could go two ways. Either they charge ahead with high confidence in co-operation. Or they start to point-score against each other, trying to gain the upper hand. Maybe both.

Each of them has Jupiter in their natal chart in mid Cardinal, Palin at 16 Aries and Trump at 17 Libra – so from now onwards they’ll be on a high, pushing hard – probably too hard. Pluto Jupiter can be hugely successful but it can also go over the score, assuming rules don’t apply. Then it bites back. But they do extraordinarily (and tragically) have the most hopeful charts of any candidates for this year.

Donald Trump, 14 June 1946 10.54am New York; Sarah Palin 11 Feb 1964 9.44pm Sandpoint, ID.

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