Oscar Pistorius – the dream that shattered

Oscar Pistorius, once lauded as a hero, the ‘blade runner’ who overcame birth defects to six Paralympic gold medals, is to be freed from prison after serving nine years for shooting his girlfriend on St Valentine’s Day in 2013. It became the trial of the century in South Africa as he claimed he was firing at an intruder and was sentenced to a relatively short term in prison which was subsequently extended on appeal.

  Now ‘fat, bearded and a smoker’ he will be free in January but it is unclear what comes next for him.

  He was born 22 November 1986 10.30am Johannesburg, South Africa and not surprisingly has a super-determined chart with an ambitious 10th house last degree Scorpio Sun square Mars in contrary/obstinate Aquarius.  He also has a charming though manipulative Venus Pluto and Mercury in Scorpio conjunct his Midheaven trine Jupiter in Pisces. His Leo Moon in the 6th is square Pluto Venus. Not only did his temperament brook no interference with his driving ambition it would also make him inflexible in emotional relationships; doubly/triple so with Pluto controlling his Venus and Moon.

  His girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, a well-known model and television personality, the face of an anti-bullying campaign, was born 19 August 1983 in Cape Town with one website having 2pm as a birthtime.  Her Leo Sun and Venus in Virgo fell in his 7th which is ideal for a romantic bond; but her Sun was also opposition his Mars and square his Scorpio Sun and her Mars (maybe in her 8th) was conjunct his Moon exactly. A tinderbox connection. She also had her Sun trine Neptune and sextile Saturn Pluto so could be stubborn and unyielding herself. If her birth time is accurate then her Sun/Moon midpoint, the close relationship signifier, was exactly square her Mars, attracting her to high vitality and competitive partners.

  Their relationship chart did have an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction but was marked by an ‘accident-prone’, can-be-cruel Mars opposition Saturn, suggesting one partner had to be completely compliant for it to work.

  When the murder took place tr Saturn in Scorpio was just across his Midheaven about to move through his high profile upper quadrant. For some this means success; for others it means retribution for past mistakes.  As he went into prison tr Pluto was heading into his trapped 12th house where it will stay for another few years ahead.

 Although his Solar Return from November 2023 has a ‘relieved’ Jupiter Uranus in the domestic 4th, the year following does not look so easy with Sun in the 8th, Pluto in the 10th opposition Mars in the 4th. Frustrated, aggravated and stuck.

  Tr Uranus elbowing his Mars after mid 2024 and then opposing his Sun in 2025 will turn his life upside down. Tr Saturn will progress through the lowest point of his First Quadrant in 2024/25/26 which is usually a financially sticky and psychological fraught time.

There is a morality tale in here somewhere. What made him successful was also his tragic flaw. His greatest strength was his greatest weakness.

6 thoughts on “Oscar Pistorius – the dream that shattered

  1. Coming up in the next few years he will have Pluto transit opposite his Moon, Saturn conjunct Jupiter and Uranus square his Mars hitting into a T-square to oppose his Sun. I don’t suppose he will fade quietly into obscurity.

  2. He really is lucky. Jupiter must be overlooking him. Even if it was an accident, there are men who’ll die in prison for much less than what he did to that woman – and her family.

  3. Thanks for this, Marjorie. He seems incredibly determined, all that Scorpio and fixed Aquarius. Reeva’s mother thinks he hasn’t changed and sticks to his story he shot Reeva by mistake. It will be hard for him to make a new life now.

    • I was pleased to see Reeva’s mother has decided to put it behind her as much as it’s possible to. She says she’s forgiven Pistorius although seems to be more about not her dwelling in the past. Good for her.

      I agree with her view that he hasn’t changed. There is nothing believable about his version of events. It always seemed likely they had an argument, she hid in the bathroom, refused to come out, he threatened her to open the door or else …

      He lacks cardinality and earth in his chart apart from neptune in capricorn which is unlikely to be very grounded in itself. Reeva had Cap moon, virgo venus/mercury. He probably needs to find someone with some Taurus to help him fill the missing leg of his t-square.

      • weren’t Reeva’s jeans outside the window – might it be possible he heard her climbing out of the window and shot her (through the door) to stop her leaving

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