Northern Ireland – Covid-19 the least of the worries


Northern Ireland with relatively few Covid-19 related deaths, half of them in care homes, is edging towards a cautious lift of the lockdown. The differences in health policy between the three regions of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have heightened tensions with Westminster with the approaching Brexit guddle no clearer. It has a key significance for Northern Ireland since bumbling Boris has thrown a smokescreen over precisely what it means in practical terms for an EU customs border between north and south.

The regional government was restored earlier this year after a three-year period of political paralysis and dysfunction.

The NI 7 December 1922 3.28pm chart is stressed with tr Pluto opposition the Cancer Moon running till late this year indicating an emotionally conflicted populace and there’s also a panicky Solar Arc Neptune square Mars exact in four months’ time. There might (?) be a confidence and enthusiasm-lift come late May into early June with tr Uranus opposition the Jupiter, repeating late October/November this year and early 2021. With the tr Saturn Jupiter conjunction this December moving to conjunct the Midheaven which will set the region on a new path. It won’t be easy since tr Pluto is following behind to move into the 10th from 2023 onwards (start time being accurate) which suggests a radical rethink of direction and purpose.

The relationship with the UK chart is under disappointing and worrisome influences this year with tr Neptune opposition the composite Jupiter Saturn and square Uranus; and tr Neptune moves on to form an undermining square to the composite Sun by 2023. So the relationship won’t improve in the short term.

Although some have claimed that a unified Ireland is more likely because of Brexit the relationship chart between north and south (1949), at best highly aggravated, looks less than harmonious ahead for several years with tr Neptune opposing the composite Saturn and conjunct Mars; with emotional upsets in 2021 and great challenges till 2024.

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