Florence Nightingale – ahead of her time


Florence Nightingale, a well-bred English lady who almost single-handedly turned nursing into a profession, was born 200 years ago today. She rebelled against her wealthy background to focus her attention on nursing and when the Times wrote of the appalling conditions suffered by injured soldiers in the Crimea War, many dying unnecessarily of septicaemia and neglect, she volunteered and was given the task of recruiting a team of largely untried and untested women. Hospital nurses of the time were deemed morally unsuitable and unreliable for bedside nursing. Nuns were chosen since they came free along with unpaid, genteel lady volunteers who supervised the nurses who were chosen to ensure they did their jobs properly without engaging in promiscuous conduct with the soldiers.

In later years she set up a nurses training school in the UK and wrote prolifically. She had many male friends but never married.

She was born 12 May 1820 2pm (unverified) Florence, Italy and was a single-minded New Moon in earthy Taurus in the far-travelled and communicative 9th house sextile Jupiter in compassionate Pisces in her hard-working 6th house – which makes the birth time sound feasible. She had an intense, persuasive and intimidating Pluto conjunct her Descendant which squared a 10th house Venus, so she could turn on the charm though usually with an agenda. Her Saturn in self-reliant Aries was trine Mars and square Venus suiting her for difficult and dangerous circumstances and a life of emotional sacrifice.

Her 4th house Neptune Uranus was square Pluto and opposition her 10th house Venus for an unsettled domestic life but one bent on pushing through reforms which with a focal point Pluto would be against heavy resistance since many were ahead of their time. She emphasised the need for good sanitation, improved sewage systems and cleanliness (washing hands) – all of which are very Taurus and Pluto.

Her humanitarian 9th Harmonic was well-aspected; as was her ‘healer’ 12H; leaving-a-legacy 17H; and global reputation 22nd Harmonic.


4 thoughts on “Florence Nightingale – ahead of her time

  1. Hello Marjorie!
    Lovely to see this tribute to the wonderful Florence Nightingale. Your readers might be interested to read this short history of St Thomas’ Hospital, which was founded in the City of London in the 12th century.
    Several hundred years later, Florence Nightingale was closely involved with the ‘new’ premises, which are on the South Bank, near Waterloo Station in London.
    I hope this little bit of history is useful. May her legacy live on.

  2. I am amazed by this chart……that she is Sun/Moon conjunction in Taurus (sounds so rooted to the spot!), born abroad, they’re in the 9th – but what an incredibly intelligent and yes, critical, face she has….you immediately see air and/or earth – so Virgo does seem logical, there is no messing with her. However, Sun/Moon Taurus is a huge conflict in the 9th – being born äbroad”as it was called in those days, when Taurus was practically limited to the doorstep – I can’t discover why the parents were there…? but I am shocked at how modern she looks, Germaine Greer sprang to mind when I saw FN!
    Mercury’s the chart ruler (with Virgo rising) in the 8th in Aries so of course she was innovative, but she must have been so focused, its a wonder. I think its amazing that nurses were considered ‘morally unsuitable’….for what??

    Astrology is sometimes so literal – she had áppealing food made for patients with special dietary needs ‘- how Taurus can you get? Q E D….

    I had no idea she established St Thomas’ Hospital in London where I have lain for several weeks having been airlifted out of Africa…. I think that Neptune at 0 degrees of Capricorn (a critical, powerful degree) in the 4th sums her up….she was subtle and had relationships, which I am glad about – no doubt she interrogated the partners and wouldn’t let them deflect her from her mission. There are few historical figures I would like to have a chat with, but she is at the top of the list.

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