Nigel Farage – triumphant outsider




Nigel Farage, the UK politician who made it to the shortlist of Time magazine’s person of the Year for his role in the successful campaign for Britain to leave the EU, is sailing high at the moment. He buddied up with Donald Trump pre-the election and gives every sign of wanting to be part of the US-UK relationship ahead. Written off years ago as one of a bunch of ‘fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists’ as David Cameron once described UKIP, he’s understandably jubilant. Cartoonists always depict him with a cigarette in one hand, a glass of beer in the other and a wayward gleam in his eye, so not one for political correctness.

Born 3 April 1964 4.30pm Farnborough, UK, he has an 8th house Aries Sun conjunct Mars in the late 7th; with Jupiter also in Aries in the 8th conjunct Mercury in Taurus – so intensely driven, impulsive, lucky, pro-active. Saturn in Pisces opposes Uranus Pluto on his Virgo Ascendant so a determined rebel, though with a depressive streak that isn’t always obvious.

He has been very chipper through this autumn with tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter and now has tr Uranus conjunct his Sun/Jupiter as he contemplates moving to the US whether he’s made a UK Ambassador or not (NOT according to No 10).

He shares a Sagittarius Moon with Donald Trump; and Trump’s Sun falls in Farage’s 10th, so a career advantage. Their relationship chart isn’t looking too cheerful in 2018/2019 with some ups and downs through 2017 as well.

With tr Pluto now into Farage’s 5th for many years ahead he’ll want to be taken as a person of substance, so expect more grandstanding. Tr Uranus will conjunct his 8th house Jupiter in 2018 which will be good for money/business; though he’ll have some major disruptions when his Solar Arc Sun squares his Uranus in 18 months’ time.

Relocating his chart to New York puts his ambitious Mars Sun and Jupiter all in the 10th so he’d definitely thrive there.

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