New Zealand – their tenacity being stress tested

Astrologically New Zealand was always in for a rough ride through the pandemic and in the aftermath. And recent indications are of a ‘stalled economy’ with diminishing activity in the manufacturing industry. The economy is shrinking, with speculation a recession may be approaching though GDP is rising, and unemployment remains close to record lows, at about 3.3%. Compared to elsewhere the statistics don’t look too alarming but local pain and panic are real.

  The New Zealand country chart, 17 January 1853, has a surprisingly tricky Sun Mars in Capricorn square Pluto and Uranus. That is being put under massive pressure not only by tr Pluto conjunct the Mars and square the Pluto this year and next bringing considerable frustration and panic but by Solar Arc Saturn square the Mars this year for a significant setback and opposition the Pluto in 2024, into 2025 which suggests deprivation and hardship.

  Tough times ahead all of which will lead to a disruptive tr Pluto square the Uranus in 2026/27 which in other countries might suggest a coup or a revolt but is more likely to be radical changes, either volunteered or forced by circumstances.

  This is the decade to test New Zealand’s resilience and it will be a different country when it emerges into the next decade.

  The Bank of New Zealand, 1 August 1934, will be forced/prompted to make sweeping changes when tr Uranus squares their Leo Sun within a few days and running on and off into early 2024; with further tensions and upheavals in 2024 with tr Uranus square the Saturn. At the same time in 2024/25 tr Pluto square the NZ Bank Uranus will demand a reversal of previous policies in an effort to cope with a rapidly changing and turbulent situation.

  Chris Hipkins’ government, 25 January 2023, is facing a testing three years ahead with tr Pluto moving to close the conjunction to the Aquarius Sun.  His own chart indicates a confident push this year and next; but he’s also running into a major setback by late 2024.

Be nice to think of one spot in paradise that is happy, contented and thriving. I’m open to suggestions.

2 thoughts on “New Zealand – their tenacity being stress tested

  1. There’s a solar eclipse pretty much on that Oct 14 election: does this suggest an unclear or ‘occluded’ result (more than possible with the PR system there)? Or an eclipsing of the government?
    You don’t use the Treaty of Waitangi chart, Feb 6 1840? Jessica Adams seems to rate it?

  2. Chris Hipkin’s government only gets till 14th October this year, at which time we have a general election. Yes there is a lot of glumness here with large numbers emigrating to Australia. It is currently impossible? to see how we are going to get out of it.
    A good thing and I think something that is relevant to our seeming inability to focus on any reality based direction, is the fact that we are making considerable progress on decolonization. It means power being shared and of course there are those who big time don’t like it. I’ll just look forward to later in the decade when we can see where we have got to.

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