New Zealand & Australia – no easy answers ahead

New Zealand on the statistical front appears to be weathering the Covid economic storm but there’s no doubting the challenges ahead. The NZ 4th house Sun Mars in Capricorn is catching tr Pluto conjunct the Sun this year and next and moving on from early 2022 to conjunct the Mars which will be aggravating, trapped and frustrating till late 2023 on the domestic discontent front. The Solar Arc Saturn is also in a discouraging square to the NZ Sun this year and pointing towards considerable setbacks by 2023 when it squares the NZ Mars.

  From a previous post: New Zealand always was facing an exceptionally tough decade starting on its Uranus Return in 2019, followed by a series of heavy, challenging transits right through the 2020s. Tr Pluto moving into the 4th house this year and staying for many years ahead bringing internal disquiet and strains, will conjunct the NZ Capricorn Sun Mars and square the NZ Pluto from early 2021 to 2023; with the economically destabilising tr Uranus in Taurus square tr Saturn in Aquarius in 2021 hitting on the NZ (Uranus) Saturn. The Solar Arc Saturn will square the Sun in 2021, then Mars in 2023, then oppose Pluto in 2026 bringing a series of setbacks. By which time tr Pluto has moved into Taurus and will form a disruptive (revolutionary) conjunction to the Uranus and in a tough-slog conjunction with Saturn up to the end of the decade.

  There will be jolts, upheavals and upsets in 2023/2024 economically which show on the Bank of New Zealand, 1 August 1934 chart, but it isn’t as stressed ahead as the USA, UK or EU Central bank charts. It may be ripples from a global crisis or it could be the knock on from a deteriorating relationship with China – or maybe earthquake connected.

  This decade was always going to be one which changed New Zealand in a profound way.

  The Bank of Australia, 14 January 1960, is hinting at more obvious aggravation similar to USA, UK etc between 2023 and 2026 – with a devastating and confused Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune late 2022/early 2023; then a panicky failed tr Neptune square the Mars in 2024/25; a dead-halt, scary Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto in 2025 and a shock Solar Arc Sun square Mars in 2026.

  The Australia 1 January 1901 chart has an enthusiasm denting tr Neptune square the AU Jupiter in 2023/24 and a muddled square to Mercury in 2024. Tr Pluto will also cross the Midheaven, depending on the accuracy of the start time from 2023 to 2025, which can be a time of blocks on progress, necessitating a complete rethink of direction thereafter. It can sometimes accompany a loss of reputation or status as well. So tough times.   

15 thoughts on “New Zealand & Australia – no easy answers ahead

  1. Hi

    Can you please make and inside on nz chars as above for the 1st of August 2022! It looks like it will be significant.
    Thank u

  2. Unfortunately in NZ the Delta horse seems to have now bolted the barn, with considerable help from drinkers and druggies unwilling to follow distancing rules, cheered on by nefarious characters linked to US rightwingers and evangelicals pushing the antimask and antivax falsehoods conning far too many people. I do wonder where the money is coming from that supports these agents of chaos.

  3. I stumbled on this site today. What do you think are the prospects for Australia in the coming years, especially this decade in terms of economy? Appreciate your response.

  4. New Zealand govt is losing the faith of the public due to inattention to standard of living and focus on ‘progressive’ issues which are not discussed with the public and not widely understood. It either gets back to basics, or the back to basic’s, National party with an ACT Coalition, will do it for them. New Zealanders vote in even mediocre National govts, because they trust the staidness.

  5. Thanks Marjorie. do you think there are indicators of climate and land issues here – particularly in the Australia chart with Uranus transiting Taurus and transiting Pluto heading for the top of the chart?

    • It surprised me I must admit looking at the charts since I really only started looking at the UK for the post-Brexit effect. We were all looking forward to a more uplifting phase with the great planetary shift over. But clearly the transition bit isn’t going to be too smooth.

      • I don’t know how we can get an uplift with global warming happening. What would we need to see astrologically do you think?

  6. We can feel the change. I believe NZ will break up with China and fhis is change our economy drastically. Currently this country is lead by greed. Jacinda Arden and her party showed up very hypocritical and corrup, it came as a surprise to all of us, we really believed in her.

  7. The long boom since the early 90s has changed Australia from having an egalitarian spirit into a greedy, grasping, aspirational country – a little adversity might do us good.

    • I lived there from the 80s on and would argue in some ways, not at all. Yes it definitely had the egalitarian side as predominant image back then, but the naked misogyny and racism was eye watering to this Anglo teen.
      On the other hand there was a very what is now tiresomely called ‘woke’ contingent among the alternative crew, more overtly so than Ive seen in other countries.
      Behind both extremes is a very authoritarian very surveiling undercurrent indeed. The laid back image never rang true.
      I do think that the late 70s to the early 90s produced some great things though in so many areas, in social services, in human rights in all areas of culture from food to comedy to arts and especially in film.
      But my recent returns see a diminished plasticised controlling and controlled atmosphere that is increasingly reminding me of the stepford wives. And I fear for your democracy, both from the Right,obviously, but now, far more worryingly, from the Left.
      The 1901 birth chart of modern Australia is hardly cuddly 🙁

      • I agree, Australia has a tough chart – an ultra-conservative Sun conj. Saturn in Capricorn, a line-up of planets in Sag for the sporty, outdoors image which square and opp. Mars and Neptune and a brash, pushy Aries ascendant is anything but cuddly. I also agree with you about the threats from both the right and the woke left (it is arguable that they are not left at all). Strange times – hopefully a little adversity could push some sort of rest button.

        • Yes its very arguable that they are not left at all, but something much much more oppressive.
          I have just heard about some truly draconian legislation in Victoria that makes me think of my forefathers experience under Securitate. Quite terrifying, and as so often is the case Australians are sleepwalking into it.
          Our conversation is a perfect example of the ‘chilling’ effect that is going on now, globally.
          And of course, all this comes from the States.
          I had always felt that Oz rebelled against Mum ie UK and fell straight into the arms of big brother America, rather than navigating their own path.
          Gough Whitlam was a US/UK coup.

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