New York quake – uneasy coincidences ++ California

  The slight 4.8 earthquake that rattled New York on Friday did little physical damage but following the Baltimore Bridge disaster ten days ago and the approaching Great American Total Eclipse on Monday, tit brought a sense of unease.

  The accident-prone Mars Saturn conjunction in Pisces has been drawing closer since late March and becomes exact this coming Wednesday. On the earthquake chart it fell close to the Midheaven in the 10th.

  What is curious is that the Baltimore Bridge collapse occurred with the Moon at 16 Libra conjunct the South Node at 15 Libra – and this earthquake happened with the Sun at 16 degrees Aries conjunct the North Node. Both of which impact on the USA natal Saturn at 14 Libra. The USA natal Saturn has moved by Solar Arc to conjunct the Mars, exact in three months but in effect now which is likely to bring a significant setback/accident/misfortune for the United States.

  Quite how much this has relevance remains to be seen. Saturn being opposed by a Solar Eclipse usually suggests a need to take responsibility, often for the actions of others – but there is always a sense of chickens coming home to roost and a price to be paid either for past actions or past associations.

  Mars Saturn sits on the angles of Solar Eclipse charts located in different locations – on the Midheaven on the west coast of USA/Canada. On the IC of Iran. On the Ascendant through central/east Australia and on the Descendent for the tip of Brazil.

 The Iran 1979 Islamic Republic chart has its Pluto conjunct this Eclipse which could bring strong reactions for the recent Damascus attack by Israel.

   The Jupiter Uranus conjunction which is the subject of much internet astro-chatter falls in the earthquake 11th house and the Eclipse 10th house set for New York. I am not sure why it is causing so much interest since these conjunctions come round every fourteen years or so. The 1941 conjunction in Taurus was certainly fairly horrific since it coincided with the Luftwaffe blitz on London, Liverpool and Greenock but that also had Saturn in Taurus nearby which would not help.  The other instances did not seem to throw up pass remarkable events.

  On its own Jupiter Uranus should be lucky, bringing new opportunities, relief from tension and optimism.

  All straws in the wind at the moment. But worth paying attention – without getting panicked.

ADD ON:  California is in for a troubled year with the April Solar Eclipse conjunct its Saturn in Aries and tr Pluto continuing to upend its Uranus Pluto in last degree Aries till late November.    It does not have similar Uranus Neptune aspects to the 1994 quake or the 1906 one – so it may be political upheavals or other natural or man made disasters.

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  1. I wonder if anyone can dig up a time perhaps for Los Angeles when on 4 September 1781 the 44 pobladores, 2 priests and military escort set out for the site Crespí had chosen to found the city.

    L.A. is a Virgo… At first an eyebrow-raise, but then makes sense, with all the emphasis on healthy living, fitness, diet, living styles and so on, and I think Marjorie or someone pointed to that.

    Neptune, perhaps, as film industry should be there as well and some Leo too (fun, entertainment, vanity).

    • Venus conjunct Neptune. Figures. And in Libra, the sign that loves the mirrors, ruled by Neptune. It is also a sign that has a certain charm drawing people towards these natives, and these people can’t often explain it what is it that is drawing them.

      Mercury in Leo: business deals and trade (Mercury) about entertainment industry (Leo).

      Pluto return, at 4° Aquarius, isn’t too far off.

  2. I was trying to find which New York chart had something like Pluto on the Moon on something, and that coincided during covid with the, now turned out to be false?, massive fleeing from the city, when billionaires all went and bought houses in Florida and so on. That chart made sense with all the headlines swirling around NY Times and similar websites.

    • And now I’m looking at Alice Portman, who doesn’t know where she got that chart from, but a historian or a Google search might tell us, and it has Moon at 27° Capricorn. And then Pluto went over the descendant, where it will hover for a time. That might be the chart.

    • This chart seems to be having solar-arc Moon square the Sun.

      Not too far from now, from about June, until next year about the end of April, Uranus will be on that Sun, ruler of the 1st house.

      Moon rules the 12th, and if I’m seeing right, progressed Moon will a year from now start its path through New York’s 2nd house, economy, and change it. Now it seems to be changing the priorities (1st house).

  3. There’s been a lot of internet chatter about the so-called ‘red heiffer ritual sacrifice’, the up coming eclipse and the current Gaza conflict.

  4. The path of totality for the 8 April 2024 eclipse passes over New Madrid Missouri, site of the largest earthquakes to hit the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. The initial quake rated 7.2-8.2 occurred 16 December 1811, followed by two additional, similar earthquakes in January and February 1812. The Mississippi flowed backwards and bells rang as far east as Boston and Washington.

    • There was an approaching Neptune square Pluto then – which would fit the standard pattern (if there is one) for quakes.

      • On forum I think there was a thread about Neptune, or maybe Pluto, being angular where an earthquake struck. Poseidon in Greek mythology was responsible for shaking the Earth, so I think that’s how the planet Neptune got rulership over quakes. But there was something else, like an aspect or something, about that theory… Because a planet is angular somewhere all the time.

  5. Will Lilith have anything to do with the Eclipse? As it is it trine transiting Pluto in Aquarius, The houses involved the 2/6 houses respectively. This could involve America’s finances/work?

  6. Thanks Marjorie. I’ve been interested in eclipses and earthquakes for a long time, but never reached any firm conclusions. They do seem to be connected, but I suspect it’s quite complicated. As you write:

    “The accident-prone Mars Saturn conjunction in Pisces has been drawing closer since late March and becomes exact this coming Wednesday. On the earthquake chart it fell close to the Midheaven in the 10th.”

    What’s curious about this is that the devastating 7.6 San Francisco earthquake, 18 April 1906, had Saturn at 11 Pisces ( chart), and Mars is around 11 Pisces today, along with Saturn ‘returning’ at 14 Pisces.
    As for Mars in April 1906 it was 22 Taurus conjunct BML 20 Taurus – with our current tr Uranus and Jupiter close by. There’d been a Solar Eclipse on 6th March, 1906 at 14 Pisces, so potentially tr Saturn was triggering that.
    The ascendant for San Francisco 1906 on the chart is a rather spooky 18 Aries. The MC is 10 Capricorn with a very descriptive Uranus 8 Capricorn. Those Cardinal degrees are, possibly, reflected in the approaching Aries Solar Eclipse and the October Libran Solar at 10 degrees?

    I suspect around 18 Aries/Libra, and 10 Cardinal may be important for the USA and earthquakes. The Loma Prieta California 7.1 earthquake of 17 October, 1989, had Mars 18 Libra. Jupiter was 10 Cancer, Saturn 8 Capricorn, Neptune 9 Capricorn, Mercury 9 Libra. Oddly, there had been a Solar Eclipse at 17 Pisces in March 1989, perhaps somehow linking back to the 14 Pisces eclipse of March 1906? The echoes are thought provoking I feel, but don’t necessarily ‘predict’ a huge earthquake. Perhaps this NY earthquake was simply a kind of memory or reminder of the past? The 15 Pisces Lunar Eclipse in September 2025 could be worth watching.
    And as you suggest – don’t panic!

    • As an add-on – California, 9 September 1850 (Marjorie’s chart on here, August 2023) has Saturn at 19 Aries. Mars is 11 Libra, with Mercury 13 Libra. The Sun for Los Angeles, 1850, is 14 Aries, square Moon 16 Capricorn. Mars is 9 Cancer.

    • Thanks Jane, I wasn’t so much thinking about a major earthquake which I always associate with strong Uranus Neptune or Neptune Pluto aspects, more that the build up of odd mishaps could be of significance for the USA’s destiny/path ahead.

      • Yes, I agree about that too. As a lovely Jungian psychotherapist once told me, sometimes dream symbolism can appear outside, in real, tangible life. And maybe with Neptune in Pisces, those boundaries are especially permeable? I remember all the odd signs and portents in the year the Queen died, for example.

        A January 1st, 1898 chart for New York (Maggie Hyde) has Moon 26 Aries, Jupiter 9 Libra (October Eclipse). The one for Manhattan, 12 February 1653 has 24 Aquarius Sun opposing 27 Leo Moon. Mercury, 2 Aquarius, is conjunct Jupiter, 1 Aquarius – the Pluto and Uranus transits will surely manifest somehow if this chart works. NY Stock Exchange (Campion) has Moon 20 Aries with the Solar Eclipse, and Sun 27 Taurus, Mercury 23 Taurus – so if that one works Uranus will shake it up in some way. Stock Exchange Jupiter is 22 Libra. So, no idea if any of these charts work, but interesting nonetheless.

        • And just to note – the date of Accession to the Union for the State of Louisiana – when the legislation was signed, is 8th April, 1812. Formal admission, 30 April, 1812.

        • I’ll always remember the moving symbolism of final birthday photo of Elizabeth II. She stood between two white horses an must have known that this would be her final year.

          • Yes, a wonderful poignant image. Very mythical and symbolic, chosen with care by a very special woman I think.

        • @Jane, New York is in the midst of a brewing political scandal, with the unpopular New York City mayor, Eric Adams, a former police captain, under multiple investigations for corruption involving taking gifts/money from foreign governments/entities, especially Turkey. Not sure if this might be showing up in your astrological readings.

          • Thanks Nicole! Yes, I think it might well be as you say. I’ve spent quite a lot of time in New York, some of it work related, and always enjoyed the energy there. But haven’t been for some years. Be a real shame if it is undermined by such a mayor.

    • Out of respect for my mother, who used to get upset when nobody mentioned the 1936 earthquake, which for her was pretty awful. Please take a look.

      And although I wasn’t there in the late 80s, I remember feeling relieved that my folks would be all right as there was no reason for them to be on the other side of The Bay Bridge. But I was wrong as my dad had taken to using Oakland Airport instead of SF International Airport. So he was fortunate that he had just made it into San Francisco before the bridge gave up its ghost. I remember being so surprised because I had thought it was really really safe. The whole thing left ne quite shaken.

      • Thank you, Jane!

        I haven’t found what I was looking for, but bumped onto these:

        Alice Portman: 16th May 1626 NS, 9.33 am, New York, NY
        Celeste Teal: 1 January 1898 at 12 a.m. EST for New York City, for Manhattan she uses 12 February 1653 at 12:00 p.m. LMT.

        In Astro-Databank there is an entry Cities: New York, New York (Consolidation).

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