New York – Mars in Sagittarius shocks Manhattan



At least 29 people have been injured in an explosion around 9pm Saturday night in a fashionable part of Manhattan, New York, which is usually crowded at the weekend. The blast is thought to be “intentional” but with no known links to terrorists, well presumably of the ISIS variety anyway. Another device was later found in the same district.

The explosion came a day after the Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius. At the time tr Mars was moving through the 8th located to NY and in an explosive trine to Uranus as well as having moved to exactly square the Lunar Eclipse degree.

The Lunar Eclipse set for NY has Uranus on the IC, so very unsettling.

New York City Inc, 1 Jan 1898, also has Mars (and Venus) in Sagittarius, though five degrees further on. There’s not much showing on that chart exactly, though the tr Saturn square tr Neptune is hitting on the Saturn/Pluto midpoint – 9/11 was very much a Saturn Pluto event. And tr Mars is conjunct the Sun/Saturn and square the Mars/Neptune midpoints.

New York has a very Mutable chart with Pluto Neptune in Gemini and Uranus Saturn also in Sagittarius, which will contribute to its high-wire temperament. Tr Saturn will oppose the NY Pluto after mid October; with tr Neptune square Pluto through 2017, as tr Saturn then opposes Neptune and is conjunct Mars Venus – so tough times ahead though not necessarily to do with atrocities.

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