Milo Yiannopoulos & Alex Jones – high hopes running into the buffers

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Milo Yiannopoulos, the senior Breitbart journalist, whose appearance to speak at Berkeley University caused a riot with property damage by protestors, was born 18 Oct 1983 and brought up in England. He is an avowed Trump supporter whom he refers to as ‘daddy’. He has allied himself with right-wing, racist and anti-semitic organisations, is against feminism and although gay himself thinks homosexuals should be back in the closet.   He sounds like a screamer who’ll say anything outrageous just to get a reaction.

He is a Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra sextile Neptune in Sagittarius; with Pluto conjunct Saturn in early Scorpio. So a bleak chart, control-freaky and with fantasies of grandeur from Neptune Pluto. His Moon is in Pisces probably opposition Venus Mars in Virgo square Uranus Jupiter in Sagittarius, so high-wire with all that Mutable; erratic, volatile.

His chart is being depressed this year with Neptune opposing his Mars this month, and Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Jupiter later this year; and is being shaken up by tr Uranus opposition his Sun this year, Pluto in 2018 and then Saturn; with a major setback in 2019 from Solar Arc Saturn square Mars. So quite a rocky ride.

The other Trump fan is Alex Jones, a radio show host and conspiracy theorist, whose Infowars site has been described as a fake news site. Born 11 February 1974 in Dallas, Texas, he’s a Sun Jupiter in Aquarius square a belligerent Mars in Taurus. Aquarius can be far-right/fascist as well as humanitarian (in different individuals, I mean). His Sun Jupiter are in an Air Grand Trine to Saturn in Gemini trine Uranus (Moon) in Libra; formed into a Kite by Saturn opposition North Node. Again a weighting of Air signs often appears in the charts of ideologues – all mouth, less heart.

He’s having a jolting year in 2017; looks exceedingly stuck in 2018; and completely tramped underfoot in 2019/2020 with Solar Arc Pluto opposition his Mars and square his Sun. He’ll have apoplexy if Trump goes down.

2 thoughts on “Milo Yiannopoulos & Alex Jones – high hopes running into the buffers

  1. Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart amid child sex comments…”…Yiannopoulos seemed to speak sympathetically of certain sexual relationships between adult men and 13-year-old boys. Pedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody 13 years old who is sexually mature,” he said. “Pedophilia is attraction to children who have not reached puberty.” ”

    What a sick mind. People actually pay him to talk like that?

    He goes on to sliver about with, “”Breitbart News has stood by me when others caved. They have allowed me to carry conservative and libertarian ideas to communities that would otherwise never have heard them,” he said. “They have been a significant factor in my success.”

  2. Thanks Marjorie 🙂 I wonder if their jolting events on the horizon are anything to do with their golden idol being brought down, as well as massive public opinion going against Trump and perhaps, maybe realize they were wrong?

    Can’t ever imagine Alex Jones ever admitting he was wrong. I think he’s as bad as the alternative news rhetoric spewed to recruit like-minded individuals to fight with ISIS. He recruits Trump supporters with his propaganda news. When I first heard of him, I didn’t mind him so much. But after a few months, I started to realize, this guy is an angry nut-job. The fact he supports Trump when news comes out from Arkansas that they are now in favour of a law being passed that allows rapists to have a say in whether a woman can keep her child (he can sue the doctor) just goes to show what kind of flavour this man is.

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