Australia & USA – a race to the bottom over refugees

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The Australian refugee site Nauru, was slammed last year by Amnesty International as a ‘concentration camp’. Around 1,200 men, women, and children from Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, were forcibly removed off to a remote Pacific where they suffered severe abuse, inhumane treatment and neglect. Amnesty argued it was a deliberate policy to deter further asylum seekers from arriving in the country by boat. “Few other countries go to such lengths to deliberately inflict suffering on people seeking safety and freedom.”

Australia has a fairly hard chart with a Sun Saturn in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo, so not overflowing with sentiment. Four planets in Sagittarius make for a colourful, adventurous image as well as an outspoken one, but it is still a deeply conservative country. Though not feeling too ecstatic right now with Solar Arc Mars conjunct the AU Saturn

Australia’s aggressive immigration policy makes it all the more surprising/hypocritical that Malcolm Turnbull should lambast Trump for his stance in not taking immigrants off Australia’s hands. The Guardian said: “It is a collective race to the bottom between two of the world’s wealthiest nations on failing to offer sanctuary to the world’s most vulnerable people.”

Certainly Turnbull, a Sun Saturn in Scorpio with his Pluto exactly conjunct Trump’s Mars, was never going to be a comfortable fit with this President. And Australian straight-talking certainly would hit a red-hot button. Their relationship chart is a never-the-twain-shall-meet affair with a composite Mars, maybe conjunct Moon, sextile Saturn, square Pluto and trine Uranus – so outright dislike.

Australia has always been an important ally for the USA militarily, sending troops to Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf, Iraq, with more recent co-operation and trade deals.

The alliance has hit a blip clearly at the moment with this month’s Pisces Eclipse conjunct the composite Uranus; and from 2018 for a couple of years tr Saturn will make diplomatic relations a touch frosty as it hits the composite Jupiter Pluto Moon Sun and Mercury.

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  1. If Turnbull was born earlier in the day he is a Libra. Given his obfuscating and inability to make up his mind about most things and his tendency to placate as a form of communication – my guess is he is a Libra rather than a Scorpio.

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