Mike Bloomberg – maybe yes maybe no

Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire former three-times mayor of New York City, is contemplating a possible 2020 presidential campaign, reversing his decision earlier in the year, though he hasn’t firmly decided yet. His concern is that the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates are not up to defeating Trump. Bloomberg is a divisive figure not least because of his conspicuous wealth and he would be a disruptive influence on the already overcrowded field, being a centrist and former Republican. His concern is almost certainly that Joe Biden’s candidacy has been damaged by the financial connections of his son Hunter. Although no corruption has been proved, the optics are bad.

Mike Bloomberg, 14 February 1942 3.40 pm Brighton, Massachusetts, is a stubborn, stalwart and enduring 8th house Sun and Moon in Aquarius square Mars Saturn Uranus in Taurus; with Mercury and Venus also in Aquarius and Venus opposition Pluto in Leo which makes eight planets in Fixed signs so not much flexibility but endless stamina.

He does have tr Uranus square his Pluto now suggesting a turnaround or upheaval and that repeats into early 2020. But what will almost certainly put paid to his chances is the tr Pluto Saturn conjunction opposition his Mars/Neptune midpoint which will bring a sense of plans dissolving and that runs on and off through the year, especially February, July/August and late November/December. It’s never a winner that aspect at elections.


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  1. Bloomberg is a winner for Independents, about 40% of the voters. Now there are two Dems I’d vote for — him, or Biden. He seems more decisive than Biden and in better health. Many Republican-leaning people who can’t stand Trump would vote him.

      • Remember, last time around, a lot of former Bernie supporters switched to Trump–which doesn’t quite make sense on the surface. In the end I think many people vote for perceived personal qualities more than positions on the issues. Both Sanders and Trump get votes by feeding resentment, but resentment over completely different groups of people. Guess some of the resentment over Bloomberg is his wealth, but he did a wonderful thing recently — committed to paying off all the student loans for his alma mater, Johns Hopkins. Bloomberg is brash like Trump, but comes across as less egotistic which will appeal to some.

  2. Bloomberg has filed paperwork to enter the 2020 race while mercury is retrograde. No way does he stand a chance. From experience, I put a lot of stock in merc retro. Plans, hopes, wishes, “done deal”…..nothing pans out. Forget campaign donations and/or personal wealth. These guys need a good astrologer.

        • Well, super wealthy J. P. Morgan did regularly consult an astrologer, Evangeline Adams. He is quoted as saying “millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do!”. But that was almost a century ago. Evangeline Adams wrote (1926):
          I do know about the late J.P. Morgan’s belief in astrology, because – well, because I taught it to him. I read his horoscope many times, and furnished him during the last years of his life a regular service, explaining the changing position of the planets and their probable effect on politics, business, and the stock market.No further proof of his interest in the science is required beyond the fact that he renewed this service from year to year.

  3. What a joke (a really BAD joke). Michael Bloomberg actually *thinks* he has a shot against Biden? Please! I think Michael Bloomberg might have his “alternative facts” all wrong.

    Here’s what Data Wonk Nate Silver had to say about this:

    “A *partial* list of candidates who, if they entered the race at the last minute, would probably have more impact than Bloomberg:

    Michelle Obama
    Sherrod Brown
    Stacey Abrams
    Andrew Cuomo

    Also all of the past nominees (Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Kerry, etc.)” – Nate Silver, Tweet from 11/08/2019

    Also, here’s what data wonk Harry Enten had to say:

    “Ideologically, Bloomberg as a Biden sub makes a lot of sense. Demographically, it makes zero sense. The idea that Biden will lose black & white working class support to Bloomberg seems far fetched…”

    All in all, Michael Bloomberg is just letting his ego get in the way. Nobody wants him…and the demographics (who actually matter in the primaries) are not going to vote for him.

    I’m voting for Biden in the primaries and so is every African-American, Latino, and Older White person (who’s a Democrat) I know. This election is much too important to risk it on any “new” candidates. Biden is the only candidate who beats Trump in the hypothetical match-up polls here in Florida for the general election. This matters….it matters A LOT.

    As for Warren or Sanders….one them will probably win the “White” states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and a few other sparsely populated “flyover” states, but neither one of them is going to penetrate Biden’s “Southern Firewall” Biden will likely carry the same states Hillary Clinton carried in the 2016 Democratic Primaries. Biden has 92% support from African-American women (the strongest voting block in the Democratic Party) in states like South Carolina.

    Chris Romero
    Democrat – (Biden 2020)
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • Troy,

      believe what you want….but remember how delusional the Sanders supporters were? They actually thought they were going to win the primaries in 2016. They promoted every conspiracy theory on they could conjure up on the Clintons…and to no avail. Hillary Clinton won by 4 million more votes than Sanders.

      She won because she had the backing of African-American, Latino, AND older moderate White Democratic voters. That did not change during the course of the primaries.

      Biden appeals to these same demographics. The only other candidate who has any potential of breaking into Biden’s base would be Amy Klobuchar (I like her a lot and I would be supporting her if Biden wasn’t running). Many African-American voters here in Florida and Georgia I’ve talked to (in person) told me they’re not as familiar with Klobuchar since she doesn’t have much of a presence in the South….but the more they learn about her voting record and policy positions…they like. So many have said they too are considering Amy Klobuchar as a second choice.

      • Now that the field has whitled down considerably, none of the remainders impress me. Gods, is this the best that the Dems can offer up, this election cycle?

        Ross Perot came to mind today. I enjoyed his flashcard / fireside chats. Definitely was going to vote for him. He had become too popular for mainstream politics.

  4. It’s just reported he won’t campaign in the first 4 caucus and primary States(makes sense given late entry). Democrat victories in Virginia may have been the spark as he’s taking some credit for funding those gains. So he’s going to run the table in the Super Tuesday States as counter balance to Brad Parscale’s(Trump’s re-election guru) strategy. Maybe even campaign in the formerly Blue Wall States. He may not get the nomination, but this strategy may pull off more wins akin to Virginia and Kentucky and aid the eventual nominee and Dems(win the Senate) immensely. Data driven strategic genius he is.

  5. Troy…He cheated to get that 3rd term as Mayor by scheming with the City Council to overturn the term limits the voters chose, twice. I have no desire to see anyone who would disenfranchise voters for the sake of his ego as president. Plus he has autocratic tendencies. There is a reason he was dubbed the nanny Mayor.

    • Yet he broke no laws and was reelected by a 5 point margin. Hmm. The people spoke! Purity tests largely went out the window with Trump. People want results, not perfection. Bloomberg’s third successful bid as Mayor will be viewed more as clever. He pulled it off while identifying as Republican twice and an Independent in a heavily Democrat town.

  6. Marjorie, thank you.

    Bloomberg’s “concern is that the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates are not up to defeating Trump.” Well, neither is he.

  7. Well it’s official. Biden is done! Bloomberg would make Trump even more nervous so that’s always a plus. I like him; as he was my first choice, but it seems his time has past. If Buttigieg wasn’t there he may have stood a better chance, but Pete has the winds(Obama-esque charismatic breeze) of momentum at his back. Starting to blitz Iowa. Furthermore Bloomberg doesn’t have history on his side as Buttigieg does. If he does jump in, it will be entertaining to watch the battle of the brainiac mayors though. Youth vs Experience.

    • Troy, Bloomberg’s experience as NYC’s mayor is a yawn. He was obnoxious, condescending, and help to further erode our school system. Other than the charter schools (money making grifters), the teachers hate him. He’s got no loyalty to anything, perhaps his money, but he ran and governed as a Republican, now he want to run as a democrat.

      • Maybe so. He did get elected to a third term as Mayor so there’s that. People in the so-called Midwest wouldn’t care about what you just said. And they are the Swingers! They’ll focus on his overall track record of business success and getting things done. He’s one of only a few self made Billionaires in the top ten of them in the U.S. As in he wasn’t born a trust fund baby. And he did it without shady scandals. That’s clout! So his perceived arrogance and ego will be construed as confidence and viewed as part of the territory of his immense success. In other words, he earned it. Like him or not.

        • Troy,
          Biden is NOT done. Try checking with the data wonks sometime. Even they said Bloomberg isn’t going to be much competition for Biden.

          For the record, Biden has a very loyal base. He’s getting strong support from African American and Latino (my demographic) voters. It’s us who will decide the nominee….not Non-Hispanic White voters.

          I’m still voting for Biden and so is everyone else I know who is a Democrat in my area. Bloomberg is just a distraction.

          Chris Romeo
          Jacksonville, Florida

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