Helena Bonham Carter – acting royally with a twist


Petite, mischievous and renowned for her eccentric fashion style when off set, actress Helena Bonham Carter, has been grabbing audiences and awards for an astonishing three decades. Born 28 May 1966 in London, her latest jaunt is playing Princess Margaret in Netflix’s The Crown, seasons 3 and 4.

She comes from an illustrious family with high-level British politicians on her father’s side including former PM Asquith; and Spanish and Jewish diplomats and bankers on the other. Her father was a merchant banker and her mother is a psychotherapist. She was involved with actor Kenneth Branagh at one point and then moved into a long relationship with director Tim Burton with whom she had two children. She’s now moved onto a ‘bit of magic’ with a writer 21 years younger than she is.

She has a Sun Mercury in Gemini so will have communication abilities; with a determined and showbizzy Mars in Taurus opposition Neptune square an entertaining Leo Moon. She definitely needs an audience with a focal point Moon. She also has the chaotic, unpredictable Uranus Pluto in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces. So quite a mix of fun loving and sombre, fixed and scattered.

Princess Margaret whom she evidently plays exceptionally well, 21 August 1930 9.22pm Glamis, Scotland, had her own complicated and mischievous mix. She was a Sun Leo conjunct Neptune with an attention-demanding Moon Pluto in Cancer in the performing 5th house; and a revolving-crises Cardinal Grand Cross of Saturn opposition Jupiter square Venus opposition Uranus. Their charts aren’t alike apart from the Leo emphasis and Jupiter in Cancer – but the overall pattern of constant change and stubbornness is relatively similar.


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  1. I rectified her chart to 4am giving 13Ta27 as her Asc. This puts nSun, father, in the 2nd, money, banking. Her 4th of mother is ruled by Moon which conjuncts Pluto-Uranus in 6th, her mom worked as a psychotherapist.
    When she divorced Burton, her tr Pluto, sextiled her Solar Arc Moon-Uranus-Pluto, r7. Solar Arc Juno, partnership, also squared this Solar Arc conjunction. Additionally tr Uranus, divorce, r11, love received, trined Jupiter, r8, shared resources. On top of all that, Venus, r1 squared tr Saturn, ruler of 9th, marriage, marriage partner.

  2. Love her! Such humour, she can also laugh at herself and she has that colourful, eccentric sense of style. Mars-Neptune can often give that ethereal beauty as well as slipperiness. The fixed T-Square could be so tricky, but she lives it beautifully through her acting. I know that when she was with Tim Burton they lived in separate houses, which is probably wise when you have Moon square Mars! My father had Moon in Leo in the Twelfth and was a magical entertainer to we children plus he had a child-like eccentricity too.

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