Mick Lynch – an anti-capitalist Capricorn

Trade unionist Mick Lynch, General Secretary of the Rail Workers and promoter of the recent strikes, is striking fear into the heart of the government and right-wingers about a return to the bad old days of constant disruption. Although there is widespread unease about financial hardship amongst the wider population which should garner sympathy for wage claims, he has two major problems. One is ‘Spanish practices’ in sections of the rail industry which halt modernisation; and the tilt towards Russia which has always been the trade unions’ Achilles Heel. He recently said the EU had provoked trouble in Ukraine, when asked about the Russian invasion and has long-standing sympathies for the pro-Putin separatists who have been fighting in the east of the country for almost a decade.

 Lynch was born 10 January 1962 (Companies House) in London and like Arthur Scargill, the miners leader who jousted with Maggie Thatcher, he is a Sun and Venus Capricorn – almost on the same degrees. Both have Jupiter in humanitarian Aquarius. Lynch also has a do-or-die-determined and ruthless Mars in Capricorn trine Pluto, sextile Neptune.

  Lynch’s Sun and Scargill’s oppose the UK’s 10th house (= ruling classes) Moon with Lynch’s Mars, Venus, Saturn also in the UK 4th which represents the masses and the UK’s roots. His Pluto falls in the UK’s 12th so he’ll be drawn to wielding subversive power. His Neptune opposes the UK’s 8th house Mars so he could undermine the UK’s commercial ambitions.

  Doing a quick skip round other UK and other trade union notables and campaigners for workers rights. Wat Tyler, who led the 14th century Peasants’ Revolt may also have been a Capricorn.

  There is a fair smattering of Aquarius through the charts, not Sun, but other planets. Bob Crow, 13 June 1961, had Jupiter in Aquarius as had Stalin (tho’ he was hardly humanitarian). Jack Jones and Ernest Bevin had Mars in Aquarius.    

  Marx and Lenin were Sun Taurus – and there is a fair smattering of Taurus through the other charts as well.

  Mick Lynch ahead will be pushing on with confidence and running into massive resistance. He has several lucky and enthusiastic Jupiter midpoints being triggered for the next three years. Plus a discouraging tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn in 2023/2024 as well as a sinking Neptunian Solar Arc into 2024 alongside a Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune which won’t be encouraging.  He’ll win some and lose more than a few.

  He may well be a significant player in the UK’s rocky ride through the blocked Solar Arc Pluto square Sun, exact in 3 months; and tension-erupting, can-be-rebellious Solar Arc Saturn opposition Uranus, exact in 18 months.  Plus tr Saturn conjunct the UK Pluto from early 2023 and recurring throughout the year which will also be seriously stuck. Plus all the rest of the financial and economic jangles from transiting Uranus on the UK Neptune and Venus into 2023.

  Eventually the storms will pass but it won’t be a smooth passage for a year or several.

Pic: Steve Eason.

13 thoughts on “Mick Lynch – an anti-capitalist Capricorn

  1. Thanks Marjorie, great to see Mick Lynch’s chart. He’s an impressive man. I’m particularly intrigued by his clear, unruffled communication about the issues and how they affect the working class, and his calm taking down of anyone who challenges him with lies or attempted traps.

    Lo and behold, Mercury Saturn conjunct in Aquarius 🙂

  2. Thank you Marjorie again for having a look at the current resistance emerging in the UK. Between Mick Lynch and Martin Lewis (I could name others such as Gina Miller and Jack Monroe) something interesting may actually be gaining ground. Those who do not have to worry over the steep rise in energy bills, food, housing or the pay cuts (in real terms) experienced by many who work in the public sector will no doubt be annoyed, or frightened by
    the inconvenience of strikes but so many of us have no choice left except whether to forgo eating or heating. Even the right to protest is being curtailed. Famous dissenters are lauded but everyday folk are simply thrown to the wolves. Where’s the outrage?

    • Interesting you mention Jack Monroe, Anita.

      She’s Pisces Sun (17th March 1988), but in tune with the Capricorn and Taurus theme Marjorie highlights here. She has Venus and Jupiter in Taurus – perfect for someone who talks about/prepares food – and that Venus opposes Pluto, and trines Neptune and Mars in Capricorn. Her Capricorn stellium has Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Pisces has Sun, Moon, Mercury and Moons’ Nodes – she was born the day before an eclipse in Pisces.

      It’s all Earth and Water, with her Venus conjunct the UK Mars in Taurus in the 8th house of money and resources. Her Scorpio Pluto opposes the UK Mars, as does Mick Lynch’s Neptune. Her Neptune is conjunct UK Sun – “the UK 4th which represents the masses and the UK’s roots” as Marjorie writes. The mix of Mars, Pluto and Neptune is present in Monroe’s and Lynch’s natal charts – could be interpreted as powerful dreams, vision and drive?

      I’m not sure how long it will take for people to respond to this crisis en masse with something like a general strike, or wider civil unrest. Will they respond? Do they need a catalyst of some kind? If so, what? Maybe November’s disruptive-looking eclipse close to UK Neptune will bring things to a head?

      • Thank you Jane for your look into Jack Monroe’s chart! Very interesting connections to Mick Lynch and the UK. And yes, I agree that something could surface with the November eclipse.

        • Thanks Anita! I’ve just realised (heatwave brain) that the 1868 date for the TUC I mentioned in an earlier post has Pluto at 16 Taurus. November’s Uranian Lunar eclipse will conjunct that, square 18 Aquarius Saturn on Mick Lynch’s South Node, square UK Neptune. That eclipse is in SS 6 South, which Bernadette Brady says is “about being forceful and taking power. it has a manic flavour about it…”
          And, probably worth mentioning, Liz Truss has Mars at 17 Taurus. Maybe time for a chorus of ‘Bad Moon Rising’? Generally, hmmmn.

      • Thanks Jane and Anita, very interesting posts.

        For what it’s worth, I see that the natal chart for the General Strike, 4th May 1926 is marked by a fixed T-Square on Saturn in Scorpio with Neptune in Leo opposite a Mars/Jupiter conjunction at the end of Aquarius, beginning of Pisces. It will be hit by the November eclipse — Pluto in the eclipse chart will be on the General Strike chart’s Moon in Capricorn. The GS chart also has Sun in Taurus which will be in line to be triggered and opposed by the eclipse itself within 3 degrees. The eclipse Jupiter is retrograde and has re entered Pisces, to conjunct the GS chart’s Venus/Uranus also at the end of Pisces. Saturn in the eclipse chart will oppose the GS’s Neptune in Leo.

        • Thanks for thought provoking General Strike info VF. It’s interesting to see the Saturn cycle for the UK – GS Saturn 23 Scorpio square UK Saturn 23 Leo. Now, we have Saturn opposing itself for the UK, ‘natal’ Saturn being in the house of government I think. They also had Neptune conjunct UK Leo Saturn in 1926, I guess that’s symbolising ‘the masses’ and the government of the day?

          In November 1978, when the Winter of Discontent started, Uranus was at 16 – 17 Scorpio. By the time it ended, in February 1979, Uranus was 20-21 Scorpio. Saturn in Virgo trined the UK Sun. So Uranus was unsettling UK Neptune, and then Saturn at that time, as now. Inflation in 1979 was 13 per cent. James Callaghan, Prime Minister when the Winter kicked off in 78, had Saturn at 17 Taurus. Seems like some sensitive spots for the UK, and the upcoming eclipse and it’s planetary friends.

  3. Here is Mick Lynch’s rectified chart. Aries intercepted in the 1st House leads to his baldness, as do all Fire signs.
    His chart contains a STAGE PATTERN. With theatrical connotations, the STAGE is a base from which the
    individual can perform. and is the platform from which they can learn, understand and connect with others,
    using the green aspects to pick all manner of messages and clues about human interaction & behavior, with
    the blue aspects storing the information.
    People with this pattern try to talk away differences and to create a unified picture.

  4. More Mars/ Uranus/ NN in Taurus symbolism: Don’t Pay UK was set up in June 2022 supposedly as a civil disobedience movement to organise a mass non-payment energy bills strike starting on Oct 1st if there is not a reduction in energy bills before then. Enough is Enough set up in July to fight the cost-of-living crisis.

  5. Thanks Marjorie, Mick Lynch has the charisma of someone with steadfast convictions I think, whether you agree with him or not. The same could be said of Margaret Thatcher. Conviction is something that seems to be mostly missing on both left and right in current UK politics, which seem to be so performative and flimsy these days. He fascinates the media – both for and against, and probably terrifies many in the current Labour Party, as well as what passes for the UK government at this point.

    The Trade Union Congress, federation of trade unions in England and Wales, was founded on 2nd June, 1868, in Manchester. Interesting to see that it has both Mars (8) and Pluto in Taurus (16), with Moon in Scorpio. The TUC Moon’s Nodes are 29 Leo, conjunct Lynch’s own Uranus. TUC Uranus at 11 Cancer opposes Lynch’s Capricorn Mars and the UK Sun. Jupiter squares this, from 8 Aries – having it’s Jupiter return at the moment – which could ignite further unrest, although perhaps not enough for a general strike – which, I think, they would have to call.

    As you say, “He may well be a significant player in the UK’s rocky ride…” I agree, I think he’s a notable part of the current situation, and the turbulent winter ahead.

  6. Spanish practices? Isn’t the issue that much of the UK rail infrastructure is owned by different private owners which creates difficulty in deploying workers from one private franchise working on other parts of the network owned by a different company?

    Taurus – his buddy Jeremy Corbyn has Mars and Moon in Taurus square Pluto in Leo which seems to have manifested in various ways. One is the relentless abuse/ demonization after becoming leader of the Labour Party. The other is his life-long battle, or you could say rage, against the perceived injustice of the power imbalance (Pluto) he sees between the wealthy and less well off in society (Taurus).

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