Michael J Fox – a Chiron of a journey

Michael J Fox, whose documentary Still made by Davis Guggenheim (Apple TV) has won several Emmys is now up for a BAFTA. It tells the tale of his stratospheric rise to success, moving from Canada to dumpster-diving for food in Los Angeles, becoming a yuppie teen on a smash TV sitcom Family Ties, followed by movie hits and soon he is the celebrity of the moment. Until a year after his marriage he notices his finger developing a twitch. At 29 he is diagnosed with Parkinson’s and a shortened lifespan. After an alcoholic interlude, he pulls himself together with the help of his wife and sets up the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research which to date has distributed £2bn.

  Remarkably upbeat considering the constant pain he suffers, he is keen to dispense with any heroic notions.  He says: “It just is what it is. It didn’t defeat me. I wish it was a heroic thing. I’m not saying: ‘Yeah! Bring it, bring it!’ I hate it. It sucks. It’s a piece of shit. It’s tough to get up in the morning and keep going. But I have a beautiful family and this office with trophies.” He also thinks within the next 10, 15 years, there will be a viable solution to Parkinsons.

  Born 9 June 1961 12.15 am Edmonton, Canada, he has a 4th house Gemini Sun sextile a lively Mars Uranus in Leo. His 12th house Saturn in final degree Capricorn conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius in on the focal point of a T square to an 8th house Neptune opposition Moon Venus in Taurus does suggest a capacity to find inner peace and maintain enthusiasm with Jupiter in the 12th.

  His Pluto is conjunct the North Node opposition Chiron. Pluto connecting to Chiron does bring profound experiences and can for some  allow them to live out transformative or regenerative experiences in their lives which help others. Tied into the Pisces South Node may hint at his escape into alcohol to cope with a potentially life threatening diagnosis – but his remedy was then aimed towards the Virgo North Node which tied into influential Pluto could motivate him towards make a difference in the medical area.

  He evidently used to talk to Muhammad Ali, another Parkinson’s sufferer, 17 January 1942 6.35pm Louisville, Kentucky, whose condition was probably caused by boxing injuries. He was diagnosed when he was around 40 and died in his mid 70s. He had a 6th house late Capricorn Sun and Moon Mercury in Aquarius; with a heavyweight 10th house Uranus Saturn in Taurus. His Moon was in a difficult T square opposition Chiron Pluto square Mars in Taurus. His chart more obviously reflects the potential for health issues. And again Pluto conjunct Chiron.

 Billy Connolly, the Scots comedian, also has Parkinsons, 24 November 1942 4.30 am Glasgow, Scotland. He has a 2nd house Sun Venus in Sagittarius opposition Uranus Saturn in Gemini – colourful, adventurous, mischievous, chaotic. He has a lucky, successful Jupiter in his 10th trine Sun Venus, sextile Neptune. A living-abroad 9th house Gemini Moon. And an influential Pluto in his 10th which squares an intense Mars in Scorpio.  His Chiron in Leo is conjunct his North Node.  

  I am not a great believer in using astrology as a diagnostic tool and there are no startling similarities on the charts as is, or in the midpoints. Though there may be Fixed star connections which others may see. Recently more and more on celeb/political charts, I see Chiron tied into the Nodes. It is clearly worth keeping an eye on.

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  1. I was just wondering if Michael J Fox might have got his Parkinsons through doing his own stunts, as he was known for it. I don’t know about Billy Connolly whether he used to get into fights as a lad or was the object physical abuse as he had been with sexual abuse.

  2. Very interesting, Marjorie.

    According to my Solar Fire, Michael J Fox’s natal Chiron also stationed retrograde the day after he was born – suggesting to me an especially heightened Chironian theme within him and consequently within his life story.

  3. FWIW, I too was diagnosed with PD a few years back. Just checked, my chiron is 2deg from exact square to the nodes. Neptune is currently transiting my NN

  4. Martha Lang Westcott is the American astrologer/expert on vaious diseases and
    their correlation with asteroids. Parkinson’s disease correlates with asteroid Parkinson.
    When Michael Fox was diagnosed with Parkinsons notice that asteroid Parkinson was
    exactly conjunct his natal Sun and exactly trine his Ascendant, the body, in the
    sign Aquarius, neurological diseases. Here is Fox’s biwheel for the time of his
    diagnosis in 1991.
    Her book covers all diseases….heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc.

  5. Hi Marjorie, Your chart you pulled for MJF said 1961, and the write up said 1962. Thanks. If it is 1961 I was born within three weeks of him in May, so share many of the planets. I will say the North Node conjunct Pluto south node conjunct Chiron in Pisces has been very important. I know you don’t do asteroids so much but I have found Hygeia to be very important – oppose my Sun – and have surfaced with a major health issue a year and a half ago – not Parkinsons. I am working on it. I will say I have learned to stay over in the north node as much as possible. I would not say the Pluto has been a bad thing for me – but that energy does not mess around and you have to do what is asked and in my case is get over on that north node. I am sure MJF is the same – and maybe worth looking at his Pluto transits through all of this. As far as Black Moon Lilith – I have that within four degrees of my rising sign. It is about shadow – yes – but also about empowerment of women. Whenever you look at Black Moon Lilith you also have to look at White Moon Selene – as she is a balancing point to Lilith. White Moon Selene is conjunct my Sun. I have gotten a lot of insight with the Goddesses including Ceres (Same size as Pluto and made of the same material), Vesta, Juno, Pallas, in addition to the points BML and Selene. I just say all this – is that Ceres and Vesta are Virgo processes and point to that in the chart as well. Virgo is about cleaning up, healing, doing what can be done in any situation (chop wood, carry water). Thanks for the post on MJF. Loved it. Really like him.

  6. My husband has Parkinson’s so I checked his chart. He has Pluto conjunct Virgo North Node, opposition Chiron in Aquarius. Maybe there is a connection.

  7. Marjorie…. there is a new squiggle in the charts that I am unfamiliar with! 20*59’ Gemini for Michael’s chart. I also see it in your previous post. What does this represent?

    And, oh my, I hold MJF in such high esteem…. a hero just plugging along in his life. He is a Gemini/Ox. The tenacity and endurance of Oxen folks is always impressive!

    It has been my greatest privilege to work with thousands of “ordinary” people living ordinary, heroic lives.
    Most of us are utterly amazing!

    • The squiggle according to my Janus software is the asteroid Lilith. I still have not had time to sort out the various Black Moons but it got left there. Maybe others will know more.
      Hmm on my own chart the Black Moon and Lilith are conjunct in the 11th – not sure whether that is good or bad. But I have certainly had some hair raising friends with more than a tinge of the dark feminine about them. Scary and destructive types.

      • I was wondering what that was too. Thank you for explaining. The Gibbons twins post has a comment from one of the visitors after I said there are three Liliths out there, I think. As if I remember there was something about it on Astro.com, perhaps even in the part where you calculate the chart…

  8. Thank you Marjorie. Great insight, the doctors suspect I have Parkinsons and my North Node is in Capricorn (6th House) very close to Chiron in Capricorn. It will be interesting to see if a pattern starts to form.

    • Pamela… my thoughts, prayers, heart…. are with you now as you navigate this health issue.
      Take care of you best as you can, now.

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