Michael Fallon – a career ender



Michael Fallon, the UK defence Secretary has resigned after allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour in the past. He has served as a Cabinet Minister in four governments. Born 14 May 1952 he is a Sun Taurus square Pluto and square an Aquarius Node, so determined, controlling/controlled, ego-centric with a focal point Sun; with Jupiter Venus also in indulgent Taurus in a not-entirely-sensitive opposition to Mars in unrelenting Scorpio. Plus a Capricorn Moon.

A very earthy and fixed chart. Taurus is tactile, often in a non-sexualised way, but does like physical contact and can be relentless in pursuit of its own pleasure.

Tr Uranus is square his Solar Arc Sun at the moment and may be around the aspect to his Capricorn Moon as well.

It’s a blow for an already fragile Theresa May government, with the possibility of more reputations and careers to tumble in coming days. She looks setback on her kitten heels through this month with tr Saturn conjunct her Sun/Mars midpoint and in a confused tailspin from early December with tr Pluto square her Sun/Neptune midpoint – with worse to follow in 2018. This unexpected scandal and distraction may well be connected to her Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Libra Sun sometime soon.

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  1. Marjorie, I can’t believe that a senior minister has resigned because he made a puerile joke that gave Andrea Leadsom the vapours. There has to be more to this story and it has weakened Theresa May as you point out. We haven’t had an election for 5 months so not overdue yet but a leadership contest looks very likely. As you say, it is a shambles.

  2. More of a general observation, Marjorie – that the multiple waves pounding against the old-school man-centric politics/power structures are crumbling. I can’t recall so many falling so quickly. Pluto comes around to “level the playing field”. Or flatten it.

    • Larry, It is quite scary at the moment – the sense of a minor to major earthquake. But where oh where in the middle of all this will the work of governing get done? We’ve Brexit to sort, the country’s economy, military, welfare state to tend. It’s a shambles whichever way you look at it. And the new Defence Secretary knows nothing about defence – great!!
      Though I wouldn’t hold my breath about radical change – we’ve been through much of this before. Defence Secy John Profumo donkey’s years ago shared an escort girl with a Russian attache; the child sex abuse story comes in waves and disappears back into the woodwork. MPs’ ripping off the expense system. It isn’t grand scale corruption as in some other countries but the calibre of MPs is not great – and too many come straight from university into political jobs with no real experience of the outside world. Westminster is a tiny, feather-bedded enclave all to itself.

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